Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Globalization and the International Jew

It should come as no surprise to anyone with even the most casual interest in economics that by far the most enthusiastic proponents of totally free, unfettered international trade and globalization are a race of people with no country to call their own, and who recognize no international boundaries. The race under examination in this essay, dear reader, is that of the Jews.

"Free trade!" is as much of a mantra of the Jews today as it has been throughout history. Jews are outstanding as buyers, sellers, agents and intermediaries to the same extent that they are utterly hopeless as original creators of real wealth or worthwhile produce at the most fundamental of levels. They have found a niche in life that enables them to live well without they themselves ever having to get their hands dirty.

Only a race with no legitimate country to call its own; no sense of nationhood and no respect for the borders of others could have congealed into such a brazenly greed-driven breed of master-manipulators as the Jews. The most impenetrable puzzle is, why and how have they been permitted to acquire such overwhelming world-wide power and influence to the detriment of the vast majority of decent people upon whom they prey?

If one thinks back to the 1980s, anyone who raised their head above the parapet to even so much as suggest the option of protectionism to defend American industry, jobs and livelihoods would risk incurring the most derisory epithets from the Jewish-controlled media. They would be tarred with the same brush as old-style Leninist-Trotskyists and publicly pilloried and denounced as hopelessly old-fashioned - and potentially dangerous madmen even!

These denunciations regrettably proved sufficient for a lot of people who really should have had more guts, and known better, to keep their mouths shut. Presumably they needed the backing of the Jewish media in order to keep their jobs. They knew where their bread was buttered and opted to keep quiet for the sake of their careers and their kids' futures. But in doing so they betrayed everyone else - the REAL American people.

Free trade has DESTROYED American industry and wrecked our society. How the hell can we (or SHOULD we) be expected to compete with hundreds of millions of Chinese peasants who rate $2.40 a day as a living wage?? Why the hell are their cheap and nasty, toxic and trashy products swamping our domestic market and destroying jobs, lives, families and our quality of life? TO WHOSE advantage does this mechanism work, exactly? It is certainly not to the majority of the true American people.

The vast majority of Americans have had their quality of life irreparably damaged by the insatiable Jewish craving for economic growth at any price. The concept of free-trade reduces solid, hard-working people in Europe and America to the lowest common denominator of labor-unit. Free trade only IN REALITY, benefits the Jew, who as agent and middleman has no interest or concern in the absolute level of pay of the American worker; only differentials between different countries' labor costs. WE (human folks, on the other hand) value our homes and communities and our country. The International Jew, conversely, has NO CONCEPTION OF COMMUNITY AND COUNTRY and is nothing more than a malignant opportunist who jets around the world exploiting price differentials between one region and another - and free trade makes it all such a simple and profitable pursuit for die-hard Internationalists like the Jews.

Our politicians and media constantly lie to us. They play on our fears. They tell us if we don't compete with some sun-burnt Coolie in a rice paddy somewhere in Mongolia, then one day it'll catch up with us and then we'll be even WORSE off for having tried to stem the tide of the free market. DON'T BUY IT! This is complete BULLSHIT which only advances the interests of Internationalists. Any advanced nations (such as America, the Europeans and Russians among others) will only be DAMAGED by unfettered free trade. Free trade only benefits internationalist agents and intermediaries who are too goddamn idle and lazy to do an honest day's work and actually produce anything themselves.
Any Politician, financial journalist, economist, banker - whatever, that tries to tell you protectionism ultimately fails is LYING THEIR ASS OFF and should be immediately kicked out of their job/run out of office and denounced as an Enemy of Truth. They are only promoting Internationalist-Jewish interests and have either been brainwashed, or else taken the Jews' 30 pieces of silver to purposely spread lies.

"Standard of Living" and "Quality of Life" are not the same thing. Quality of Life is by far the most important and in addition to making for a happy, together family and a healthy society, it doesn't line the pockets of the Jew and prop-up his corrupt termite mound of on-the-take legislators and mainstream media LIARS that he has cultivated to propound his own twisted, greed-driven value system.

The Jews and those in their pay crow endlessly about how although initially free trade may have damaged America's steel and coal industries, it has now, many years later revived them to some degree - demand from China and elsewhere in the far east has breathed some new life into these sleeping giants. But this 'revival' is largely illusory.

The free-trade lobby who were back then indifferent to the closure of the mines and plants could not have then foreseen that China would become a big enough force some 20 years later to re-float them. In other words, AT THAT TIME, the free trade lobby just wrote off blue collar workers, their families, their communities and didn't give a flying rat's ass about them.

Now, many years later (after countless family failures, drug addiction, crime, despair and suicide among the families who constituted the backbone of the so-called smokestack industries) the proponents of free trade are still singing it's praises and attributing current job growth to it. But in reality we're far worse off now financially, too.

OK, so maybe we're finally off welfare because China wants to buy our steel and burn our coal. So we're back in the money again. Or are we? Your current wage may sound respectable when compared to twenty years of scratching your butt on welfare, but if you get an accountant to calculate it in REAL (inflation-adjusted) terms, you'll find that you're actually earning around a quarter or a third of what you earned in 1980!

And all this is where the Jews' insistence on open markets has taken us. Many of us thought we were doing the right thing; we were told we needed to compete with the foreigners or get left behind, but it was a lie. What we really should have done was to keep foreign imports strictly controlled by tariff barriers. But our government listened to the Jews and acted in THEIR interests instead of ours. Isn't it strange how that increasingly happens these days?