Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Jews' Way: Conflict Without End

In a world turned upside down such as the one in which we live, the interests of the Jews demand our involvement in endless wars. Humans from a very young age are exposed to endless killings and violence in both the factual and fictional media. One function of this is to encourage them into acceptance that such behavior is, if not-quite normal, then at least tolerable, and simply the way the world works. The exposure is chronic and unremitting and eventually engenders the perception in the overwhelming majority of people that nothing can be done about this sorry state of affairs. It's just the way things are and probably forever will be.

Popular media relentlessly promotes provocative images of the handgun and the sexy girl and/or guy together in a soft-pornographic fashion. This inevitably encourages style-conscious young men to adopt in their own behavior these flashy and superficially-attractive media constructs. It's unavoidable, given the constant barrage of such rubbish coming from the Jewish-controlled movie industry. Decent people have deluged the film-makers and TV networks over the years with complaints about this rotten state of affairs, pointing out that it's deeply damaging to our culture and society. However, the media continues to propagate this exquisitely-contrived yet totally poisonous stream of imagery. Furthermore, our government - which seems to be owned by them - refuses to even acknowledge there's any problem.

Normal, healthy children are instinctively repulsed by the dysfunctional status quo we've resigned ourselves to. They enter this world as untarnished innocents and are naturally horrified by the continuous bedlam they see going on around them. If these kids survive into young adulthood, they may campaign politically and rail against the injustices and madness of this world, but for all their efforts and goodwill, things never change and they become as jaded and resigned to the world's fate as the rest of us. A coping mechanism for maintaining one's sanity is simply to turn a blind eye to it all and just go down the mall, update your cellphone, buy a new refrigerator, or any one of a million other things the media constantly urges to do.

This pervasive sickness of dull acceptance and powerlessness on our part is but one aim of the Jews achieved. As stated elsewhere, the Jews want EVERYTHING their own way, regard themselves as somehow 'entitled' and superior to all others and regard the value of Gentile life as somewhere between cheap and worthless. To permit such people access to the corridors of power in the western world and to allow them to exercise ownership of the mass media is nothing less than UTTER MADNESS on our part. We MUST seize back control of our countries from this most wretchedly mean and exploitative race of malignant entities. And we must do so AS A MATTER OF THE UTMOST URGENCY.