Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our Lives Under the Jew

It may strike some folks as rather odd, but when Phaedrus sees a Jew in the street - and it's clear he's a Jew by virtue of some manner of dress or whatever, there is no conscious enmity towards that Jew. This is notwithstanding that Phaedrus is well aware that said Jew in all probability regards Phaedrus as very much his inferior; some lower form of life that cannot legitimately marry nor hold property and is only fit to shine Jewish shoes. Such screwy beliefs aren't really a problem PROVIDED one can see at a glance who exactly holds them and consequently have no dealings with them. After all, everyone's entitled to their own views and opinions as to how the wold works and the virtues (or otherwise) of the various peoples that populate it.

The beliefs held by the Jew with regard to the rest of us are by any standards extremely distainful. But is that any reason to attack them in the street? In Phaedrus' submission, no, it isn't. We're ALL entitled to our beliefs, whatever they may be, and to voice them, and the religious belief system of the Jew just happens to hold the rest of us in total contempt. But that's okay - always provided, of course, that no one holding such sick and twisted convictions is permitted to exercise ANY influence WHATSOEVER over public and world affairs.

This is the essence of the Jewish Problem in my opinion. The Jew remains relatively harmless until he has the tools at his disposal to REALIZE his fantasies and create a world that favors him and his precious Line to the cost of the rest of us. THIS, gentile reader, is the crux of the problem, for the Jews, through great diligence and application, have gained virtually total control over the West through their omnipresent interests and influences in global media, the judiciary, the banking system and government. This is a remarkable achievement for such a small minority of the world's population and we should recognize form this that the Jew is clever and tenacious and must never be underestimated. Additionally, they have neither the will nor the desire, NOR EVEN THE ABILITY to change their wicked ways; it's hard-wired into their genes.

During the course of the last 1750 years, the Jews have been expelled from 109 places around the world because the indigenous inhabitants who initially welcomed them subsequently discovered, after much great cost and damage had been occasioned, that they had allowed a destructive and malignant force to cross their borders. Nevertheless, despite all these setbacks, the Jews have come a very long way and today enjoy previously undreamed of power over our lives and the cost to us in terms of lives, dollars and society has been incalculable. We look around our dysfunctional country, our dysfunctional world and see endless chaos, war, poverty, racial strife, family-breakdown and crime running totally unchecked and this is the world that the Jews' direction has taken us.

There was once a time when Jews would simply poison the wells of the Goyim, but today they have tools to hand that are infinitely more powerful and wide-ranging and they have moved on from poisoning wells to poisoning MINDS through their overwhelming control over television, radio, newspapers and magazines and the movie industry. Virtually every opinion-forming organ on the planet is owned or controlled by Jews and the message spewed from these ubiquitous sources is formulated to advance the interests of the Jewish Agenda and Israel above all else.
This situation MUST END and a permanent solution found to the age-old cycle of Jewish ascendancy/Jewish pogrom that has cost so much misery, money and lives over the course of many centuries.