Friday, June 29, 2007

Foreign Affairs: America’s voice in the world usurped by Israel

Britain’s new Prime Minister has appointed a JEW as Exterior Minister.
Predictable, isn’t it? Gordon Brown has only been in his new job ONE day and he’s already appointed the “up-and-coming” Jew David Miliband as the country’s exterior minister. It is the job that Jew Miliband has long coveted, which is hardly surprising since it is the position of choice for many Jews in politics in every Western country.

The reason for this appeal is obvious. It enables these cuckoos to articulate JEWISH foreign policy in place of the host country’s REAL policy interests. Isn’t it odd that every time the Israelis murder a bunch of Palestinian children or starve their parents half to death with yet another siege, that the news reports speak about the “international community sitting on its hands” or the “international community seems powerless to act” or “the international community is tonight silent” – there are manifold variations on this endlessly recurrent theme. And it’s an utter disgrace.

Sadly, it has been this way for decades now. It is therefore hardly surprising that Israel has been able to pointedly ignore so many UN resolutions requiring it to desist from carrying out what amounts to a ‘Palestinian Holocaust’ (separate article coming soon).

Phaedrus, like everyone else, is part of the “international community” and is very far from “silent” about these horrors. Phaedrus is in fact SICK TO DEATH of having his incandescent outrage at Israel’s evil actions stifled, suppressed and left entirely unarticulated by the Ethiopian Jew Rice who is PAID GOOD TAX-DOLLARS to represent OUR views abroad.

Condoleeza Rice, Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, and all the rest of them, all down the years. They’re all Jews and they’ve ALWAYS backed Israel. Kissinger is a Jewish war criminal from the 1950s/60s and remains a hard-core member of (One World Government conspirators) the Bilderberg Group to this very day.

It is therefore hardly surprising that we’ve become so hated around the world, and more at risk from attack both at home and abroad, when we NEVER condemn even the worst excesses of the evil empire of Zion. Should we really be so shocked when we see Muslims burning our flag during anti-Israeli protests in the Middle East? Is it really so surprising given the way we appear so utterly indifferent to their plight and so completely biased against them?

Phaedrus can see how it’s only natural for them to be angry with us. And the blame for all this ill-feeling lies with the Jews who have largely succeeded with the ingenious device of convincing us that their interests and ours are in fact the same. In truth, however, they could not be more different. 9/11 was an excellent example of this. How many of us screamed for Muslim blood that day, little realizing that our President and the Jews of Washington were equally culpable?