Saturday, October 6, 2007

What Does the Western Media Actually Deliver?

Standards of delivery are a benchmark for any service industry today. So let's see how the Jewish-controlled media scores....
The first question is: what exactly do we have the right to expect from our media? Phaedrus proposes the following fundamental benchmarks for broadcast licensing approval:-

1. News reportage. Reporting of news events must be fair, impartial, unbiased and encompass the WHOLE truth without undue favor towards ANY political, industrial, racial or religious interest groupings. The scope of this rule should be extremely broad and no person or organization should be denied the right of reply through equal air-time access to amend any incorrect or biased report.
2. Didactics. The media should also be educative. That is to say, its output should feed and build the people's minds with ACCURATE information - constantly and freely subject to independent challenge - about non-current affairs issues. For example, history, the sciences, the arts and philosophy.
3. Spiritual renewal. It should inspire and invigorate the spirit! It should nurture its viewers and listeners with elevating and edifying content, so their weary hearts may be lifted and their flagging spirits enriched by those achievements of mankind that can and should be celebrated. This obviously does NOT include rap music!
4. Criminality. It should NEVER, EVER, encourage the adoption or the fostering of anti-social values. It should NEVER, EVER, convey the impression that carrying a gun as a fashion accessory is 'hip' and that living off the takings of a prostitute and smoking drugs from income so derived is 'cool.' Further, it should no longer encourage the idea that what one wears and owns somehow makes one a better or more important person.
5. Inter-racial strife. It should NEVER, EVER, seek to spread the insidiously false and evil message, such as that a white woman and a black man can live together and raise a family in harmony, for such has already been proven an ugly and deeply damaging untruth which ultimately results in misery, impoverishment, drug abuse, murder and imprisonment on the part of those foolish enough to enter into it.
The foregoing constitutes pretty undemanding guidelines, wouldn't you say? Who could realistically take issue with them? These are the very LEAST a decent society should require from those who are entrusted to mold American minds. So let's see how today's Jewish media measures up against these fundamental benchmarks, shall we?
Y'all remember Meatloaf? He was a bit of a rock star in the late 70s and he came up with a hit called 'Two Out of Three Ain't Bad' (written by a Jew called Jim Steinman so therefore beyond reproach in the minds of Phaedrus' ever-increasing band of Jewish lurkers and Mossad agents) You're right, Mr. Steinman; two out of three by any measure ain't bad. So let's score the Jews...

Item 1. (news reportage) Result: Fail. Reason: Israel's interests are heavily over-represented in news reports and her misdeeds are never, ever, fully covered. It's NEVER Israel's fault. The Israelis are peace-loving folks just trying to defend themselves from those dirty, rotten Arab turrists! BULLSHIT.

Item 2. (didactics) Result: Fail. Historical programs only ever promote the 'facts' from Israel's point of view and NEVER give the right of reply to anyone whose researches have led them to other conclusions. This endless retelling of the 'Holocaust' story is a prime example of this blatant one-sidedness.

Item 3. (spiritually uplifting) Result: Fail. There is nothing inspiring about seeing Paris Hilton falling over drunk at a party or Britney Spears shaving her head or Nicole Richie driving the wrong way down a freeway. Similarly there is nothing uplifting about the music of Negroes like 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Mary J. Blige.

Item 4. (criminality) Oh dear. The Jews' weakest point. Just look at any modern movie release promo and you will almost invariably see some scantily clad young [prostitute] hitched to a slick, gun-totin' black gangsta! Enough said. High-Five, Bro!

Item 5. (inter-racial relationships) Oh God!! They're actively encouraging this! Even though they know it's total poison to society! Wait a minute! Let me correct that! They're encouraging this BECAUSE they know it's total poison to society!!
Overall report card for our Jew-infested media is therefore zero out of five. Two out of three ain't bad, so what's zero out of five??

2 out of 3: ain't bad.
1 out of 3: pretty bad.
0 out of 3: hopeless.
0 out of 4: disastrous
0 out of 5: CATASTROPHIC.