Tuesday, June 5, 2007

History lessons to be abolished in British schools!

As part of the Jews’ plan to create subsequent generations of pliable morons, Phaedrus can now report that discussions are currently ongoing within the British government to phase-out the teaching of History!
Anyone with any brain cells left after watching 5 minutes of Fox TV may dimly recall that without any knowledge of how we got here, we have no idea of WHO we are and how best to get to where we should go next! And Phaedrus believes this is precisely the point of the exercise.
Incredible as it seems, it’s true. Tony Blair (in a final supplication to Jewish interests) proposes to drop history lessons from the country’s national school curriculum. There are only two exceptions and these will come as no surprise to those who understand the machinations of the New World Order: The history of the Holocaust ™ on the one hand, and the so-called Slave Trade on the other. No doubt this measure will be very helpful to British school-leavers seeking work as ‘journalists’ for the BBC, CNN, ABC or any other Jewish-controlled media outlets – in other words, virtually the entire western world’s TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
Well done, Mr. Blair! Will someone kindly give this grubby little war criminal, “Good Friend of Israel” and traitor to the British people a knighthood and a great, fat, index-linked pension for life!