Friday, December 28, 2007

Jews: more and more exposed...


Just as the ice shelves and glaciers are melting and exposing what lies beneath; so the world itself is shrinking and exposing the Jews for what they are. And it is the Jews themselves, no less, that have made this situation so with their endless pursuit of riches and ever more liberal international trade flows. They are wholly responsible for shrinking the world through their on-going Globalization agenda and this process has resulted in a world in which there is, increasingly, nowhere left for these devious manipulators to hide.

In centuries past, it would be the case that the Jews could simply sidle up to another country's frontier and recite some well-tried sob story about being ungraciously kicked out of their previous settlement, even though they'd made their former, ungrateful, host nation rich. Their claims in those days were largely unverifiable and it must have at first sight appeared attractive to a prospective new host nation to invite in a bunch of "lucky strangers" who claimed they could make everyone in the land rich. Small wonder then, that they were initially welcomed by the majority of new lands in which they attempted to gain entry during the course of their long and troubled history.

But in the world of today - the world the Jews themselves have created in fact - they can no longer escape their dark past. They will never again be able to re-invent themselves as innocent victims of religious and/or racial persecution. Thanks to the Internet, everyone around the world now knows what the Jews are all about. As the world continues to shrink, so it is harder and harder for the Tribe of Abraham to find sanctuary when its machinations are exposed all over the planet via the Internet. Given today's communication infrastructure, the anticedence of this uniquely reprehensible tribe precedes it. This is an example of "what goes around comes around." The phrase might even have been invented for the Jews, in fact.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Message from Phaedrus

Dear fans and detractors alike,

As the holiday season - darn it! I mean CHRISTMAS season - is finally upon us, let us take a little time to reflect on how we should mark its arrival. The Jews would extol us to spend, spend, spend and worry about the cost some time in January when the bills come in. They also urge us to pig ourselves on excessive feasting, fornicating and drinking. They do this throughout the year of course, but the 'urge to splurge' at Christmas is especially impressed upon us with a maelstrom of advertising through every available medium. But while we're busy planning whatever festivities we have in mind, let's spare a thought for all those who have been innocent victims of the machinations of world Jewry.

Let's think about the parents of the nation's children fighting for Israel's interests in Iraq and Afghanistan, never knowing from one day to the next when their child may be killed or seriously wounded.

Let's remember all the soldiers sent home suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and terrible physical injuries from which they will never recover.

Let's consider those innocent Iraqi lives that have been destroyed in this unholy "War for Terror" and their shattered families.

Let's never forget the 2,974 people wantonly slain by 'our' government on September 2001 and the more than 17,000 families left mourning as a result.

Let's remember every teenage girl who ever died from anorexia, having formed the belief from the magazines she read that she was fat and ugly when she wasn't.

Let's us have some sympathy for the broken families torn apart by powerful media attacks on this most fundamental unit of society.

Let us look sympathetically on every white single mother left holding an autistic brown baby, because she bought into the mainstream media nonsense that it is good for whites to interbreed with Negroes.

Let's remember all the victims of every high school shooting, each event feeding off of previous ones, all popularized and publicized by the news media, on purpose, to spawn more and more of the same so that public pressure to prohibit gun ownership will become irresistible.

Let's not forget the more than 2,000,000 people in America's jails, many of them there as a result of the poisonous cultural influences to which they have been constantly subjected through the despicable imagery propagated on TV, trashy 'style magazines' and flashy Hollywood movies.

One could go on and on. The examples of the poisonous influence of the Jews in our lives are limitless. Phaedrus looks forward to the day when they are completely removed from all positions of public influence, for all time. Only then can we make meaningful progress towards a peaceful world.

I shall be letting up on posting over the next week or so, but normal service should (God willing) be resumed in the New Year. Until then, and in the customary spirit of goodwill, Phaedrus would like to wish every peace-seeking individual everywhere - regardless of race or religion - a very happy Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

NWO Swallows Up Another 9 Countries

Champagne all round for the scheming shits behind the New World Order today as another 9 countries from eastern europe fall in line - and yet another load of national frontiers are abolished.

This story pulled from the Bagel Boys' Channel. Link below:

Any bunch of illegal immigrants and other crooks can now travel right across Europe from countries like Ukraine and the '-Stans' without ever having to produce a ID or a travel document. Bear in mind the same forces that have set this in place in Europe are busily at work here in the US also. And forget about the threatened North American Union; these bastards want South America included as well; MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. And that's only for starters.

Quote of the day comes from the prime minister of Hungary, Ferenc GYURCSANY (the Jew who admitted repeatedly lying to the Hungarian people to get himself elected). With tears in his eyes, he said he was happy now that no one would evermore have to undergo the fear of approaching a border that his parents had had to endure in order to cross Europe decades ago.

So that's all heart-warming stuff, isn't it. "Give immigrants a break" is his plea. Truly the words of an Internationalist Jew.

Jews plot seizure of Russian fine-art treasures


Relations between Russia and Britain have not been at their best lately for all manner of reasons, not the least of which was Britain's exterior minister, David Milliband (a Jew) kicking out a bunch of Russian diplomats from London back in the Summer. The Jew Milliband had only been recently appointed when he ordered the Russians to leave - inventing some piffling pretext or other. This move was most likely to send a clear message to his backers in Tel Aviv to say, "Don't worry; I'm your man." But the expulsions were not taken well in Moscow and relations between the countries suffered more severely than many former tit-for-tat retaliations. But presumably Milliband accepted the risks, because he knows if he adopts a tough line with Russia it will boost his stock among the mainstream jewsmedia and provide an excellent platform for a leadership bid of the country's ruling Labour Party.

The above incident with the expulsions illustrates one of the big problems of allowing Jews into positions of political influence; they place their own personal ambitions and greed above the needs and interests of the host country they purport to represent, to the detriment of all. When this kind of posturing goes on, it never goes unnoticed by the politicians and diplomats on the other side. The level of trust between Russia and Britain is, thanks to the Jews, now so low that a long-planned art exhibition scheduled to take place in London from the 26th of January, may not now go ahead. It would be a great shame for the people of London and any overseas visitors present in the city in late winter. The treasures come from the fabulously stunning Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

It's a bizarre situation. The art aficionados and academics on both sides are mad keen for the exhibition to go ahead as planned; they are purists who love to share these wonderful and priceless artifacts with like-minded individuals to enjoy world-wide. But there's a massive fly in the ointment. The Russians have got wind of a plot schemed-up by some powerful Jews in London to "kidnap" the paintings by claiming many of the works were stolen from their families' homes back in Russia shortly after the 1917 Revolution. If this scenario seems familiar, I'm afraid it is. It was tried a few years ago and regrettably succeeded. On the earlier occasion, however, the Jews claimed that the artworks had been stolen from them by the Nazis as they fled Germany in the late 1930s. So the Jews probably figure it's worth another shot - even though THEY themselves were the driving force behind the Russian Revolution in the first place!!

Because of the anticipated legal moves to seize (that word always seems so right in the Jewish context, don't you think?) the treasures and prevent their return, the Russians are demanding water-tight safeguards from the British government that any such tenuous claims of ownership will not be entertained and the works will be returned in full and without delay at the conclusion of the exhibition. Thankfully, this is ONE instance in which it appears the craven greed of the Jew will not be satisfied. Though initially being extremely reluctant to enact watertight legal protection for the artworks, the pressure from the British organizers on their government is intensifying each day and there is every reason to expect that a bullet-proof legal framework will surround the Russian treasures by the time they arrive in England. They'll be safe from the grasping claws of those who wouldn't flinch from snatching them away to auction rooms, bank vaults and private collections in a split second - never again to be enjoyed by the art-loving public.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Will South Africa Vote for Afrocosis?

Because if Jacob Zuma is elected leader of the ANC, that's what will happen!

South Africans of the black persuasion need to think about how such a choice will be read by the outside world. We know darned well that if Zuma runs the country, it will wind up like Zimbabwe in double quick time. There's no 'maybe' about it. Afrocosis, big time, guaranteed. You can kiss any foreign investment goodbye in a split second. Reflect on that carefully, all ye members of the 'Rainbow Nation.'

Should we fail: FutureWorld 2015...


The Jews and their cronies who run the world in 2015 are keenly aware that there are WAY too many people for this planet to support and that the situation has only ever gotten worse, despite all the contrived wars they have continually waged, population numbers continue to grow. Perhaps as many as two-thirds or more of the world's people are gonna have to be culled. But that's over five billion people! Since the Chosen People now call all the shots - yeah ALL (as opposed to just 95% in 2007) who are they most likely to sacrifice? It's clear we should think about this question in terms of which peoples worldwide contribute the most, and the least, to the Jews' goal of retaining control forever and enjoying the fabulous wealth and prestige that making the correct decision will bring them.

Look around. It's pretty obvious right away that there are vast numbers of people who are large net consumers of food, water and resources. And these same people give jack back. They are unbelievably incompetent and ignorant; forever complaining about discrimination; prone to violence, drink and drug abuse and the only thing they excel at is reproducing themselves at an alarming rate - and thereby exacerbating the problems of overpopulation and food shortages. So the Negro is unquestionably at the top of the hit-list. The Jews' long marriage of convenience to the Negro has now served its purpose. Since the Negro unwittingly helped the Jews achieve all their long-term objectives and the Jews now totally control the world, the Negro can be finally disposed of. Blacks came in useful during the earlier phases of the transition towards the NWO, but now they've served their purpose it's best they're got rid of as soon as possible.

Next, consider the white man of European descent. Whites are a mixed blessing. On the one hand they're innovative and hard working and will accept the most enormous amount of abuse before they finally wake up and fight back, yet on the other hand, some of them are WAY too smart for their own good and refuse to accept what they're told by the mainstream media. Furthermore, though many lower-class whites have interbred with Negroes as planned and turned out offspring with the ideal combination of brown skin and impaired intellect, many others have remained pure and resisted all NWO propaganda campaigns portraying mixed relationships in a favorable light. And worse still, a minority who've stayed pure have long-since worked out what the Jews are up to and are plotting to overthrow them and their traitorous Gentile cronies.

Russia remains a HUGE threat. The country stood firm in the face of the NWO juggernaut and refused to bend over to the internationalist agenda. There are no NWO Jews AT ALL in positions of influence in Russia. This is owing to Russia's former Prime Minister Putin enacting decrees to exclude Jews from all public positions in Russia; banning them from the judiciary, central and regional government, the civil service and the media. Not only that, but he refused to accept promotion of homosexuality and racially-mixed relationships through the country's popular media. Russia has been a REALLY SERIOUS obstacle to the advancement of the NWO, so the annihilation of the Russian people, it is believed by many Trilateralists and Bilderbergers, should actually be a HIGHER priority even, than the wiping out of the Negroes in the US, Africa and elsewhere.

China is another potentially deadly threat to the goal of One-World Government. The Chinese remain, as ever, totally inscrutable. They are now armed to the teeth with sophisticated nuclear AND conventional weaponry supplied to them by Russia. They are today in fact, the most heavily armed nation on earth by far - and the richest in terms of foreign exchange reserves. The Chinese government were smart. They 'kept their powder dry' as the old saying goes (meaning they fought no ruinously expensive and unnecessary wars like America did) plus they dumped the dollar in favor of gold sometime before the 2008 Debt Crisis blew up and the dollar fell out of favor big time. America is no longer top dog and the Jews who ruined it, yet still control its atrophying carcass, have no realistic hope of infiltrating either of these two big players, Russia and China. What to do... what to do...?

The only hope you have to achieve all your aims is to take out Russia and China with MASSIVE preemptive nuclear strikes. It could be excused by claiming that China was about to invade Taiwan and Russia blew up the US's east european anti-missile system sites. Yeah, that ought to explain it away. The demise of the Negro will have to come later. But the time will come, though; that's for sure. Perhaps in other, more subtle ways (maybe the labs can come up with an 'AIDS Upgrade' - 'AIDS 2.0' maybe - and it won't look like America's to blame). Then there will only be the white European intelligencia in western europe and N. America to worry about. They're dangerous only in so far as their thoughts and statements make them. But banish them all off to the new internment camps in Wyoming and Nebraska with no cellphone or Internet access and problem solved. That will naturally require the suspension of the Constitution which in turn will require yet another false-flag operation, but hell! That's never been a problem!

Nevertheless, it's a challenge. A really BIG challenge. But as an Internationalist Jew, taking on such tasks with relish is in your blood! You'll need to be utterly ruthless, but that's no problem as that's in your bloodline, too. Only TIME is against you. America isn't what it once was. You've bled it dry and Russia and China are now far wealthier and more heavily armed. But America's arms, though fewer, are still smarter. But it wont stay that way for much longer. The clock is ticking..... what are you going to do to ensure you continue to remain Top Dog in a very much slimmed down world? In short: WHEN are you going to press THE button?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Revisionism


As Christmas time approaches once again, our thoughts naturally turn to decorating our Menorahs with glitzy tinsel and giving generously to Jewish charities in order to mitigate our collective guilt for the suffering of innumerable Jews during the Holocaust. After all, that's what Christmas is all about, right? Or is this only a recent trend? Didn't Christmas mean something different in former times? It can be confusing when the Christmas tree you saw in the city center last year has curiously morphed into a Jewish Menorah for this year's celebrations.
Also, president Bush's family video greeting to the nation concludes by wishing everyone "Happy Holidays" rather than Happy Christmas. It's all very confusing. I concluded that my memory had become blurred (probably advancing age) so I did what any other committed truth-seeker would do under the circumstances: I asked my local Rabbi.

I had never entered a Synagogue before and felt slightly ill-at-ease initially; but I needn't have worried, for the building was quite deserted with the sole exception of the considerable personage of Rabbi Eli; an engaging fellow with an infectious smile who welcomed me warmly. Dressed impeccably in a dark overcoat and incredibly shiny black shoes, he ushered me closer towards the interior of the sumptuous and impressively decorated building.

"Are you seeking advice on converting to Judaism?" he inquired, innocently. I guess it was apparent at first sight to a man of such discernment that I was not of the Jewish faith and doubtless conversion info is the top question among visiting Gentiles.
"No, no," I replied, a little nervously, "I'm simply seeking the TRUE meaning of Christmas. It seems to have changed over the years since I was a boy. I don't recall it being so, well... Jewish."

He considered me intently with his inquiring, dark eyes; almost as though he were anticipating some sort of trap. But then at once he broke into a warm and broadening smile. He placed his arm over my shoulder in that easy-going way that Rabbis have of putting us mere mortals at ease: "My boy, you have come to the right place!" he assured me, "What exactly is it you wish to know?"
"Well," I began, a little uncertainly, "Wasn't Christmas originally a celebration of the birth of Christ?"
"Who?" inquired the Rabbi, clearly perplexed.
"Jesus Christ," I persisted, "you must know him - called everyone sinners; got crucified on the cross; gave rise to the Christian church."

Rabbi Eli looked at me blankly for a moment. Then his face broke into a smile of recognition. "Jesus of Nazareth, you mean!" he exclaimed. "Yes!" I responded, much relieved at his sudden realization. The Rabbi drew his lapels together in a suitably judicial, authoritative fashion and pronounced: "Jesus. A great Jew indeed. He was a Rabbi too, you know." "So I believe," I said, much relieved that now we were on common ground some useful information might be forthcoming.

"Yes, your question is a valid one," Eli reassured me, "in fact it was Jesus who told us that it is more blessed to give than to receive - and that is the CORE Message of this important annual Jewish festival."
"But I thought it was a CHRISTIAN festival!" I couldn't help but blurt it out. The Rabbi mocked me with his gentle smile, but not in an offensive way. It was more in the manner of master whose pupil has made an engagingly foolish mistake. His eyes seemed to grow even warmer, wider and more intense behind his gold-framed spectacles.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't mean to offend you, but Christmas has always been and will always be a JEWISH festival. It was taken over for a long time by the Pagans with their decorated trees, and we pretended not to mind; however it's time for everyone to accept that it is in reality a JEWISH festival. But we don't mind sharing it with people of different faiths." he went on, "we believe it's for EVERYONE, not just Jews and followers of Jesus. So in order not to discourage Muslims, Hindus and everyone else, we nowadays simply call it the 'Season of Giving' so no one feels excluded and everyone can have a great time in the shops."

"And these Menorahs that are suddenly popping up all over the country?" I ventured..
"Simply to remind all folk that it IS after all, fundamentally a JEWISH festival," replied Eli, with a good-natured smile, "and it is solely about GIVING to others. Not just some crappy corn dolly you've put together yourself like in the old days, but really expensive goods like the kind you can only buy in the swankiest department stores. Let's face it: It only comes once a year and no one wants to look a cheapskate!" I nodded ruefully in agreement. I guess he had a point.

"But don't you think that the commercialization of Christmas has gone too far?" I ventured.
"On the contrary," replied the Rabbi, "it can NEVER go far enough."
"How so?" I pressed him.
"Jesus once said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven..."
"Yes, your point being..?" I tentatively inquired. I didn't want to appear ignorant in front of such an erudite man.
"Rabbi Jesus taught us that we can NEVER give enough!" Eli proclaimed triumphantly, "Even if we give to others ALL that we own we can only be no more than HALFWAY to heaven. Anyone who knocks upon heaven's gates who isn't saddled with enormous debt will simply be turned away," he pronounced flatly. "This is why we have the character of Santa Claus which has come to represent the personification of Jesus: he carries out good works by giving away expensive toys to girls and boys - and the more expensive the better! Only in this way can mankind redeem itself and be saved from damnation."

"So one can literally INDEBT one's way to paradise?" I asked him. "Yes!" He joyously proclaimed, "and the bigger the burden of debt one assumes, the greater one's glory in the afterlife! The secret to eternal glory is not through worshiping God or Jesus or any other spiritual entity; it is simply through working all the hours in the day and to spend DOUBLE what you earn in the shops! It matters not WHAT you buy, just BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY!! and WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK!! And those who venture outside to spend on the holy Jewish festival of Christmas day itself in the act of shopping are DOUBLY blessed, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven and everything in it!"

Suitably inspired by the Rabbi's oratory, I resolved to get out my credit cards and head for the nearest mall. it had proved to be a liberating discussion. Eli accompanied me to the door, his arm across my shoulders in that endearing, avuncular way that only senior Rabbis have; his eyes still glowing with goodwill. I was about to step outside when I noticed he had not yet released his arm and was clearing his throat in a strange way. I turned and looked down and saw he was extending a collection box towards me.

"I'm so sorry!" I blurted out in embarrassment, "what on earth was I thinking of?" Eli nodded understandingly, "In the holiday season, we really must consider those in need above all else," he said, "there are many aged Holocaust survivors in this city who could really use any sum, however small, to make what remains of their miserable lives more bearable." Humbled by the directness of this simple statement, I fumbled in my coat pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill. I folded it neatly in two and inserted it into the slot in the box. Rabbi Eli looked up at me with those sad, droopy, puppy eyes. He said nothing but the message was clear: my 'contribution' was an insult to the memory of the dead and their (barely) surviving relatives. I therefore reached in deeper and found two fifty dollar bills which I likewise folded in half and inserted through the slot in the box. The Rabbi shrugged his shoulders, nodded resignedly, and closed the doors of the Jews' House of Worship behind me.

But the message of this strange encounter haunts me still. And it is this: we can never do enough for the Jewish people. Whatever we give will never be sufficient recompense for the suffering they have endured at our hands. I made my way out from under the portico onto the frosty street; the light now fading fast into the gloom of yet another icy December night. Two blocks up I crossed the road and noticed another improvised Menorah. Last year on that same spot there was a tree - a filthy, Pagan contrivance, I had just learned. But I had from my encounter with Eli absorbed a great deal more: Christmas is primarily a JEWISH festival. It is the time of year when we think about the countless lives lost in the Holocaust. it is the time of year in which we must embrace getting into enormous debt with the banks. It is the time of year when we must give endlessly to Jewi$h Charitie$ - and most of all, it is the time of the year to "shop until we drop." - even unto Death if necessary.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How DARE you read this??

Well? What do you think you're doing? The OECD has set a growth target of 0.8% for the final quarter of 2007 and what will be your contribution to it, Comrade, if you just sit around reading subversive rubbish on the internet written by muck-raking thought criminals like Phaedrus?

Your role in life can be split into two areas: earning and spending. That's all you're good for. Anything else makes you excess baggage. If you're not working all the hours God sends, then you should be in the shopping mall. It's that simple. There's no time allowance for pissing around on the internet having your belief system challenged by dangerous dissidents. If you DO have legitimate spare time on your hands, watch a Hollywood blockbuster starring Will Smith saving the world or read the National Enquirer - anything but the Internet.

So pretty please with sugar on it: turn off the fucking computer and get back to earning money - or spending it. Be a good little Goy and do like your supposed to. Your Jewish masters demand nothing more or less of you.

Now Wordpress gags the PC Apostate

So much for free speech in America. If these companies aren't prepared to uphold Constitutional principles they themselves should be shut down. Who the hell do they think they are - taking people's rights away? Whether or not we agree with PCA, they should be allowed to say whatever the hell they like. They don't force you to read their stuff - unlike the mainstream Jewish-controlled media which forces propaganda down our throats 24/7. I suspect, however, that it is not so much the stories PCA covers, but the colorful language which has put a few people's noses out of joint. PCA, if you're reading this, you might do well to take the blog to a Russian blogging site. I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself. Russia and the US have sadly swapped places over the last 20 years; unbelievable, but true. Putin has stated that he is watching the situation in the West with respect to restrictions of free speech, so going for hosting in Russia might well be the way to go. If you find a good blogging site, please let the rest of us know! These bastards are shooting themselves in the foot in trying to silence dissidents. The calls for more freedom to speak the Truth will only grow louder and more insistent!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Middle East problem for people in a hurry...

Phedrus has attempted to formulate a concise, unbiased and balanced history of the Middle East problem in plain language for people in a hurry who want to learn what the deal is in less than 10 minutes. It is hoped this potted history achieves that objective...

The Middle East problem basically stems from the unwarranted imposition of an artificial Jewish homeland commonly referred to as 'Israel' on Arab land in Palestine.

Historical background:

Throughout history, the Jews have never had their own country as such, though it is clear they originated from the region they now occupy, it was never a properly constituted Jewish state. The Jews have a long and troublesome history. They have proved impossible to live in peace with and have been kicked out of over 100 places around the world in the last 1,750 years alone. In simple terms, they are a deeply unpopular bunch of assholes who invariably cause nothing but trouble wherever they settle. Moreover they seem to actively ENJOY being a pain in the ass to good folks everywhere.

One of the worst purges they ever suffered as a consequence of their refusal to conform to decent values was at the hands of the Nazis in the 1930s. Hitler became sick of the way they had taken over his country and resolved to rid europe of them entirely. However, before the plan could be fully implemented, Hitler was defeated in the Second World War and a large number of surviving Jews remained in the continent. A post-war conference was held to decide how the Jews could best be protected from future pogroms and it was decided that the obvious thing to do was to grant them their own homeland where they might seek refuge when things got tough again. A group of malcontents called Zionists (a modern movement founded in the 1800s) wanted this homeland located in the Biblical land of Israel, since it was something of a Bible prophesy. The trouble was, for thousands of years, this land had been owned by Arabs. And Arabs don't get on with Jews any better than the rest of us.

The creation of Israel in Palestine was originally outlined in the Old Testament and is claimed by the Jews to be God's will. God promised Abraham that if every one of his male descendants were circumcised on the eighth day after birth, then the land of Israel – the 'Promised Land' – would belong to the Jews for ever. This bizarre arrangement, which the Jews grandly refer to as 'The Covenant' is, incredibly, the sole basis for establishment of modern Israel in Arab Palestine in1948 following the so-called Balfour Declaration. Predictably, perhaps, the consequences have been disastrous.

An analogy might be helpful at this point. Consider you own your home and it has a good-sized garden. Your kids play in it and everyone's happy. It's a peaceful and prosperous neighborhood. Then imagine the local authorities inform you that a bunch of gypsy 'problem families' need someplace to live and part of your garden will be confiscated for their use. Your objections fall on deaf ears. The gypsies move in and fence off part of your garden for themselves. They turn out to be really awful neighbors, too, screaming obscenities at your kids and throwing rocks at them. They act like they own the place! Then after a few months, you notice the fence has moved. The remaining part of your garden is now considerably smaller than it was. A few years later and the same thing happens again, only this time, the gypsies' share of your garden has suddenly increased 3-fold! And the local authorities won't do anything about it. You'd be as mad as hell if this happened to YOU, wouldn't you? Such anger is entirely understandable!

Incredibly, this is exactly what has happened to Palestine. All the decades of hatred and killing can be attributed to the unjustifiable imposition of an illegal psudo-state on the people of Palestine. And the world sits back and does nothing. The Palestinians have to deal with the matter on their own and any opposition they show to their occupiers and overlords is ruthlessly put down. The killings go on every single day. The Jews are literally getting away with murder and anyone who criticizes them is labeled antisemitic or a 'hater' – ironic, given that the Jews themselves are the biggest 'haters' in the world and always have been.

So what's the solution I hear you ask?

1.Disestablish Israel.

2.Acknowledge that the experiment has been a disastrous mistake.

3.Tear down the apartheid wall.

4.Return the land to its rightful owners and force the Jews to pay reparations to the Palestinians.

There, I think the original objective has been met. Please circulate the above to anyone who foolishly believes that the Middle East problem is incapable of solution. Thanks!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Is it Ever Right to Break the Law?

Like many Americans, Phaedrus was brought up to salute the flag, believe in God and trust the president. And there was indeed once a time when we could do this with all our hearts. Sadly, however, those days are over and have been over now for many decades, if the truth be known. Personally speaking, I still had some residual degree of faith in 'our' government prior to 9/11. It was only that bungled set-piece mass-murder that opened my eyes to the fact that America as we knew and loved it as kids, is sadly no more. There was no precise "time of death" for our country; it simply slipped away in the course of a few short decades.

For many years prior to the 9/11 Epiphany, though, I'd been deeply worried about the direction in which we were heading - the promotion of ugly, anti-social rap 'music' and garbage movies that glamorized highly-stylized violence. But I simply resigned myself to the fact that we live in a free country and as such some people will do and say things that the rest of us find objectionable. The fact that blacks could say anything violently racist against US, but we couldn't against THEM, I just put down to misguided but well-intentioned Liberalism. It certainly NEVER entered my head that the government and the media had teamed-up to purposely and coldly DESTROY ME, MY PEOPLE AND OUR CULTURE.

Yet that is the terrible conclusion I have had to draw from 6 subsequent years of studying the evidence. So with this awful enlightenment - as yet shared by probably less than 1% of us - I look at every proposed new law from a position of suspicion and distrust. I seek out an ulterior motive for everything that's put before Congress. The big question is this: if an outsider bribes or otherwise coerces our elected officials to pass laws that take away our rights, freedoms and liberties, am I as a citizen obliged to respect and obey those laws nevertheless? I'm afraid this is what happens in America nowadays and with every judicial twist and turn, the true American is becoming ever more marginalized.

Phaedrus takes the view that not only must such crooked, undemocratic laws be flouted, but those who sponsored and passed them must be exposed and ousted from power by whatever means necessary. And if that requires MY blood being spilled and there is no other way, then COUNT ON ME TO SPILL IT. As a citizen, it is not only justifiable for me to fight back against this corrupt, alien-backed government, it is my DUTY. And in that duty I shall not fail. Those bastards in Washington and their puppet masters in Tel Aviv can pass whatever the hell laws they like, but if they're unconstitutional then they don't count for jack so far as this blogger is concerned. THEY MUST AND WILL BE RESISTED.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

End This Immigration Madness!

Phaedrus is not actually a racist. Everyone around the world is fine, so long as they remain in their original lands. it's only when the Jews tear down borders and encourage mass migration that problems with other cultures and races invariably arise. It benefits neither party if the truth be known; not those who emigrate, nor those among whom they settle. The reasons are different, the but the results the same. It's a miserable failure. Even some of its one-time advocates in Britain who are still in government have been honest enough to admit the policy has been a "disaster" - yes, even some influential lefties have used this precise term to describe where mass immigration and multiculturalism have led the country.

Nigerian women may look very strikingly and colorfully dressed in Lagos and that's fine by me and - I would imagine - everyone else. It looks totally in-keeping with Nigerian culture and I'm sure I'd take lots of photos of the local people if ever I were inclined to visit the country. And I'm sure as a tourist with dollars to spend I'd be made most welcome. But if I have to stand behind such a woman in a ticket queue in Grand Central Station and I miss my train because this woman is angrily babbling away in some tongue that the ticket guy can't understand, then it becomes a very different matter indeed.

What looks fresh, unique and colorful and in Africa sadly loses any charm it has when exported to another country and a different culture. It simply doesn't fit in. It's altogether out of keeping with its new environment. Worse still, when governments start making laws which dictate that newcomers get preferential treatment, powerful resentments are naturally aroused. And if we're honest about it, the policy-makers who come up with lame-brained schemes like Affirmative Action and the like, MUST have seen this coming. They are fully culpable for the irreparable damage they have caused to our culture and society, in my view. THEY are ultimately to blame and should be punished for what they have done to us.

The essence of my beef here is that everything is fine IN ITS PROPER PLACE. It's only when borders are destroyed and cultures undermined that ruination sets in. We see evidence of it every single day in the West. Not just in the US, but in Europe, too. The most obvious offender is the African. With the best will in the world, these people are no good whatever to us in the West. What use are they? Wherever they settle, afrocosis follows. Who needs that? Furthermore, Phaedrus believes that Africa, too, would be a better place if its people didn't emigrate. The country's few skilled people might be able to find employment in the West, but that leaves a skills shortage behind in the continent that can least afford it. Let's demand TOUGH action from our so-called leaders and end this madness as a matter of the utmost urgency.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

That Jewish Agenda in Full...

Here's what they're up to:

The progressive elimination of all national borders world-wide.

Elimination of foreign currency exchange controls world-wide to aid unimpeded capital flight.

The imposition of the preferred Jewish method of control – so called ‘democracy’ - around the world then engineering the installation of compliant governments who are nothing more than puppets of Zionist control.

Total control of television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, magazines and advertising.

The promotion of inter-breeding between disparate races through pervasive media suggestion and political dogma.

The encouragement of unsustainable levels of immigration in Europe and the United States, whether legal or not and regardless of the worth of the immigrants involved or their likely contribution to Western economies.

Direct control of international finance and banking.

The formation of ever-larger eco-political blocs and free-trade regions with uniform rules and standards that will one day all be merged to form the One World Government, which they of course will control.

The propagation of the mind virus that ‘political correctness’ is the enlightened, modern way to go and its rejectionists as in some way wicked and bigoted or at the very least woefully old-fashioned.

The crushing of any form of decent against the implementation of the New World Order.

Stricter gun control measures in the United States with the aim of eventually disarming the people altogether.

The promotion via their media holdings of homosexuality, mixed-race relationships and any other forms of aberrant and socially damaging behavior.

Engendering the idea through media control that blacks are superior to what they really are and that whites are in fact, inferior to what they really are.

The idea that homosexuals and lesbians should be proud of what they are and AIDS is nothing to be ashamed of in any more.

The restriction of free expression on the Internet.

The propagation of the concept of ‘Hate Crime’ – reminiscent of George Orwell’s ‘Thought Crime’ in his prescient, dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The encouragement of under-age sex preferably between children of different races through their numerous teenage magazine titles (theft of childhood and innocence).

Elimination of trade barriers and the creation of a global, business-friendly trading environment giving rise to massive job losses in Europe and America.

The debasement of traditional family values and the destruction of the family unit.

To ridicule and debase Christianity and anyone who dares uphold moral values.

To campaign for the intolerance of `racism' and `homophobia.'

The promotion of “Affirmative Action” type programs that put the interests of hopelessly incompetent blacks ahead of struggling, hard working white people.

The stimulation of inter-tribal violence between Arabs.

The generation of inter-cultural tensions in countries that have adopted Jew-promoted ‘multiculturalism.’

The expansion of a ‘Greater Israel’ into what remains of Palestine.

And we allow these poisonous rodents to shape our perceptions for us?? We MUST be mad. In the future, after the forthcoming struggle is won, no Jew must ever be allowed within a million miles of a transmitter or a printing press - NEVER - for as long as mankind survives.

Monday, December 3, 2007

PC Apostate back on Blogger!

PCA up and running again on Blogger! Maybe the ADL found it tougher to monitor his site traffic on Word Press and are trying to woo him back!!

Russia's election 'unfair' – Jews shown the door

The elections were unfair!! We couldn't get a break!! (bleat, whine, moan, cry, snivel!)

So claim a bunch of Jews and their corrupt cronies masquerading as 'International Observers' who poked their noses in to Russia's private business on Sunday.

Gee, it's just too bad that Russia will now have to soldier on for at least another 5 years without the guiding hand of a Jew on the country's tiller.

Why didn't Putin embrace Western-style open democratic process? Well perhaps he's seen where it's led to in America, where 3,000 innocent citizens were purposely and callously slaughtered on a single day just to drag the country into an illegal war on a sovereign state which had done nothing wrong. Yeah, a great model of democracy to export, that one, isn't it?

Phaedrus would like to congratulate the United Russia party for its outstanding and well-deserved victory!

PS: Kasparov and his fellow-Jewish backers in London had a support level of less than 1% prior to the polls, anyway, so never (thankfully and realistically) stood a hope in hell of wrecking Russia's future.

"Better Dead Than Interbred"

If the future for Western civilization is the total destruction of our European culture at the hands of the Jew puppet-masters and our submersion in full-blown multiculturalism in furtherance of New World Order ideology, then I'm afraid you can count me out. I'm not going along with it. Nor will I remain silent.

Those bastards in power want to wipe me and my people out by swamping us with immigrants and telling our kids its good to interbreed with them. I for one am not having it. Anyone trying to wipe out me and my culture is going to have to pay a high price in the pursuit of their sick aims.

This is nothing short of a WAR that's been declared against those of us of European decent. It demands a suitably robust response. Phaedrus for one has no desire whatever to continue living in this Jew-sponsored sewer we insultingly refer to as 'America.'

As a result, I shall be embracing the above maxim with full vigor from this day forward and ensuring that all my family live by it and scream it from the rooftops: