Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Let me attempt to define this new term which as far as can be ascertained from various Internet searches, is a totally novel word for which Phaedrus proudly claims due credit.

Afrocosis: "A chronic, debilitating and ultimately ruinous, self-reinforcing syndrome of increasing chaos and decay which arises anywhere that Africans or those of African descent represent a significant proportion of the population."

It's not nice to have to point this fact out and Phaedrus takes no pleasure in it. Politically-Correct it isn't, but only liars have anything to fear from the plain, unvarnished Truth. We can all see what goes on before our eyes, but the enemies of Truth, the Jews and their partners-in-crime, those Liberals occupying the lunatic fringe, flatly refuse to accept it. Worse still, they have set up an apparatus of statutes in many Western countries that makes it potentially very costly for anyone to even discuss the matter. Afrocosis is yet another example of the 'elephant in the living room' or the 'emperor's new clothes.' Everyone must strictly adhere to the discredited dogma that the Negro is every bit as competent and capable as the white man in all respects.

The sad reality is that Africans are very bad news indeed. I only wish it were otherwise, but regrettably it isn't. Anywhere one finds Africans running things, or even simply forming anything beyond a very tiny proportion of a town or a country's population, there inevitably follows serious social problems in one form or another. Afrocosis is the term I have coined to describe the process of this pathological (for it IS very like a disease) descent into corruption, misery, sickness, ignorance, poverty, malnutrition and an early grave. It is, as one would naturally expect, most prevalent in Africa itself.

A prime example is the country formerly known as Rhodesia - previously a successful, thriving, high-standard country once ruled by whites, it has in less than 30 years become the worst hell-hole in the entire continent since blacks took over its running and changed its name to Zimbabwe. This country is now in the terminal stages of advanced Afrocosis and within a hair's breadth of total collapse. The Republic of South Africa, whose history mirrors that of its starving, bankrupt neighbor, seems certain to end up in the same shocking state at some future time. We may infer this from the horrifying levels of brutal crime in Johannesburg on the one hand, and South Africa's president's refusal to criticize his Zimbabwean counterpart in any way on the other.

It is indeed a bleak picture which politically-correct 'three monkeys' dogma is only exacerbating, for it is impossible to debate any feasible solutions when the very problem itself has been made too controversial for anyone other than so-called 'far-right' bloggers to tackle head-on. Mainstream governments strenuously avoid offering constructive suggestions for fear of being accused of Imperialism - an inevitable and frequent retort from black despots such as Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

"Who gives a flying rat's ass what goes on in Africa?" You will understandably ask. Well I'm afraid the problem of chaos arising around blacks isn't confined solely to the African continent. Africans leave the continent in huge numbers, fleeing poverty to seek a better life abroad. They claim to be suffering 'persecution' due to civil wars and seek safe haven in prosperous Western countries. The problem is that they bring with them the seeds of Afrocosis wherever they eventually re-settle. In the ghettos where the worst Southern African blacks - the Bantus - end up, they immediately burden the locality simply by their presence. Afrocosis sets in frighteningly fast, and over a period of maybe as little as 10 years, the area becomes a cesspit of drugs, robbery, prostitution and murder. YOU know it's true; I know it's true. Millions of folks who would never dare to admit it also KNOW in their hearts it's true. Only fanatical Liberals and the Jews deny it. What on earth can they be thinking of??

Look at the state of Detroit these days. It's a perfect example of how a once-prosperous and industrious city has been totally ruined by the unchecked progress of Afrocosis. There may be a very small proportion of blacks that any decent white town can reasonably survive the presence of, but as that proportion rises, as curiously it ALWAYS seems to, there comes a time when critical mass is reached from which there is no recovery. It's kind of like a weeping, cancerous sore poisoning all the healthy cells around it. Businesses close, professional folks are no longer prepared to raise their kids there, property values slump, the schools go to the dogs and crime, drugs and gangs start to take over the increasingly mean and run-down streets. Afrocosis is a terminal disease if left untreated: its fatality rate is 100%. Every sane, clear-headed person knows it. Those who deny it, on the other hand, one can only assume to be working towards some alternative Agenda that's certainly not in OUR interests.

Watts and Compton in Los Angeles, Johannesburg in South Africa; Peckham, Brixton and Hackney in London. All core areas of rampant, uncontrolled black immigration where Africosis is consequently rife. The only treatment is complete excision of the black ghettos. It was the arrival of the Negro that created these problems so sending the Negroes back whence they came is the only realistic solution that has any hope of working at this late stage. The fact that this proposed solution will provoke screaming howls of protest from Jew and Liberal alike should only galvanize us further in our struggle to seize back our Western countries from the forces of evil that are destroying us and our culture. Don't stand for it! Tell the Politically-Correct types to go to hell and that you don't give a SH!T what they say, because they are BARE-FACED LIARS who only ever work against us.

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