Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jews up to their old tricks again!

They've been messing with the Wikipedia AGAIN! If you want a good laugh, go to www.wikipedia.org and type "Goyim" into the search box! Only please don't read the definition if you're sipping coffee over your keyboard! ROTFL!!!!!
When the Jews are forced into such desperate defensive measures, their days of ruining the world must surely numbered! How stupid do these "%'*?!&%* think we are?

If anyone has time, can they please re-re-edit the Wiki to reflect the actual TRUTH? Thanks, P.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with the Banking Industry, will know that most of the Big Banks are owned by Jews. I noticed in the newly released movie about Lincoln, nothing is mentioned, about Lincoln and the Banking Industry. Many authors believe, his death was negotiated for, by the banking industry.