Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Globalization and the International Jew

It should come as no surprise to anyone with even the most casual interest in economics that by far the most enthusiastic proponents of totally free, unfettered international trade and globalization are a race of people with no country to call their own, and who recognize no international boundaries. The race under examination in this essay, dear reader, is that of the Jews.

"Free trade!" is as much of a mantra of the Jews today as it has been throughout history. Jews are outstanding as buyers, sellers, agents and intermediaries to the same extent that they are utterly hopeless as original creators of real wealth or worthwhile produce at the most fundamental of levels. They have found a niche in life that enables them to live well without they themselves ever having to get their hands dirty.

Only a race with no legitimate country to call its own; no sense of nationhood and no respect for the borders of others could have congealed into such a brazenly greed-driven breed of master-manipulators as the Jews. The most impenetrable puzzle is, why and how have they been permitted to acquire such overwhelming world-wide power and influence to the detriment of the vast majority of decent people upon whom they prey?

If one thinks back to the 1980s, anyone who raised their head above the parapet to even so much as suggest the option of protectionism to defend American industry, jobs and livelihoods would risk incurring the most derisory epithets from the Jewish-controlled media. They would be tarred with the same brush as old-style Leninist-Trotskyists and publicly pilloried and denounced as hopelessly old-fashioned - and potentially dangerous madmen even!

These denunciations regrettably proved sufficient for a lot of people who really should have had more guts, and known better, to keep their mouths shut. Presumably they needed the backing of the Jewish media in order to keep their jobs. They knew where their bread was buttered and opted to keep quiet for the sake of their careers and their kids' futures. But in doing so they betrayed everyone else - the REAL American people.

Free trade has DESTROYED American industry and wrecked our society. How the hell can we (or SHOULD we) be expected to compete with hundreds of millions of Chinese peasants who rate $2.40 a day as a living wage?? Why the hell are their cheap and nasty, toxic and trashy products swamping our domestic market and destroying jobs, lives, families and our quality of life? TO WHOSE advantage does this mechanism work, exactly? It is certainly not to the majority of the true American people.

The vast majority of Americans have had their quality of life irreparably damaged by the insatiable Jewish craving for economic growth at any price. The concept of free-trade reduces solid, hard-working people in Europe and America to the lowest common denominator of labor-unit. Free trade only IN REALITY, benefits the Jew, who as agent and middleman has no interest or concern in the absolute level of pay of the American worker; only differentials between different countries' labor costs. WE (human folks, on the other hand) value our homes and communities and our country. The International Jew, conversely, has NO CONCEPTION OF COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY and is nothing more than a malignant opportunist who jets around the world exploiting price differentials between one region and another - and free trade makes it all such a simple and profitable pursuit for die-hard Internationalists like the Jews.

Our politicians and media constantly lie to us. They play on our fears. They tell us if we don't compete with some sun-burnt Coolie in a rice paddy somewhere in Mongolia, then one day it'll catch up with us and then we'll be even WORSE off for having tried to stem the tide of the free market. DON'T BUY IT! This is complete BULLSHIT which only advances the interests of Internationalists. Any advanced nations (such as America, the Europeans and Russians among others) will only be DAMAGED by unfettered free trade. Free trade only benefits internationalist agents and intermediaries who are too goddamn idle and lazy to do an honest day's work and actually produce anything themselves.
Any Politician, financial journalist, economist, banker - whatever, that tries to tell you protectionism ultimately fails is LYING THEIR ASS OFF and should be immediately kicked out of their job/run out of office and denounced as an Enemy of Truth. They are only promoting Internationalist-Jewish interests and have either been brainwashed, or else taken the Jews' 30 pieces of silver to purposely spread lies.

"Standard of Living" and "Quality of Life" are not the same thing. Quality of Life is by far the most important and in addition to making for a happy, together family and a healthy society, it doesn't line the pockets of the Jew and prop-up his corrupt termite mound of on-the-take legislators and mainstream media LIARS that he has cultivated to propound his own twisted, greed-driven value system.

The Jews and those in their pay crow endlessly about how although initially free trade may have damaged America's steel and coal industries, it has now, many years later revived them to some degree - demand from China and elsewhere in the far east has breathed some new life into these sleeping giants. But this 'revival' is largely illusory.

The free-trade lobby who were back then indifferent to the closure of the mines and plants could not have then foreseen that China would become a big enough force some 20 years later to re-float them. In other words, AT THAT TIME, the free trade lobby just wrote off blue collar workers, their families, their communities and didn't give a flying rat's ass about them.

Now, many years later (after countless family failures, drug addiction, crime, despair and suicide among the families who constituted the backbone of the so-called smokestack industries) the proponents of free trade are still singing it's praises and attributing current job growth to it. But in reality we're far worse off now financially, too.

OK, so maybe we're finally off welfare because China wants to buy our steel and burn our coal. So we're back in the money again. Or are we? Your current wage may sound respectable when compared to twenty years of scratching your butt on welfare, but if you get an accountant to calculate it in REAL (inflation-adjusted) terms, you'll find that you're actually earning around a quarter or a third of what you earned in 1980!

And all this is where the Jews' insistence on open markets has taken us. Many of us thought we were doing the right thing; we were told we needed to compete with the foreigners or get left behind, but it was a lie. What we really should have done was to keep foreign imports strictly controlled by tariff barriers. But our government listened to the Jews and acted in THEIR interests instead of ours. Isn't it strange how that increasingly happens these days?

Turkey should capture and annex north west Iraq

Such a move is fully justified. Phaedrus has not changed his view one iota since advocating an invasion several months ago. The reasons today are even more pressing than before. Turkey has everything to gain and nothing to lose by pressing ahead with a full scale invasion. Not only that, but it should capture and KEEP the land which comprises the Kurdish-occupied region of Iraq. No power on earth can realistically stop Turkey in this just cause.

The debate over the legitimacy of such an incursion is irrefutable; it is overwhelmingly tilted in favor of immediate full-scale military action. The Kurdish rebels - the PKK - are a notoriously violent breed of troublemakers. It is tempting and in no way inaccurate to dub them as "Muslim Zionists" on account of their overbearing, uncompromising and dictatorial approach to their unfortunate neighbors.

The somewhat curious term, "Muslim Zionists" is fully apposite, because the Kurds are a bunch of Islamic terrorists (REAL Islamic terrorists for once) who are seeking to establish a new state in the border region of two established countries: an independent Kurdistan. Any bunch of people in this day and age out to create a new country need to be dealt with firmly (if only this had been done in connection with Israel post WWII.)

The Turks are, by and large, a pretty decent and civilized people. Turkey is a secular state with a clear division between government and religion and a Constitution that expressly states that secularism prevails. This country doesn't deserve to be continually bullied by a minority of bellicose malcontents in its eastern-most region. It must seize control of the area by military force and hold it indefinitely to ensure its own security and that of the greater region as a whole.

The reasons couldn't be clearer: the Kurds are REAL and very vicious terrorists who must be hunted down in the interests of Middle East peace. The region concerned is the most oil-rich in Iraq. If Turkey does not seize it, then Turks must expect the level of attacks from the PKK to reach astronomical proportions, for its oil wealth will ultimately fund formidable weaponry. America is no friend of Iraq. Congress just voted to label the 1915 battle against the Armenians as a "Genocide" - simply to piss off the Turks, it seems. Who needs friends like us? America needs Turkey more than Turkey needs America.

Finally, Turkey may be worried that the European Union will bar its accession to membership, but this is nonsense. Turkey hasn't a hope in hell of ever joining the EU. Too many countries are against the idea, not least of which is the now Jew-controlled France. So there's nothing to be lost in terms of international relations and everything to be gained in terms of peace, stability, prestige and economic renewal from a decisive Turkish military initiative.

With Turkey in control of north eastern Iraq and indefinitely enjoying the benefits of its oil revenues, the image of the country in the world's eyes would undergo a huge renaissance. Rather than talking down to the Turks as though its rulers and people were children, the new, self-confident and assertive Turkey would be in a strong position to call the shots to the West and become a REAL power player in the region as a whole.

So, Turkey! Wake up!!! What are you going to do? Are you going to show some backbone and stand up to this rabble hoard? Or are you going to continue to pointlessly kiss Western ass and get walked all over by this tribe of terrorist, quasi-Zionist garbage? What's it to be? In the interests of world peace, PLEASE ACT DECISIVELY - and NOW!

Royal Family Sex and Drugs Scandal

Phaedrus picked up something about this story from his daily browse of the news sites. Although way off-topic at first sight, there are some useful discussion points that arise from it...

Short summary: a less well-known personage from the British royal family has been blackmailed over sex and drugs allegations. The blackmailers possessed a tape of the royal concerned indulging in somewhat unpleasant activities that are probably best left to the reader's imagination. The drug involved, however, is apparently cocaine and the sum demanded by the blackmailers was $100,000

Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the matter and the persons who have been arrested in connection with the blackmail attempt have had their first court appearance held behind closed doors to ensure no reporting by the media (this is, Phaedrus is given to understand, very unusual indeed in England).

So reading between the lines and going simply by intuition, Phaedrus suspects the royal concerned is probably either Princess Eugene or Princess Beatrice (daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson). The reason for this supposition is that Ferguson is the weak link in the family and has brought shame on it many times before, including in 1992 when she was pictured pool-side having her toes sucked by her American 'financial advisor' whilst still married to Prince Andrew.

Ferguson is a life-long liability for the royals. Her father was photographed using the services of prostitutes, and a couple of years ago she very unwisely introduced her young daughters to the American Negro rap artist, Puff Daddy (or P. Diddy as this entity now calls himself). Phaedrus suspects that the scandal involves one or other of the princesses having sex with a Negro rap star (possibly Diddy/Daddy himself) and sharing drugs provided by him.

It's all speculation, of course and not appropriate for a factually-orientated blog. Ferguson, though of course white, is a potential coal-burner who has introduced her young daughters to a dubious character linked to the world of drugs and violence (what a hopeless 'mother'). But the biggest dopes are the blackmailers themselves. They only demanded 100k and demanded it from the family - a serious crime. If they'd taken the tape to the UK tabloids they could have got more than double for it - all nice and legal, too. How stupid can you get?

Moral of this sad story: if you really care about your kids' future, never, ever, ever let them hang out with Negroes for ANY length of time and for ANY reason, much less introduce them to such people! Such attachments ONLY EVER END IN TEARS - and tears is the best you can hope for, since more often than not it's violent and bloody murder.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spotlight on Larry Silverstein...

Silverstein is a prime Suspect with the requisite inside knowledge that should have placed him under a Grand Jury investigation following the 9/11 attacks six years ago. WHY the HELL hasn't he been so-placed? And why the hell has he been permitted to oversee the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site? And WHY the HELL has he commissioned (at ENORMOUS PUBLIC EXPENSE) his favorite buddy JEWISH architect to design the new project?

Readers with no schooling in the machinations of the Jews may have no knowledge of Silverstein, therefore a small, introductory, potted biography may be necessary... Larry Silverstein is the Jewish billionaire that owned (and still controls) the leases for the entire World Trade Center site.

Larry Silverstein took over the lease on the WTC only 8 weeks before all the buildings were miraculously destroyed by 'terrorist' attacks. Upon his takeover as landlord, two months prior to the attacks, Silverstein upped the insurance value of the buildings to such an extent that following 9/11, he made a cool $500,000,000 profit from his foreknowledge of their destruction.

WTC tower 7 was destroyed on the same day but (AMAZINGLY) wasn't hit by ANY aircraft, ANY aviation fuel, or ANY debris from the main crash site. It simply collapsed for no reason whatsoever alongside the other buildings that WERE actually struck.

Subsequently asked to explain this remarkable occurrence, Silverstein stated during a verifiable radio interview, that he made the decision to "pull the building" in consultation with the NYFD. This is a clear reference to a controlled demolition of Building 7 in the interests of public safety. And that's fine. Silverstein had public safety in mind. He made the decision in concert with the Fire Authorities in the interests of the public good.

But there's a problem. Well, several problems, actually. And they appear to the independent thinker as insuperable ones. In fact they appear to the realist as totally intractable ones.

The impossibilities of Larry Silverstein's claim need to be addressed AS A MATTER OF THE UTMOST URGENCY.

The Jew Silverstein may be perfectly innocent of any wrong-doing. It's just that what he has said on record strongly suggests otherwise. What he has said indicates that he had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and profited from them greatly. And that profit has come at the cost of 2,974 lives. That's the number of lives lost in the attacks of 9/11- and more than double that since in futile and criminal reprisals against an innocent Iraq.

If there is ANY righteous compunction left in America today, it must be directed, in the first instance, at going for the jugular of Larry Silverstein. Silverstein MUST be placed under a Grand Jury investigation forthwith, failing which the America people may correctly conclude that their government really HAS been stolen from them by the Jews.

A Cure for Anti-Semitism?

Yes, I believe there IS a way to wipe out anti-Semitism which would prove 99% effective and enable the Jews to no longer have to live in fear. We need to take a reasoned, logical, step-by-step, ground-up approach to formulate a workable solution. So let's think things through...

As with every other form of discrimination, we need to tackle the root cause behind this particular widespread prejudice. We need to examine what makes people develop antipathies towards fellow human beings. Once the underlying forces that underpin prejudice are removed, then so will prejudice itself.

So why are the Jews so hated? Why have they been kicked out of 109 different places around the world since A.D.250? Why are they a stateless, rootless, wandering tribe of nomads with no place to call home? Why have they been unable to assimilate and find acceptance in other countries by other races?

We now know more about the reasons than we have for over half a century, thanks chiefly to the Internet. We know that the Jews regard themselves as God's 'Chosen People' and they are therefore more important and more 'entitled' than any other race on the planet. But is this slightly wacky belief system enough, of itself, to account for the levels of hostility Jews have attracted throughout history?

Understandably, folks' noses get a little put out of joint when they discover that there is a bunch of people who regard themselves as superior to everyone else. It's only natural after all that we should feel a little resentful. Yet everyone's entitled to their beliefs, no matter how wacky they may be, always provided of course, that such beliefs don't damage or destroy others' way of life.

This is where, in my view, the problem arises, for the Jews view the world through the filter of their belief that they have a special relationship with the Creator and that everything they desire is theirs for the taking - it's literally their God-Given Right. It is in acting out this twisted belief in the world at large that has caused the Jew to perpetually run into trouble in a never ending cycle of ascendancy and pogrom.

Convinced that they are better and more deserving than everyone else, the Jews have swept the world before them through runaway driving ambition fueled by naked, wanton greed. They have ridden roughshod over the rights of others, they have occupied land that does not belong to them, they continue to annex more land that does not belong to them.

They have formed a terminally-sick modern society in their own image. They have stealthily gained total control of the media, the banking system and the legislatures and Executives of Western governments. They have disposed of their enemies ruthlessly. Those they could not buy-out they destroyed or assassinated. EVERYTHING must be as the Jews wish it: there can be NO compromise.

Jews recognize no property rights in non-Jews (or Goyim - meaning "cattle" - as they contemptuously call us). As far as the Jew is concerned, non-Jews cannot hold property. Everything we THINK we own is in (Jewish) reality, simply unclaimed Jewish property that "will belong to the Jew who uses it first" - to quote from the Talmud.

Further revelations from the Talmud (the Jews' Holy book) also reinforce the perception that they are in reality the world's worst-ever racists. Not only are Goyim not entitled to hold property, we are also not capable of entering into lawful marriage. We only THINK we're married. The Jew also believes that to have sex with a non-Jew is akin to bestiality. There is much else in this revealing book that the interested reader may find elsewhere on the Internet. An exhaustive critique is beyond the scope of this article.

In any event, from the above it can be easily demonstrated that the root cause of anti-Semitism is simply Jews being Jews. If only they would act like human beings for a change, and manage to keep it up indefinitely, all the prejudice they face would quickly evaporate. The answer therefore lies in their own hands. If you behave like a total asshole then people are going to pretty quickly get sick of you. No amount of phony 'hate crime' legislation will ever help. The answer does not lie in making it illegal to hate assholes; it lies in making it unacceptable to BE an asshole.

It would be nice if the Jews COULD make the effort to change for the better. It would also answer one of philosophy's most controversial questions: in a hypothetical battle between Free Will and Determinism, which force ultimately prevails? Sadly, Phaedrus doesn't expect the Jews to help us find out the answer to this one anytime soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The first ever African Excellence Award!

As you may imagine, the word "excellence" is relative and depends were in the world you are - certainly in THIS context, anyway...

"Joaquim Chissano, the former president of Mozambique, has won the first annual African Award for Excellence in Leadership."
[let's face it: this award has got to be some kind of JOKE, hasn't it? I'll translate the rest of this bullshit from the BBC World website into everyday English...]

"The Award goes to the African leader who has done the LEAST amount of damage to his country (slightly different from the
usual standards applicable in the West - although not by THAT much, lately, it seems.)

Joaquim Chissano has been judged as the African leader who has LEAST bled his country dry of its natural resources and capital.

He has also agreed to fewer female genital mutilations being carried out in his country than any previous African leader.

Furthermore, he has overseen the lowest number of corrupt contracts handed out to friends and relatives.

He has not personally raped THAT many young women, nor sired more than maybe 20-30 illegitimate children at most.

He has drastically cut the number of child murders carried out in the country to less than 18,000 per year.

He has reluctantly agreed to end the practice of chopping off the limbs of babies - thereby breaking with established African tradition.

Witch doctors who recommend the 'treatment' of black men raping babies to rid themselves of AIDS are to lose their licenses to practice 'medicine.'

So there we go: a brave new Africa awaits - thanks to Chissano, and if all the other leaders follow his example, then the entire continent may yet be saved!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

World War Three here we come...

George Bush seems ever-more hell-bent on starting a new war against Iran, raising the very real prospect that the whole of the Middle East will be finally be swallowed up in the massive conflagration that has been its inevitable fate since the establishment of the 'State of Israel' in 1948.

But will the conflict end there or spread further afield? It seems we are living in the most dangerous days now for many decades. Our government seems to have no interest in peace and a wider war seems imminent. Several factors outside of mere rhetoric and geopolitics point to it (commodity prices for just one).

I'd just like to say (before Martial Law is declared and we're rounded up in the gulags) that it's been nice knowing y'all. We could have lived in peace with the world, but the Jews who run the West had other ideas. Will the last person left alive in America kindly turn off the lights.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A few pertinent questions....

Just wondering why - by Yahoo Mike
Just wondering why:

An 18 yr. old can vote, go to war and drink beer in the military but when he comes home he is not allowed to drink beer?

An adult has to wear a seat belt? It's his life isn't it?

We have to take out insurance to protect everyone else. Why not let them take out insurance to protect themselves from me or you if they want to? If not take their chances. Then watch the rates come down.

If we are so free and it is our bodies why can't we smoke dope or anything else we want? Who's life is it anyway? Who anointed them to take care of us?

How can there be such a thing as a "hate crime"? Can they now read our minds? What does it matter why someone does a crime? does anyone burn a church or murder someone for love? If so, does that make it less of a crime? If you murder someone for his money but don't hate him is the crime any less or more loathsome than if you murdered him for hate ? Am I missing something here?

Why do our servants, the congressmen and women get a lifetime pension for themselves and passed on to their spouses after only one term or two years while we have to work 30 or 40 years for SS that is not passed on? Am I missing something here?

How can the government just print all the money they want but if we do it, we go to jail?

How can the IRS say that our labor is taxable as a profit or income when it is an equal exchange? Our labor or 40 hours a week equals our wage. an equal exchange. We are one week older and weaker and closer to death in exchange for some paper money to buy food so we can go to work again, ad nauseam. Where is the profit?

Do we really own our property and cars if we have to pay a tax on them every year? Ownership is defined as something that is free and clear. If we have to pay for it every year we don't ever own it. Try not paying your property taxes or renewing your vehicle registration and see who really owns it. We just lease it from the government.

How can it be a crime to have too much cash? Some people just like to keep their money close at hand or under their mattress. They don't trust banks and for good reason.

Just wondering. Mike

Grimm´s neat synopsis of the Jewish Problem

Phaedrus today takes the opportunity to post Patrick Grimm´s powerful speech to the No More Wars For Israel conference of last weekend. It´s an excellent insight as to the real REASONS behind Jew-skepticism and should shatter the lay-persons perception that anti-Semitism is based on simple ignorance and mindless prejudice. It would be a good idea for every right-minded blogger to repost this piece on every Holocaust Memorial Day in order for a greater understanding of this age-old problem to be more widely disseminated. Enjoy....


Here is the text of the speech I delivered on Sunday, October 14th at the No More Wars For Israel conference in Orange County, California. This is not a word-for-word rendition of that talk since some editing, additions and deletions were made to the text. The ideas contained herein are even more relevant now than when I penned them, mainly because the ugly face of the Zionist Jewish criminal network, the ADL came out in force to violate our civil rights and our First Amendment freedoms. Working with local law enforcement, B’nai B’rith and their shylock lackeys lied (what a shock!) and tried to label our gathering as an “extremist event“ that was linked up with „terrorism.“ Thanks to this nefariousness, the Marriot Hotel violated the terms of our contract and we were forced to hold the conference in other facilities. But the Jews lost in the end because the conference was an overwhelming success. Of course the Antsy Defecation League (thanks Birdman) cannot abide the truth because they do the work of criminal Judaism. I would expect nothing less from the agents of the Zionist monster. Enjoy this talk.

-Patrick Grimm

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow speakers and guests. It is an honor and a privilege to be here at the No More Wars For Israel conference in sunny southern California. I was excited when Mark Glenn invited me to attend and speak to all the accomplished writers, academics and great patriots I see before me today.

I must say I was quite amused to see the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’s take on this gathering, this meeting which discusses both the role of Israel in determining America’s foreign policy and the role of what I have coined as „Big Jewry“ in influencing both the United States and the rest of the world. The ADL, without hesitation and without qualification describes the No More Wars For Israel Conference as an „Anti-Semitic conference organized by Mark Glenn of the Crescent and Cross Web site.“ [1]

Now this is hardly surprising, but I find it humorous nevertheless. I’m quite sure that as I speak, the ADL and its overbearing president Abraham Foxman are literally in a panic mode, trying to do damage control and cursing in Yiddish as millions in America and around the world wake up to the reality of what the Jewish supremacists are doing to manipulate them, lie to them and to brainwash them in their controlled media outlets. But thank God for the internet, I say, and that the benighted are slowly transforming into the enlightened on the Jewish Question. Thank God for all of you and for many more like you who were not able to attend this gathering.

Like the Sinatra standard which states „wrap your troubles in dreams, and dream all your troubles away“ our Jewish overlords expect us to „grin and bear it“ when it comes to their control over our media, our banking and economic system, our foreign and our social policy. For our indifference to their control and domination over the last few decades, we have reaped disaster. We have gained not progress, but open borders, broken schools, trash television and Zionist propaganda on the airwaves. We have a dollar that is essentially worthless and a reputation around the world that is in tatters.

And now to add insult to the injury they have caused us, the agents of Big Jewry have dared to declare those of us who even speak aloud about that which we see RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, to be extremists, to be racists, to be dangers in OUR OWN COUNTRY. No ladies and gentlemen, this arrangement is not tolerable and the price for speaking up is high, but we must not remain silent.

I would almost call my own intellectual journey into the area of „Jewish issues“ serendipitous. Like many Americans, I had a passing knowledge of the intense liberalism of the Jewish community and their support for often radical causes. Like some of you here, I was raised in a Christian church and Jews, when they were discussed, were referred to as „God’s Chosen People.“ To attack Jewish motives, behavior or nobility was considered a particularly heinous act.

Yet always in the back of my mind I had a gnawing curiosity, questions I could never answer, and the whitewashed picture of the Jews given in church and in the Christian school I attended as a youth, did not gel with what I saw Jewish people actively DOING. During college as I studied leftist movements, I noticed one thing consistently. Every political cause that was weakening, damaging or defrauding this country seemed to have a multitude of Jewish-sounding names attached to it. The National Abortion Rights Action League was headed by Kate Michelman, a liberal Jewish woman. People For the American Way, a far-Left action group was founded by leftist Jewish TV producer Norman Lear. Tons of Communists and ex-Communists alike had Jewish names and were openly and proudly Jews. I once remarked to my friend Jayne Gardener before I had my complete awakening „Why are Jews always on the Left?“ It wasn’t until later that I concluded „Jews aren’t on the Left, they ARE THE LEFT!“

My eyes were opened wide some two and a half years ago when I started to do an internet search on Jews and Judaism. What I found was interesting, and horrifying to a mind so conditioned in philo-Semitism. Jews didn’t just support Communism. They created Communism. They didn’t just support groups like NARAL. No, they were actively extending the unlimited abortion license into every nation on earth. I found a book on Jewish Tribal Review which completely chronicled a list of everything that Big Jewry had their hands in and it was frightening, almost daunting.

By this point, I wanted to learn everything I could. I then read Dr. David Duke’s excellent and well-footnoted book Jewish Supremacism and Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and I was wholly convinced of the danger of organized Jewry. I realized that it was the single largest threat to our freedoms and to our sovereignty. After completing Jewish Supremacism, I knew, then and there that I could not remain silent about what I knew. My family, my friends, everyone I am close to, now knows the truth about Big Jewry and its nefarious activities.

I often say, echoing the Grateful Dead „What a long strange trip it’s been.“ An all-American boy goes from criticizing those who oppose Israel, even chastising members of a Brethren Church for their anti-Zionist stance, to speaking at a conference condemning US wars waged for the Zionist state. This is why, as I read about the ADL mislabeling this conference as an „extremist event“ I find it funny. Their Hollywood stereotypes of jack-booted, Nazi arm-band wearing skin-heads screaming epithets against Jews bears no resemblance to reality. Yet because of my own writings, I have been called „Jew-obsessed“, a „Nazi“, a hater and all the usual canards. I have been branded as an extremist for not wanting to be told what I can and cannot think, can and cannot read and can and cannot say.

No, my friends, I will not be silenced by those who wrongly believe that a tiny minority, a largely hostile minority, hostile to the traditions that you and I take for granted, should be able to husband up rights only for themselves and dispense and revoke them as they see fit. I say there will be no more silence, no more fear and no more capitulation!

Apparently attacking our religions is not enough to satisfy them. Breaking our borders and replacing us is not enough to satisfy them. Getting our young men and women to die in the sands of Iraq, spilling their very blood and laying down their lives for the Jewish criminal terrorist state of Israel is not enough to satisfy them. Bleeding our taxpayers dry to fund their spying and their lying for AIPAC is not enough to satisfy them. For you see, NOTHING we can do will EVER satisfy Big Jewry because they are INSATIABLE. Yet they call us extremists!

What is extremism?

You want to know what extremism is? Well, I’ll tell you. Extremism is organized Jewry literally lecturing the rest of the world on the joys of diversity and multiculturalism, which as Dr. Tom Sunic has pointed out is a misnomer. What the Jews want for Gentile nations is multiracialism. They want populations which are as heterogeneous as possible, thus making them easier to control from the top by Zionist Jews. Foxman in one of his usual chutzpah-laden rants literally had the nerve, the gall to chastise contemporary Germans on the hazards of xenophobia and welcomed the more open „liberal“ immigration policies which were being pushed, of course, by organized Jews to dilute the native German population. Eva Herman lost her television job and was called a Nazi for simply suggesting that perhaps German women should have more children. The Jewish extremists have done the same in America, in England, in Canada, in France and in every other nation where they have gotten a foothold. They dare, DARE, to lecture us, demanding that we swing our gates open wide to the world. To even oppose ILLEGAL immigration is a moral crime in the eyes of the Jewsmedia.

All of this moralizing and pontificating comes from a group of people who support a state whose immigration policies are based on „blood purity“ on a criteria for Jewishness that makes any Nazi policies look downright moderate. Yet, in typical Jewish extremist fashion, what applies to us NEVER applies to them. They can genocide, displace and literally enslave a whole nation, steal land, bulldoze homes, assassinate academics and poets and dissenters. They can grab family farms and close down Palestinian schools and circumvent the WILL OF THE WORLD as they conscript our money to pay for the whole thing. They can invade neighboring countries and use WHITE PHOSPHORUS ON CIVILIANS! Then they demonize any recalcitrant politicians, strip people of jobs and livelihood, make death threats on families if ANYBODY SPEAKS UP and even notes what is being done in our name. And yet we wonder why the world hates us, is ASTONISHED by our UNRESERVED funding and cheerleading of such a rogue and cancerous so-called nation in the Middle East named Israel.

What is extremism? Extremism is a power, world Jewry, so avaricious, so starved for the hard-earned wages of others that their banking power robs us of our livelihood, through interest, through counterfeiting, through what is barely disguised theft. I won’t pretend to be an expert on economics or banking, but it doesn’t take an economist to figure out that the Rothschild empire that has thrown its net over the world is a colossal swindle machine.

In Andrew Hitchcock’s excellent book The Synagogue of Satan the author makes several revealing points that were particularly poignant. Hitchcock states „Iraq is one of six nations left in the world which do not have a Rothschild controlled central bank.“ [2] Afghanistan was also a nation with an economy and currency free of Jewish Rothschild control. Is it mere coincidence that these two countries were the first to be invaded under the auspices of a „War on Terror“? Baron Meyer Rothschild stated unashamedly „Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.“ [3] If you own the currency, you own the nation-state. It’s as simple as that.

Which countries are still unmolested by the House of Rothschild? Here they are: „There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.“ [4] Strangely enough, four out of the five are labeled as rogue states by the United States government and by Israel. In fact, Iran is at the top of the list to be toppled by our Zionist-Occupied Government. In the David Frum/Richard Perle neo-conservative handbook for endless war for empire, Iran, North Korea and Libya are countries that need to be „dealt with“ meaning that either invasion or regime change are touted as desirable and in the case of Iran, imminent.

What is extremism? Extremism is an atavistic hatred of Gentiles so strong, that even sex slavery and human trafficking are permitted by the Talmudist branch of the Jewish community. It’s a sad reality, but Jews, some religious and some irreligious, are the leaders of the worldwide sex industry. Yes, we are all familiar with the Jewish penchant for hard-core pornography and the warped entertainment flowing out of Hollywood. But many people are woefully unaware of the fact that Israel is the world leader in sex slavery.

In the Old Testament book of Leviticus 25:44-46, the Judeans’ desert god tells them in no uncertain terms „Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life..…“ [5]

This is exactly what we see. Julie Lesser tells us:

„Human rights groups have long demanded actions against the trade in women in Israel. These women, many from the former Soviet Union, are working as prostitutes in a condition of virtual slavery. Many of the Russian women who have ended up in Israel’s brothels, some smuggled into the country from Egypt on the back of camels, expected to find jobs as cleaners and/or working in childcare. There are certain places where auctions are taking place. The Israeli police well know the names. They are nightclubs or regular bars. The women are brought there, buyers come and look at their bodies and their teeth, then the bidding starts. They are held by the pimps, beaten and totally isolated.“

It’s not enough that the Jewish extremists have stolen our economy, our currency, our sovereignty and our media. They also demand our women for their own lascivious illegal purposes. They like them blonde, blue-eyed and Gentile. The Israeli Jews, not content with the trouble they have caused with their Bolshevism, their Communism and their killing of millions upon millions of Russian Christians, must pile more injury atop more injury. They must defile European women, taking out their rage and hatred of Gentiles on these innocents who have been lured to Israel in hopes of finding honest employment. Not surprisingly, there is barely a peep about this travesty in our Jewish-run media machine, but if a single swastika is painted on a synagogue somewhere in the heart of Europe, it will make front page news. The wails for the US to do something, anything about rising worldwide „anti-Semitism“ will reach a deafening crescendo. Yet „anti-Semitism“ and Jewish behavior go hand-in-hand.

What is extremism? Extremism is believing that fanatical Jews have been tossed out of almost every country they have inhabited because there is something innately evil in the Gentile. What strange mental gymnastics it must require to believe such nonsense. Yet millions hold to just such lunacy. All of 79 countries have expelled Jews from their midst, some of them over and over again. Yet we are to believe that these Gentiles, spread across time and space, all possessed a mystical and completely unreasoning hatred of Jews that existed FOR NO REASON. Apparently the Jewish issue is the only issue of moment not subject to the laws of cause and effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so to speak, except for „anti-Semitism.“ It arises from nothing, except perhaps psychosis and it is focused on one group to the exclusion of all others, again FOR NO REASON.

This type of solipsism on the part of Jewish extremists, that their negative behavior is not the cause of their historical woes is unique. In fact, it has a whole cottage industry that has grown up around it. This industry is always promoting the irrational notion that Jews are disliked only because of Gentile mental illness, only because of Gentile „projection“ and jealousy or because of something lacking in Gentiles. In this way, by employing the fraudulent ideas of Sigmund Freud, Jews are never to blame for ANYTHING. To even have ill will towards an individual Jew for a palpable wrong done only means that you are in need of extensive therapy. It certainly can’t mean that the Jew in question is at fault.

Of course, the therapeutic model is now employed to censor almost every sort of politically incorrect speech, whether it be racial issues, crime statistics or the negative fallout of multiculturalism. Not only is the bringer of un-PC news seen as in error or a sinner against the new order of things. He is also very, very sick and in need of reprogramming, diversity training, brainwashing, in short, a therapy session. This is just one more way that the American mind has become Judaized, or to use the jargon of PC, Zionized.

I know of no other group so organized for their interests that they are able, with the full force of the media, the intelligentsia, entertainment and the mental health field to banish their critics so completely using the language of pathology. It began with Freud, evolved and grew more calculated with Marcuse and the Frankfurt School and now there is a whole field of Jewish psychoanalysts who write books and publish articles on the psychosis that is „anti-Semitism.“ If this is not extremism for an ethnocentric end, then I don’t know what is.

When Mel Gibson made some drunken remarks saying that the Jews were behind all the wars, he wasn’t simply called drunk and disorderly. He wasn’t merely asked to apologize for his words. No, the ADL wanted Mr. Gibson to sit down with their appointed rabbis and „let the healing begin.“ The implication was that he had a sickness, a mental disorder that needed to be cured. Gibson’s comments, inarticulate though they may have been, were accurate, as we see from the Jewish neo-conservative disaster in Iraq. Yet no mention was made about the accuracy or the inaccuracy of what he said. He had a sickness, a psychological problem called „anti-Semitism“ and needed to get himself into therapy pronto. Talk about chutzpah. Talk about extremism. When B’nai B’rith refers to extremism, they refer only to themselves.

How can we fight extremism? Must we fight extremism with extremism? No, we only need two things: truth and bravery. We must tell the truth, in a simple, responsible and civil way, never conforming to the stereotypes created by our enemies in the media and in Hollywood. We also need bravery, courage to trumpet that truth, alert the world to the dangers of Jewish extremism. We must warn Jews who are not part of the problem about the hazards of remaining silent about the misdeeds of their treacherous leadership. We must not be afraid to say what needs to be said. To remain silent is not an option.

I will only leave you with this simple quote:

No one’s safe when freedom fails,
and good men rot in filthy jails,
and those who cried appease, appease,
are hung by those they tried to please.

—Author unknown

May we all stand for freedom, truth and justice for the American people, the European people, the Palestinian people, and indeed for every people. I thank you for your kind attention and for the opportunity to speak to you today about a few of the things on my mind. God bless.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ever been caught by a "Jew Clause"?

Have you or has anyone you know ever been caught out by a 'Jew Clause'?

Any legal document that confers rights and obligations between parties sets out clearly what each side must provide for the agreement to be fulfilled. But by the insertion of a Jew Clause (typically buried somewhere towards the end of the document in seemingly innocuous phraseology) all or some of the rights created by the document can be removed altogether or otherwise restricted so as to become next to worthless.

Phaedrus has chosen the term Jew Clause to describe such a provision because it is pretty obvious who initially conceived of the concept and so therefore it is only proper that they should be honored by having this legal device named after them. Here's a real-life example taken from the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Sounds pretty neat and reassuring, huh? Even if we didn't have the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we could still rely on the protection afforded by the UDHR to save our asses from the Enemies of Truth, right? - WRONG!!

Now here comes the Jew Clause (and surprise, surprise, it's buried virtually at the end of the Declaration and forms the penultimate sub-clause by which time most decent folks would be asleep):

Article 29


(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Oh boy! That's kind of pulled the rug out! The effect of this renders the protection afforded by the freedom of expression clause virtually worthless, because you're only protected if you parrot the ethos and/or founding principles of the UN! Deviate from the official UN line and you could be in deep do-do and lose all legal protection. For example: you're protected if you say that all men are created equal and the blacks and whites are inherently no different. But if you say that the UN stinks and Jews run the world, you're riding bareback, pal!

Please be aware that Jew Clauses crop up in all sorts of legal agreements; not just in pan-national treaties and declarations. If you simply CANNOT avoid having dealings with a jew, or the person with whom you're dealing employs a shyster Jewish lawyer, then I beg you to take the greatest care: SEARCH FOR JEW CLAUSE. Please pass this information on as it may one day save some decent person's hide from the predations of the Jews.

The Enemies of Truth Strike Again

Britain's Science Museum in London has canceled a talk by American DNA pioneer Dr. James Watson after he claimed black people were less intelligent than white people [gosh, who would have thought that??]

Dr. Watson, who shared a Nobel Prize for his part in discovering the structure of DNA was due to speak at the venue on Friday but the museum has canceled the event.

A spokesman said that Dr. Watson's views went "beyond the point of acceptable debate." [just think about the far-reaching implications of those few innocent-sounding words, readers]

A British government minister, David Lammy also called Dr. Watson's views "deeply offensive."

As you will gather from the foregoing, the Enemies of Truth have struck again. As Phaedrus stated in an earlier article, 'Afrocosis,' there are people out there who simply REFUSE to acknowledge the TRUTH and are making a mockery of it.

They need to know the following:-

1. Only Liars fear the Truth. Everyone else must proclaim it - and loudly.

2. The Truth needs no laws to support and/or protect it.

3. The Enemies of Truth must be exposed and held up to public ridicule as the
Liars they are.

The day of the Liar is coming to an end, thanks entirely to the Internet. In the mean time, please don't let yourself or anyone you know be taken in by the Enemies of Truth. Don't go along with them. Reject them and their twisted belief system outright!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Let me attempt to define this new term which as far as can be ascertained from various Internet searches, is a totally novel word for which Phaedrus proudly claims due credit.

Afrocosis: "A chronic, debilitating and ultimately ruinous, self-reinforcing syndrome of increasing chaos and decay which arises anywhere that Africans or those of African descent represent a significant proportion of the population."

It's not nice to have to point this fact out and Phaedrus takes no pleasure in it. Politically-Correct it isn't, but only liars have anything to fear from the plain, unvarnished Truth. We can all see what goes on before our eyes, but the enemies of Truth, the Jews and their partners-in-crime, those Liberals occupying the lunatic fringe, flatly refuse to accept it. Worse still, they have set up an apparatus of statutes in many Western countries that makes it potentially very costly for anyone to even discuss the matter. Afrocosis is yet another example of the 'elephant in the living room' or the 'emperor's new clothes.' Everyone must strictly adhere to the discredited dogma that the Negro is every bit as competent and capable as the white man in all respects.

The sad reality is that Africans are very bad news indeed. I only wish it were otherwise, but regrettably it isn't. Anywhere one finds Africans running things, or even simply forming anything beyond a very tiny proportion of a town or a country's population, there inevitably follows serious social problems in one form or another. Afrocosis is the term I have coined to describe the process of this pathological (for it IS very like a disease) descent into corruption, misery, sickness, ignorance, poverty, malnutrition and an early grave. It is, as one would naturally expect, most prevalent in Africa itself.

A prime example is the country formerly known as Rhodesia - previously a successful, thriving, high-standard country once ruled by whites, it has in less than 30 years become the worst hell-hole in the entire continent since blacks took over its running and changed its name to Zimbabwe. This country is now in the terminal stages of advanced Afrocosis and within a hair's breadth of total collapse. The Republic of South Africa, whose history mirrors that of its starving, bankrupt neighbor, seems certain to end up in the same shocking state at some future time. We may infer this from the horrifying levels of brutal crime in Johannesburg on the one hand, and South Africa's president's refusal to criticize his Zimbabwean counterpart in any way on the other.

It is indeed a bleak picture which politically-correct 'three monkeys' dogma is only exacerbating, for it is impossible to debate any feasible solutions when the very problem itself has been made too controversial for anyone other than so-called 'far-right' bloggers to tackle head-on. Mainstream governments strenuously avoid offering constructive suggestions for fear of being accused of Imperialism - an inevitable and frequent retort from black despots such as Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

"Who gives a flying rat's ass what goes on in Africa?" You will understandably ask. Well I'm afraid the problem of chaos arising around blacks isn't confined solely to the African continent. Africans leave the continent in huge numbers, fleeing poverty to seek a better life abroad. They claim to be suffering 'persecution' due to civil wars and seek safe haven in prosperous Western countries. The problem is that they bring with them the seeds of Afrocosis wherever they eventually re-settle. In the ghettos where the worst Southern African blacks - the Bantus - end up, they immediately burden the locality simply by their presence. Afrocosis sets in frighteningly fast, and over a period of maybe as little as 10 years, the area becomes a cesspit of drugs, robbery, prostitution and murder. YOU know it's true; I know it's true. Millions of folks who would never dare to admit it also KNOW in their hearts it's true. Only fanatical Liberals and the Jews deny it. What on earth can they be thinking of??

Look at the state of Detroit these days. It's a perfect example of how a once-prosperous and industrious city has been totally ruined by the unchecked progress of Afrocosis. There may be a very small proportion of blacks that any decent white town can reasonably survive the presence of, but as that proportion rises, as curiously it ALWAYS seems to, there comes a time when critical mass is reached from which there is no recovery. It's kind of like a weeping, cancerous sore poisoning all the healthy cells around it. Businesses close, professional folks are no longer prepared to raise their kids there, property values slump, the schools go to the dogs and crime, drugs and gangs start to take over the increasingly mean and run-down streets. Afrocosis is a terminal disease if left untreated: its fatality rate is 100%. Every sane, clear-headed person knows it. Those who deny it, on the other hand, one can only assume to be working towards some alternative Agenda that's certainly not in OUR interests.

Watts and Compton in Los Angeles, Johannesburg in South Africa; Peckham, Brixton and Hackney in London. All core areas of rampant, uncontrolled black immigration where Africosis is consequently rife. The only treatment is complete excision of the black ghettos. It was the arrival of the Negro that created these problems so sending the Negroes back whence they came is the only realistic solution that has any hope of working at this late stage. The fact that this proposed solution will provoke screaming howls of protest from Jew and Liberal alike should only galvanize us further in our struggle to seize back our Western countries from the forces of evil that are destroying us and our culture. Don't stand for it! Tell the Politically-Correct types to go to hell and that you don't give a SH!T what they say, because they are BARE-FACED LIARS who only ever work against us.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Jews' Way: Conflict Without End

In a world turned upside down such as the one in which we live, the interests of the Jews demand our involvement in endless wars. Humans from a very young age are exposed to endless killings and violence in both the factual and fictional media. One function of this is to encourage them into acceptance that such behavior is, if not-quite normal, then at least tolerable, and simply the way the world works. The exposure is chronic and unremitting and eventually engenders the perception in the overwhelming majority of people that nothing can be done about this sorry state of affairs. It's just the way things are and probably forever will be.

Popular media relentlessly promotes provocative images of the handgun and the sexy girl and/or guy together in a soft-pornographic fashion. This inevitably encourages style-conscious young men to adopt in their own behavior these flashy and superficially-attractive media constructs. It's unavoidable, given the constant barrage of such rubbish coming from the Jewish-controlled movie industry. Decent people have deluged the film-makers and TV networks over the years with complaints about this rotten state of affairs, pointing out that it's deeply damaging to our culture and society. However, the media continues to propagate this exquisitely-contrived yet totally poisonous stream of imagery. Furthermore, our government - which seems to be owned by them - refuses to even acknowledge there's any problem.

Normal, healthy children are instinctively repulsed by the dysfunctional status quo we've resigned ourselves to. They enter this world as untarnished innocents and are naturally horrified by the continuous bedlam they see going on around them. If these kids survive into young adulthood, they may campaign politically and rail against the injustices and madness of this world, but for all their efforts and goodwill, things never change and they become as jaded and resigned to the world's fate as the rest of us. A coping mechanism for maintaining one's sanity is simply to turn a blind eye to it all and just go down the mall, update your cellphone, buy a new refrigerator, or any one of a million other things the media constantly urges to do.

This pervasive sickness of dull acceptance and powerlessness on our part is but one aim of the Jews achieved. As stated elsewhere, the Jews want EVERYTHING their own way, regard themselves as somehow 'entitled' and superior to all others and regard the value of Gentile life as somewhere between cheap and worthless. To permit such people access to the corridors of power in the western world and to allow them to exercise ownership of the mass media is nothing less than UTTER MADNESS on our part. We MUST seize back control of our countries from this most wretchedly mean and exploitative race of malignant entities. And we must do so AS A MATTER OF THE UTMOST URGENCY.

US missile defense: Russia must stand firm

US missile defense: Russia must stand firm

Russia has quite rightly refused to make any concessions to the US on the latter's proposed missile deployment right on Russia's doorstep. Any such move constitutes a big shift in the balance of power between the two former Cold War adversaries. We didn't stand for it when Russia wanted to site missiles in Cuba, did we? Kennedy said "no way!" and the world stood on the brink of nuclear oblivion for several days until the Russians finally backed down and shipped their missiles home.

The situation is identical today, only this time around it's the US that is the destabilizing power. This time, WE are in the wrong. America didn't stand for it back in 1962 and neither should Russia today. Rice's assurances that we mean their country no harm aren't worth jack, because America's attitude in general to Russia is critical, hostile and actively supportive of scurrilous Jewish attempts to usurp control of the oil-rich state through corrupt Zionist agents like Gary Kasparov and Boris Berezovsky.

Putin has stated quite firmly that any threat from the siting of missiles close to its borders will be "neutralized." This appears to be diplomatic language for 'destroyed by military force' and it is indeed essential that any such installations ARE destroyed before they can become operational and if doing so raises the prospect of a new Cold War, then we only have the Chimp and his scheming Neocon cronies to thank for it. Of course the Jewish-controlled media will paint Russia as the villain, but any reasonably intelligent thinking person who doesn't have their opinion formed by Fox News will know better.

Reds Under the Beds!!

It seems the governments of the day always need a bogyman to engender anxiety in the public mind. Remember back in the 1950s with the then Communist threat and McCarthy's lunatic purges? There was every bit as much of an obsession with the "Reds under the beds" scare back then as there is today with 'Turrizm.' Yesterday it was Reds, today it's them pesky Turrists; tomorrow it will be something else. But you know what the REAL threat to America is? It's the fact that we've lost control of our government and we are now, and have been for some considerable time, RUN BY JEWS - to our very great and far-reaching cost.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Message for Israel

To the Scum in Tel Aviv and Washington DC:

Don’t you DARE try to drag us into yet another war in the Middle East. Are you murderous bastards never satisfied? Americans are at heart a decent, peace-loving people who don't share your insatiable thirst for blood. But for your endless interference and meddling in our foreign policy, we would not have now become the world's most hated country. We'd be better off by thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Fight these enemies of yours on your own. YOU made enemies of them, so don't DARE expect us to pitch in every time and save your worthless hides. The lives of all the children in Israel aren’t worth one American fingernail. We pay you bastards $4bn a year to prop up your rotten, bloody, criminal pseudo-state and yet you're still not satisfied. You have put to slaughter the cream of American youth in fighting your phony, artificially-created and totally unnecessary wars.

Wars without end is the way of the Jew, NOT the way of the Gentile.

Junk Food for the Soul: the Jewish Media's Mind Poison

One cannot help but notice that we have over the course of recent years been lambasted by dire health warnings concerning our dangerously high levels of consumption of junk foods which, we are told, contain too many fats, sugars, preservatives, colorants, flavorings and salt.

The same applies with tobacco. Time was when the Jew-controlled tobacco industry - as it once was - set up its own 'Panel of Doctors' to investigate whether there really was a link between smoking and lung cancer! And guess what - the panel the Jews hired couldn't find any! It kept these 'doctors' fully salaried for over 30 years, though, which probably accounts for their (lack of) reported findings. Nice work if you can get it, but a terrible shame for the millions who died as a result of the Jews stifling the truth.

Drink? Oh, don't mention it! One of the great evils, we're told. And for some people it undeniably is. If you can't handle your drink and you come home loaded having blown your week's pay in one or two nights and beat up on your wife and/or kids, then Phaedrus doesn't give a sh!t what color your hide is, BOY. You're a deadbeat father and you better straighten yourself up. Nobody's gonna defend your lame ass if you can't fulfill your DUTY to your OWN family.

Drugs: same applies. Some folks can handle them; some can't and psycho-active substances are best just left alone for safety's sake as you never know whether you'll wind up with a problem or not and the cost of finding out which category you fall into can be ruinous for the unlucky ones.

So what have the above examples in common? Have y'all guessed yet? It's HEALTH WARNINGS! Yes, that's right. Governments around the world are very concerned with our health. Not just here and in Europe, but further afield too. They want the rabble to be healthy (It'll reduce medical costs and improve productivity) so they warn us against Bad Stuff. And that's fine! No one could object to that since it's one of the few worthwhile reasons for having a government at all!

Regular readers of this blog will by this time have worked out what Phaedrus' angle is here. For the newcomers (welcome aboard) let me spell it out: THE GREATEST DANGER TO PUBLIC HEALTH CARRIES NO HEALTH WARNING AT ALL: IT'S THE POPULAR MEDIA! TERRIBLE HEALTH RISKS are involved in the following simple pastimes:-

1) Reading newspapers
2) Going to the movies
3) Watching TV
4) Letting your kids read teen magazines
5) Listening to mainstream radio stations

In short: all the most popular and time-consuming leisure activities! And increasingly, these activities are becoming ever more removed from the real-world. We rely on our media sources to bring us snapshots of the entire range of news stories that are taking place 'out there' in the big, wide world. We place our total trust in them to do so. But you know what? That trust has been betrayed - and it HAS been for several DECADES.

Forget about global warming. Forget about Al Quaida. Forget about the Taliban. Forget about Iran's nuclear program. Forget about the skinheads in Russia. Forget about genetically-modified foods. Forget about the value of the dollar. Forget about the home-loan crisis. Forget about cancer, forget about strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, emphasema, deep-vein thrombosis, baldness, pesticides, bird flu, virus-carrying mosquitoes and EVERY OTHER GODDAMN THING THE JEWISH MEDIA DREAMS UP LIKE RODEO CLOWNS to divert our attention from what's really going on!

Gentle reader, by FAR the biggest and most serious threat you and your family will ever have to face are the machinations of the Jews in the Western media and in our so-called Western governments - which, incredible as it seems, ultimately take their orders not from you or me, but from Israel. This threat is HUGE and it is total POISON to society and far, far worse for you and yours than any tangible threat that might arise from some new breed of insect being able to spread AIDS, or Cuba developing nuclear missiles, or whatever else you got.

If we can't BAN television or cinema outright in America (YET!) then we need to enforce the following warning before every TV show or movie screening: "The following feature is highly likely to DAMAGE YOUR BRAIN and POISON YOUR CHILDREN'S MINDS." which is, after all, a hell of a lot more truthful than the current version: "the following feature has been declared suitable for ALL AUDIENCES by the Motion Picture Association of America."

One final point: though the Jew regards his TV media poison as entirely suitable for consumption by OUR kids, his OWN are not permitted to view it, for the Jew knows its dangers. The Jews - an extremely family-orientated people - are very circumspect about allowing potentially deadly cultural influences into the home, so TV is a very rare sight indeed in any Hisadic Jewish home. If it's present at all, it's invariably switched off!

In this way, the Jew is analogous to the drug dealer in the school yard who would never dream of selling drugs to his own children; or the burger-vendor who minces up any old fatty gristle for his customers, but only feeds his own kids on the very finest prime cuts.

It's the world's worst-kept secret. The Jews are total poison to decent society. And this is a fact that (thanks to the Internet) is now becoming ever more widely recognized. Jews are poison. Their Agenda is poison. Tell everyone you know: your kids, their friends, your workmates, your workmates' kids, cops in the street. Tell EVERYONE. Tell them all NOW and for as long as you have breath in your body, KEEP TELLING THEM.

Congress working for the Jew (again)

Has Congress gone quite mad?? What on earth do they think they are doing in gratuitously stirring up old enmities and rubbing salt into raw wounds? I refer to the so-called "Armenian Genocide" of 1915 as Congress bizarrely wants it remembered. Incredibly, valuable time and money is being wasted by 'our' government over the labeling of this historical event which took place somewhere where europe and asia meet, over 90 years ago, in a conflict in which the United States played no part! What do these people think they're playing at?

This has all the hallmarks of the Jew about it. Phaedrus hasn't looked into who sponsored this Bill, but it doesn't take much of a leap of the imagination to work it out. This pointless charade will only wreck relations with our important strategic ally, Turkey and make it more likely that the Turks will invade Western Iraq to take out the Kurds. How the hell is THAT in the interests of the American people? It may well be in Israel's interests, but if that's the case, let the gutless parasites in Tel Aviv do their own dirty work. Why the hell do WE always get dragged into their endless disputes?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jews up to their old tricks again!

They've been messing with the Wikipedia AGAIN! If you want a good laugh, go to and type "Goyim" into the search box! Only please don't read the definition if you're sipping coffee over your keyboard! ROTFL!!!!!
When the Jews are forced into such desperate defensive measures, their days of ruining the world must surely numbered! How stupid do these "%'*?!&%* think we are?

If anyone has time, can they please re-re-edit the Wiki to reflect the actual TRUTH? Thanks, P.

Why the Jews cannot be trusted to run the media

Phaedrus recently finished reading the autobiography of one of America’s greatest ever citizens: Benjamin Franklin.
But there’s a curious problem with it. Whilst Franklin was very Jew-sceptic, no direct references to the Jews could be found in this suspiciously slim volume. Franklin describes an occasion when he had (unsatisfactory)dealings with a Jew, but the text makes no mention of the word and simply describes the person concerned as wearing his beard according to Mosaic law. How likely is this in reality?? It is clear the text ahs been edited. This edition describes itself as Franklin‘s "unabridged autobiography" so it seemed quite inexplicable how "Jews" could have been so carelessly omitted from it. At other times, we know Franklin was not nearly so PC! For example, here’s one of Franklin’s best-known quotes from his address to the earliest American legislators:

"There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen , in whichever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain."

"For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely that they were driven out of the motherland; but gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as their property , they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race."

"If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than a hundred years they will stream into our country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands."

"I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews forever, your children`s children will curse you in your graves."

"Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil its institutions."

"They should be excluded by the Constitution."

One may therefore infer from this that Franklin was quite passionate about his views of the Jew! So why no references to Jews in his so-called "autobiography"? The copy Phaedrus had obtained had INDEED, been 'edited' by the Jewish publishing house that printed it. This is a very common tactic and goes a good way to explaining why the Jews have this obsession with ownership and control of TV, radio and publishing. Another notable example of this gerrymandering with the truth was after World War 2 when they re-printed hundreds of thousands of copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf! A curious thing for the Jews to do, one might imagine, until one is informed that the 'Jewish edition' had removed all references to the basis of Hitler’s antisemitism. It was quite impossible to discern from the Jewish edition exactly what the Jews had done to warrant such dreadful treatment under the Nazis. They really APPEARED to be innocent victims.
The lessons are clear. Since 96% of the world’s media is today controlled by Jews (source: Jew Watch) we cannot trust it to inform us of what’s really going on and provide any insight into why the world is the screwed-up place that it is. So let’s not waste any more time watching Fox News, CBC, the BBC or CNN. These organizations are Jew-controlled, just like virtually all our newspapers, radio stations and magazines are. THE MEDIA DEMONSTRABLY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

The Jews' Agenda Exposed

The Jews' Agenda Exposed

Phaedrus spent many sleepless nights, going through all the policy aspects that define so-called Western democracy nowadays in an attempt to find some core principles that could be attributed to Jewish interests. The initial expectation was to identify perhaps 5 at most. The end result of these sleepless nights, however, gave rise to very many more. I've set them out below, so let’s examine what the agenda of these poisonous reptiles consists of..

Elimination of national frontiers/borders.

Elimination of foreign currency exchange controls word-wide to aid unimpeded capital flight.

The imposition of the chosen Jewish method of control – so called ‘democracy’ world wide.

Complete control of television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, magazines and advertising.

The encouragement of interbreeding between races.

The encouragement of unsustainable levels of immigration in Europe and the United States, whether legal or not.

Proxy control of Western governments (and that of Russia).

Direct control of international finance and banking.

The formation of ever-larger eco-political blocs and free-trade regions with uniform rules and standards that will one day all be merged to form the One World Government, which they of course will control ultimately from Tel Aviv.

The propagation of the mind virus that ‘political correctness’ is the enlightened, modern way to go and its rejectionists as in some way wicked and/or horribly old-fashioned.

The erosion of the 1st Amendment in the United States.

Stricter gun control measures in the United States.

The promotion via their media holdings of homosexuality, black/white mixed-race relationships and any other forms of aberrant and socially harmful behavior.

Engendering the idea through media control that blacks are superior to what they really are and whites are in fact, inferior to what they really are.

The idea that homosexuals and lesbians should be proud of what they are.

The restriction of free speech on the Internet.

The propagation of the concept of ‘Hate Crime’ – reminiscent of George Orwell’s ‘Thought Crime’ in his prescient, dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The encouragement of under-age sex preferably with other races through their numerous teenage magazine titles (the theft of childhood/theft of innocence).

Elimination of trade barriers and the creation of a global, business-friendly trading environment giving rise to massive job losses in Europe and America.

The debasement of traditional family values and the destruction of the family unit.

To ridicule and debase Christianity and other mainstream religions and anyone who dares uphold moral values.

To campaign for intolerance of `racism' and `homophobia.'

The promotion of “Affirmative Action” type programs that put the interests of hopelessly incompetent blacks ahead of struggling, hard working white business people.

The generation of internecine strife between Arabs.

The generation of inter-cultural tension in countries that have adopted Jew-promoted ‘multiculturalism.’

The expansion of a ‘Greater Israel’ into what remains of Palestine.

And remember from those Talmud quotes that the Jew really doesn’t give a damn about the damage he does to us in the realization of these aims. Unbelievably but true, to the Jews, we are no more than a sub-human peasant underclass to be exploited for their benefit and if they should damage or even destroy us on the way, then they will be rewarded in heaven for doing (their) God’s will. The Ten Commandments only apply between Jews; the gentiles do not enjoy their protection. That’s what they believe. The Talmud tells them so.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

What Does the Western Media Actually Deliver?

Standards of delivery are a benchmark for any service industry today. So let's see how the Jewish-controlled media scores....
The first question is: what exactly do we have the right to expect from our media? Phaedrus proposes the following fundamental benchmarks for broadcast licensing approval:-

1. News reportage. Reporting of news events must be fair, impartial, unbiased and encompass the WHOLE truth without undue favor towards ANY political, industrial, racial or religious interest groupings. The scope of this rule should be extremely broad and no person or organization should be denied the right of reply through equal air-time access to amend any incorrect or biased report.
2. Didactics. The media should also be educative. That is to say, its output should feed and build the people's minds with ACCURATE information - constantly and freely subject to independent challenge - about non-current affairs issues. For example, history, the sciences, the arts and philosophy.
3. Spiritual renewal. It should inspire and invigorate the spirit! It should nurture its viewers and listeners with elevating and edifying content, so their weary hearts may be lifted and their flagging spirits enriched by those achievements of mankind that can and should be celebrated. This obviously does NOT include rap music!
4. Criminality. It should NEVER, EVER, encourage the adoption or the fostering of anti-social values. It should NEVER, EVER, convey the impression that carrying a gun as a fashion accessory is 'hip' and that living off the takings of a prostitute and smoking drugs from income so derived is 'cool.' Further, it should no longer encourage the idea that what one wears and owns somehow makes one a better or more important person.
5. Inter-racial strife. It should NEVER, EVER, seek to spread the insidiously false and evil message, such as that a white woman and a black man can live together and raise a family in harmony, for such has already been proven an ugly and deeply damaging untruth which ultimately results in misery, impoverishment, drug abuse, murder and imprisonment on the part of those foolish enough to enter into it.
The foregoing constitutes pretty undemanding guidelines, wouldn't you say? Who could realistically take issue with them? These are the very LEAST a decent society should require from those who are entrusted to mold American minds. So let's see how today's Jewish media measures up against these fundamental benchmarks, shall we?
Y'all remember Meatloaf? He was a bit of a rock star in the late 70s and he came up with a hit called 'Two Out of Three Ain't Bad' (written by a Jew called Jim Steinman so therefore beyond reproach in the minds of Phaedrus' ever-increasing band of Jewish lurkers and Mossad agents) You're right, Mr. Steinman; two out of three by any measure ain't bad. So let's score the Jews...

Item 1. (news reportage) Result: Fail. Reason: Israel's interests are heavily over-represented in news reports and her misdeeds are never, ever, fully covered. It's NEVER Israel's fault. The Israelis are peace-loving folks just trying to defend themselves from those dirty, rotten Arab turrists! BULLSHIT.

Item 2. (didactics) Result: Fail. Historical programs only ever promote the 'facts' from Israel's point of view and NEVER give the right of reply to anyone whose researches have led them to other conclusions. This endless retelling of the 'Holocaust' story is a prime example of this blatant one-sidedness.

Item 3. (spiritually uplifting) Result: Fail. There is nothing inspiring about seeing Paris Hilton falling over drunk at a party or Britney Spears shaving her head or Nicole Richie driving the wrong way down a freeway. Similarly there is nothing uplifting about the music of Negroes like 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Mary J. Blige.

Item 4. (criminality) Oh dear. The Jews' weakest point. Just look at any modern movie release promo and you will almost invariably see some scantily clad young [prostitute] hitched to a slick, gun-totin' black gangsta! Enough said. High-Five, Bro!

Item 5. (inter-racial relationships) Oh God!! They're actively encouraging this! Even though they know it's total poison to society! Wait a minute! Let me correct that! They're encouraging this BECAUSE they know it's total poison to society!!
Overall report card for our Jew-infested media is therefore zero out of five. Two out of three ain't bad, so what's zero out of five??

2 out of 3: ain't bad.
1 out of 3: pretty bad.
0 out of 3: hopeless.
0 out of 4: disastrous
0 out of 5: CATASTROPHIC.

The Crimes of Israel Remain Unsung...

Do y'all remember protest singers? There were an awful lot of them around in the late 1960s, crooning over various fashionable causes: Vietnam, nuclear war, the evils of capitalism and the virtues of banned substances like cannabis and LSD. Funny, isn't it, how times have changed. Though the golden age of the protest song was in the late 60s, politically-motivated singers were still belting out their 'anti-war/pro-understanding' stuff well into the late 80s. Causes dear to their bleeding hearts also included South Africa – a one-time paradise which civilized, white minority rule had made the most outstandingly successful country in the entire continent for blacks and white alike.
Whether we agreed with the various sentiments of these young and 'principled' musicians or not, the fact of the matter is that they got all the exposure they needed to highlight any cause they saw fit (always provided, of course, that it was lurching towards the left of the political spectrum).
Those idealistic days are well behind us now, but youth and blood are still as fresh, rebellious and wild as ever (such is the nature of man) and yet SOMETHING is strangely missing from today's popular culture: the protest song. Can you name just ONE song EVER that's been even mildly critical of Israel? Millions of people are deeply concerned at the outrages perpetrated by the Jews in this unlawfully annexed part of Palestine, but if you only derive your world-view from the mainstream Jewish controlled media, you would never, ever know!
To the best of Phaedrus' recollection, there has never been a single, solitary protest song highlighting Israel's manifold atrocities. This bankrupt patch of barren desert which until 59 years ago was a sizable portion of the ancient, noble, sovereign nation of Palestine where innocent Arab children played peacefully in the sun, has since become THE most explosively hateful and inflammatory region on the globe. And we don't have to look far for the reasons.
Routinely, Israeli Jewish soldiers shoot dead innocent Palestinian children just for the hell of it - and because they KNOW they can get away with it - because the United States will back them up at the UN. And you know what? We as American citizens are rightly assumed by the world to support our government's backing of Israel. We, after all, live in a democracy and are ultimately responsible for our government's actions in the eyes of the world. Small wonder we have become so viscerally hated around the world when we prominently ally ourselves to such an irreversibly evil breed of creature as the Israeli, Zionist Jew.
Yet in the face of this monstrous evil, which FAR surpasses anything that happened in Apartheid South Africa, protest songs and protest singers come there none! We know feelings are running high among our young people who remain as concerned today as they did 40 years ago about the sickening injustice of these endless wars, yet no one seems to have the motivation to get up and take a stand against it. But is that REALLY so? Phaedrus believes not. Phaedrus, in fact, knows better...
The music industry is just another offshoot of the Jewish-controlled media. The ownership of virtually ALL the major record labels of today - no matter how fashionably-rebellious they may be named, can ultimately be traced back to huge, Jewish corporations. To publish the full list here is beyond the scope of this article - it is MIND-NUMBINGLY lengthy - but suitably motivated readers can find all their questions concerning this shameful ancestry answered by the good folks at the Vanguard News Network (see under recommended links).
Envisage if you can, the following scenario: a bright-eyed, idealistic young band turns up at its record company's offices with a brand new song tackling a previously taboo subject. It's entitled: "Jews Get Yo' Asses Out of Palestine!" Can you imagine that song getting any promotion in the mainstream media? No? 'Ce'st la vie' - as the grubby Jew Sarkozy of France would say.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Have YOU been a victim of the Jews?

When we speak about someone being a 'victim of the Jews' we typically envisage someone who's been ripped off in some massive investment fraud, or been swindled out of their inheritance by some crooked Jewish law firm. That is our instinctive expectation. And of course in very many instances, it proves to be correct. However, in our jumping to this conclusion and in not looking beyond it, we are in fact crediting the Jews with being far less of a menace than they really are. The reason for this is that the machinations of world Jewry are very much more extensive, corrosive and pernicious than mere financial crime alone can ever be. Most often, we completely fail to see the bigger picture...

If we do our level best to raise our kids right, yet despite our best efforts they slip into bad company and wind up on drugs and maybe ultimately in jail, it would never cross our minds that this is anything other than our own family's fault. Responsible parents invariably ask themselves, "Where did we go wrong?" and and are usually completely unable to identify any causal factor for such a dramatic and catastrophic personal failure. However, surely it must be in SOME way OUR fault, mustn't it?

Similarly, we may work hard for the same corporation for 30 years; said corporation enjoys strong sales and a good measure of profitability, yet one day, out of the blue, we find the plant is closing and we're all out of work because we're told we can't compete with factories in the far east where labor costs are far lower. But this isn't OUR fault; it's a 'failure of the market' or 'economic realities coming home' or whatever. What can you do?

One of your neighbors tells you that their 15 year-old daughter is close to death in hospital. She has suffered with anorexia for the past 3 years and is now refusing to eat altogether. Though at age 12 she was perfectly healthy and beautiful, she became convinced that she was fat and ugly and began to hate herself and her self-image. Nothing anyone could say could ever convince her otherwise. She had compared herself to 'ideal' images of female beauty as portrayed in teenage magazines and became deeply depressed and unresponsive to any rational argument. She is now down to just 60lbs and has perhaps only a few days to live.

You reside in a nice, peaceful, settled neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else and crime is virtually nil. Then over a relatively short period of perhaps less than 10 years, demographic shifts and changes in local government housing policy result in a substantial influx of immigrants or other outsiders who maybe don't share your existing view of community values. Crime rises, the jobs move away, drugs and gangs appear on the streets... You know it's the fault of these newcomers because everything was fine before they arrived, yet you're too afraid to speak out for fear of being branded a "racist." Your hands are therefore tied and all you can do is watch your once lovely hometown's long and painful decline.

Another example: no matter how diligently we raise our kids, no matter how much we teach them right from wrong and try to keep them on the straight and narrow and to uphold decent moral values, it doesn't prevent them from falling victim to someone ELSE'S kids who haven't been so scrupulously brought up by THEIR parents. Our sons may become victims of a violent attack/stabbing/shooting/whatever from some black thug with no father and a crack addict for a mother. Our daughters may in their turn wind up getting raped and murdered by some Negro who's spent the better part of his life in jail. In this case, it's the fault of the society in which we live today. So again, what can you do?

You may be a first class wife and mother, you believe everything's going swimmingly and your family life is a rock-solid cake-walk, when one day your husband, completely out of nowhere, says he's found someone else and is going to dump you and the kids flat cold. It's no failure of yours, is it? Whose fault is it, then? It's got to be just the way things are today. People don't take their responsibilities as seriously as they did back in the old days. Yeah, that's it: people just don't make the effort they once did to work at a relationship to ensure its success.

One could go on and on for paragraph after paragraph with innumerable other examples of how Bad Stuff happens and 'it's just the way it goes today and what can you do?'

Phaedrus believes that in all the above scenarios and in countless others that will doubtless spring to the reader's mind, it is not only POSSIBLE that there could ultimately be more to it than meets the eye, but there most assuredly IS. And that something, dear reader, arises out of the implementation of the Jewish Agenda, which is being vigorously pursued throughout the West as never before.

Raising a family successfully today is a really tough job. And families are the fundamental core units of society. Families need SUPPORT and PROTECTION for a healthy society to flourish. Broken homes equals broken society. The last thing families need is to be constantly under attack as they have been in recent years by the predations of the Jewish media in all its poisonous forms which seeks to foster in our minds a strong sense of dissatisfaction and disaffection with every decent, sterling value upon which this once-great nation was founded.

Regular readers of this blog will therefore not be surprised at Phaedrus' proposed remedy: it is more vital today than at any time in our history for us to seize back control of our country from the claws of the Jews by totally excluding them FOR ALL TIME from ANY involvement (directly or indirectly) in the media, the judiciary, politics and the legislature. If you remember nothing else from reading this item, I beg you, I IMPLORE YOU in fact, to remember just this last paragraph.

You Have the Right not to Remain Silent!

If you are awake to the injustice around you, speak out without fear! Regardless of what the Jews and their politically-correct Zionazi cronies and collaborators want you to believe, the law IS actually on your side. Phaedrus addresses these remarks in particular to those (even more) oppressed peoples outside the United States who do not enjoy US Constitutional protection of free speech.

From the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948:


Article 19.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

If YOUR country is a signatory to the UDHR (which is most of them) YOU enjoy this protection, regardless of whatever 'legislation' to the contrary your government may have passed in purporting to curb, limit, or otherwise restrict this critically-important, fundamental right. DON'T REMAIN SILENT!

A Thought Experiment...

Thought experiments can be fun. One uses one's paradigm of the way the world works to envisage various scenarios in order to predict what the end result might be. Here's one by way of example...

Phaedrus has often mused fondly on the dream of being able to expel all the Jews in the world to another planet altogether so the rest of us can live together in something approaching peace. Unfortunately, there isn't another life-supporting planet in proximity, but since this is only a thought experiment, let's pretend there is.

Imagine for a moment that there is an identical planet to ours, on the same orbit, on the other side of the the Sun from us. We demand the Jews up-sticks and move to it. But naturally there come objections. The Jews will furiously accuse us of 'racism' and 'antisemitism' and liken us to the Nazis, Attila the Hun, Pol Pot or whatever else you got.

So we formulate a compromise solution. WE will expel OURSELVES and leave the Jews here to dwell among their own! Well, surely no one could possibly object to that, could they? After a short period of Jewish jubilation, the reality of the new situation would soon start to sink in, however.

The Jews would have a sudden change of heart and beg us to stay! Though they detest, abuse, exploit and despise us, it would quickly occur to them that without us, they'd have to do all the work themselves; they'd have no more slaves and lackeys at their beck and call and only their OWN society to meddle with and ruin.

If we left the Jews en masse, they'd have to fend for themselves and that would not be a pretty sight, for every parasite needs a host. Jews can no more live among themselves alone as can mosquitoes, fleas or leaches. Though natural justice could not deny us the freedom to desert them, the Jews, Phaedrus believes, most assuredly would!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our Lives Under the Jew

It may strike some folks as rather odd, but when Phaedrus sees a Jew in the street - and it's clear he's a Jew by virtue of some manner of dress or whatever, there is no conscious enmity towards that Jew. This is notwithstanding that Phaedrus is well aware that said Jew in all probability regards Phaedrus as very much his inferior; some lower form of life that cannot legitimately marry nor hold property and is only fit to shine Jewish shoes. Such screwy beliefs aren't really a problem PROVIDED one can see at a glance who exactly holds them and consequently have no dealings with them. After all, everyone's entitled to their own views and opinions as to how the wold works and the virtues (or otherwise) of the various peoples that populate it.

The beliefs held by the Jew with regard to the rest of us are by any standards extremely distainful. But is that any reason to attack them in the street? In Phaedrus' submission, no, it isn't. We're ALL entitled to our beliefs, whatever they may be, and to voice them, and the religious belief system of the Jew just happens to hold the rest of us in total contempt. But that's okay - always provided, of course, that no one holding such sick and twisted convictions is permitted to exercise ANY influence WHATSOEVER over public and world affairs.

This is the essence of the Jewish Problem in my opinion. The Jew remains relatively harmless until he has the tools at his disposal to REALIZE his fantasies and create a world that favors him and his precious Line to the cost of the rest of us. THIS, gentile reader, is the crux of the problem, for the Jews, through great diligence and application, have gained virtually total control over the West through their omnipresent interests and influences in global media, the judiciary, the banking system and government. This is a remarkable achievement for such a small minority of the world's population and we should recognize form this that the Jew is clever and tenacious and must never be underestimated. Additionally, they have neither the will nor the desire, NOR EVEN THE ABILITY to change their wicked ways; it's hard-wired into their genes.

During the course of the last 1750 years, the Jews have been expelled from 109 places around the world because the indigenous inhabitants who initially welcomed them subsequently discovered, after much great cost and damage had been occasioned, that they had allowed a destructive and malignant force to cross their borders. Nevertheless, despite all these setbacks, the Jews have come a very long way and today enjoy previously undreamed of power over our lives and the cost to us in terms of lives, dollars and society has been incalculable. We look around our dysfunctional country, our dysfunctional world and see endless chaos, war, poverty, racial strife, family-breakdown and crime running totally unchecked and this is the world that the Jews' direction has taken us.

There was once a time when Jews would simply poison the wells of the Goyim, but today they have tools to hand that are infinitely more powerful and wide-ranging and they have moved on from poisoning wells to poisoning MINDS through their overwhelming control over television, radio, newspapers and magazines and the movie industry. Virtually every opinion-forming organ on the planet is owned or controlled by Jews and the message spewed from these ubiquitous sources is formulated to advance the interests of the Jewish Agenda and Israel above all else.
This situation MUST END and a permanent solution found to the age-old cycle of Jewish ascendancy/Jewish pogrom that has cost so much misery, money and lives over the course of many centuries.