Saturday, October 20, 2007

A few pertinent questions....

Just wondering why - by Yahoo Mike
Just wondering why:

An 18 yr. old can vote, go to war and drink beer in the military but when he comes home he is not allowed to drink beer?

An adult has to wear a seat belt? It's his life isn't it?

We have to take out insurance to protect everyone else. Why not let them take out insurance to protect themselves from me or you if they want to? If not take their chances. Then watch the rates come down.

If we are so free and it is our bodies why can't we smoke dope or anything else we want? Who's life is it anyway? Who anointed them to take care of us?

How can there be such a thing as a "hate crime"? Can they now read our minds? What does it matter why someone does a crime? does anyone burn a church or murder someone for love? If so, does that make it less of a crime? If you murder someone for his money but don't hate him is the crime any less or more loathsome than if you murdered him for hate ? Am I missing something here?

Why do our servants, the congressmen and women get a lifetime pension for themselves and passed on to their spouses after only one term or two years while we have to work 30 or 40 years for SS that is not passed on? Am I missing something here?

How can the government just print all the money they want but if we do it, we go to jail?

How can the IRS say that our labor is taxable as a profit or income when it is an equal exchange? Our labor or 40 hours a week equals our wage. an equal exchange. We are one week older and weaker and closer to death in exchange for some paper money to buy food so we can go to work again, ad nauseam. Where is the profit?

Do we really own our property and cars if we have to pay a tax on them every year? Ownership is defined as something that is free and clear. If we have to pay for it every year we don't ever own it. Try not paying your property taxes or renewing your vehicle registration and see who really owns it. We just lease it from the government.

How can it be a crime to have too much cash? Some people just like to keep their money close at hand or under their mattress. They don't trust banks and for good reason.

Just wondering. Mike