Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Turkey should capture and annex north west Iraq

Such a move is fully justified. Phaedrus has not changed his view one iota since advocating an invasion several months ago. The reasons today are even more pressing than before. Turkey has everything to gain and nothing to lose by pressing ahead with a full scale invasion. Not only that, but it should capture and KEEP the land which comprises the Kurdish-occupied region of Iraq. No power on earth can realistically stop Turkey in this just cause.

The debate over the legitimacy of such an incursion is irrefutable; it is overwhelmingly tilted in favor of immediate full-scale military action. The Kurdish rebels - the PKK - are a notoriously violent breed of troublemakers. It is tempting and in no way inaccurate to dub them as "Muslim Zionists" on account of their overbearing, uncompromising and dictatorial approach to their unfortunate neighbors.

The somewhat curious term, "Muslim Zionists" is fully apposite, because the Kurds are a bunch of Islamic terrorists (REAL Islamic terrorists for once) who are seeking to establish a new state in the border region of two established countries: an independent Kurdistan. Any bunch of people in this day and age out to create a new country need to be dealt with firmly (if only this had been done in connection with Israel post WWII.)

The Turks are, by and large, a pretty decent and civilized people. Turkey is a secular state with a clear division between government and religion and a Constitution that expressly states that secularism prevails. This country doesn't deserve to be continually bullied by a minority of bellicose malcontents in its eastern-most region. It must seize control of the area by military force and hold it indefinitely to ensure its own security and that of the greater region as a whole.

The reasons couldn't be clearer: the Kurds are REAL and very vicious terrorists who must be hunted down in the interests of Middle East peace. The region concerned is the most oil-rich in Iraq. If Turkey does not seize it, then Turks must expect the level of attacks from the PKK to reach astronomical proportions, for its oil wealth will ultimately fund formidable weaponry. America is no friend of Iraq. Congress just voted to label the 1915 battle against the Armenians as a "Genocide" - simply to piss off the Turks, it seems. Who needs friends like us? America needs Turkey more than Turkey needs America.

Finally, Turkey may be worried that the European Union will bar its accession to membership, but this is nonsense. Turkey hasn't a hope in hell of ever joining the EU. Too many countries are against the idea, not least of which is the now Jew-controlled France. So there's nothing to be lost in terms of international relations and everything to be gained in terms of peace, stability, prestige and economic renewal from a decisive Turkish military initiative.

With Turkey in control of north eastern Iraq and indefinitely enjoying the benefits of its oil revenues, the image of the country in the world's eyes would undergo a huge renaissance. Rather than talking down to the Turks as though its rulers and people were children, the new, self-confident and assertive Turkey would be in a strong position to call the shots to the West and become a REAL power player in the region as a whole.

So, Turkey! Wake up!!! What are you going to do? Are you going to show some backbone and stand up to this rabble hoard? Or are you going to continue to pointlessly kiss Western ass and get walked all over by this tribe of terrorist, quasi-Zionist garbage? What's it to be? In the interests of world peace, PLEASE ACT DECISIVELY - and NOW!