Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Cure for Anti-Semitism?

Yes, I believe there IS a way to wipe out anti-Semitism which would prove 99% effective and enable the Jews to no longer have to live in fear. We need to take a reasoned, logical, step-by-step, ground-up approach to formulate a workable solution. So let's think things through...

As with every other form of discrimination, we need to tackle the root cause behind this particular widespread prejudice. We need to examine what makes people develop antipathies towards fellow human beings. Once the underlying forces that underpin prejudice are removed, then so will prejudice itself.

So why are the Jews so hated? Why have they been kicked out of 109 different places around the world since A.D.250? Why are they a stateless, rootless, wandering tribe of nomads with no place to call home? Why have they been unable to assimilate and find acceptance in other countries by other races?

We now know more about the reasons than we have for over half a century, thanks chiefly to the Internet. We know that the Jews regard themselves as God's 'Chosen People' and they are therefore more important and more 'entitled' than any other race on the planet. But is this slightly wacky belief system enough, of itself, to account for the levels of hostility Jews have attracted throughout history?

Understandably, folks' noses get a little put out of joint when they discover that there is a bunch of people who regard themselves as superior to everyone else. It's only natural after all that we should feel a little resentful. Yet everyone's entitled to their beliefs, no matter how wacky they may be, always provided of course, that such beliefs don't damage or destroy others' way of life.

This is where, in my view, the problem arises, for the Jews view the world through the filter of their belief that they have a special relationship with the Creator and that everything they desire is theirs for the taking - it's literally their God-Given Right. It is in acting out this twisted belief in the world at large that has caused the Jew to perpetually run into trouble in a never ending cycle of ascendancy and pogrom.

Convinced that they are better and more deserving than everyone else, the Jews have swept the world before them through runaway driving ambition fueled by naked, wanton greed. They have ridden roughshod over the rights of others, they have occupied land that does not belong to them, they continue to annex more land that does not belong to them.

They have formed a terminally-sick modern society in their own image. They have stealthily gained total control of the media, the banking system and the legislatures and Executives of Western governments. They have disposed of their enemies ruthlessly. Those they could not buy-out they destroyed or assassinated. EVERYTHING must be as the Jews wish it: there can be NO compromise.

Jews recognize no property rights in non-Jews (or Goyim - meaning "cattle" - as they contemptuously call us). As far as the Jew is concerned, non-Jews cannot hold property. Everything we THINK we own is in (Jewish) reality, simply unclaimed Jewish property that "will belong to the Jew who uses it first" - to quote from the Talmud.

Further revelations from the Talmud (the Jews' Holy book) also reinforce the perception that they are in reality the world's worst-ever racists. Not only are Goyim not entitled to hold property, we are also not capable of entering into lawful marriage. We only THINK we're married. The Jew also believes that to have sex with a non-Jew is akin to bestiality. There is much else in this revealing book that the interested reader may find elsewhere on the Internet. An exhaustive critique is beyond the scope of this article.

In any event, from the above it can be easily demonstrated that the root cause of anti-Semitism is simply Jews being Jews. If only they would act like human beings for a change, and manage to keep it up indefinitely, all the prejudice they face would quickly evaporate. The answer therefore lies in their own hands. If you behave like a total asshole then people are going to pretty quickly get sick of you. No amount of phony 'hate crime' legislation will ever help. The answer does not lie in making it illegal to hate assholes; it lies in making it unacceptable to BE an asshole.

It would be nice if the Jews COULD make the effort to change for the better. It would also answer one of philosophy's most controversial questions: in a hypothetical battle between Free Will and Determinism, which force ultimately prevails? Sadly, Phaedrus doesn't expect the Jews to help us find out the answer to this one anytime soon.