Sunday, October 21, 2007

World War Three here we come...

George Bush seems ever-more hell-bent on starting a new war against Iran, raising the very real prospect that the whole of the Middle East will be finally be swallowed up in the massive conflagration that has been its inevitable fate since the establishment of the 'State of Israel' in 1948.

But will the conflict end there or spread further afield? It seems we are living in the most dangerous days now for many decades. Our government seems to have no interest in peace and a wider war seems imminent. Several factors outside of mere rhetoric and geopolitics point to it (commodity prices for just one).

I'd just like to say (before Martial Law is declared and we're rounded up in the gulags) that it's been nice knowing y'all. We could have lived in peace with the world, but the Jews who run the West had other ideas. Will the last person left alive in America kindly turn off the lights.

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