Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Congress working for the Jew (again)

Has Congress gone quite mad?? What on earth do they think they are doing in gratuitously stirring up old enmities and rubbing salt into raw wounds? I refer to the so-called "Armenian Genocide" of 1915 as Congress bizarrely wants it remembered. Incredibly, valuable time and money is being wasted by 'our' government over the labeling of this historical event which took place somewhere where europe and asia meet, over 90 years ago, in a conflict in which the United States played no part! What do these people think they're playing at?

This has all the hallmarks of the Jew about it. Phaedrus hasn't looked into who sponsored this Bill, but it doesn't take much of a leap of the imagination to work it out. This pointless charade will only wreck relations with our important strategic ally, Turkey and make it more likely that the Turks will invade Western Iraq to take out the Kurds. How the hell is THAT in the interests of the American people? It may well be in Israel's interests, but if that's the case, let the gutless parasites in Tel Aviv do their own dirty work. Why the hell do WE always get dragged into their endless disputes?

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Anonymous said...

A genocide occurred. It is only just that it should be called and recognize and acknowledged by it genuine term. Allies ? Is Turkey an american ally ? We need to be consistent and try to display a tempered morality. To have a murderous nation as an ally it is open to question. Tell me who your friends are and I tel you who you are. It is jewish politics that the armenian genocide is not permitted to be acknowledged.Wether the resolution passes or not, it will have to bearing on our relations with the criminal descendants of the ottomans. Turkey needs the USA, more than the USA needs those scumbags. Justice and virtue can not be confused with political compromising and expediency jaunts.