Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Royal Family Sex and Drugs Scandal

Phaedrus picked up something about this story from his daily browse of the news sites. Although way off-topic at first sight, there are some useful discussion points that arise from it...

Short summary: a less well-known personage from the British royal family has been blackmailed over sex and drugs allegations. The blackmailers possessed a tape of the royal concerned indulging in somewhat unpleasant activities that are probably best left to the reader's imagination. The drug involved, however, is apparently cocaine and the sum demanded by the blackmailers was $100,000

Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the matter and the persons who have been arrested in connection with the blackmail attempt have had their first court appearance held behind closed doors to ensure no reporting by the media (this is, Phaedrus is given to understand, very unusual indeed in England).

So reading between the lines and going simply by intuition, Phaedrus suspects the royal concerned is probably either Princess Eugene or Princess Beatrice (daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson). The reason for this supposition is that Ferguson is the weak link in the family and has brought shame on it many times before, including in 1992 when she was pictured pool-side having her toes sucked by her American 'financial advisor' whilst still married to Prince Andrew.

Ferguson is a life-long liability for the royals. Her father was photographed using the services of prostitutes, and a couple of years ago she very unwisely introduced her young daughters to the American Negro rap artist, Puff Daddy (or P. Diddy as this entity now calls himself). Phaedrus suspects that the scandal involves one or other of the princesses having sex with a Negro rap star (possibly Diddy/Daddy himself) and sharing drugs provided by him.

It's all speculation, of course and not appropriate for a factually-orientated blog. Ferguson, though of course white, is a potential coal-burner who has introduced her young daughters to a dubious character linked to the world of drugs and violence (what a hopeless 'mother'). But the biggest dopes are the blackmailers themselves. They only demanded 100k and demanded it from the family - a serious crime. If they'd taken the tape to the UK tabloids they could have got more than double for it - all nice and legal, too. How stupid can you get?

Moral of this sad story: if you really care about your kids' future, never, ever, ever let them hang out with Negroes for ANY length of time and for ANY reason, much less introduce them to such people! Such attachments ONLY EVER END IN TEARS - and tears is the best you can hope for, since more often than not it's violent and bloody murder.