Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is 'Evil' a Real Force in the World?

A few weeks ago, Apollonian, one of the more recent respondents here on World Peace, took issue with Phaedrus over the concept of Evil. Phaedrus has made frequent references to "evil deeds" and "evil people" and so forth, and this respondent (who appears to be pretty well-read in philosophy) objected vehemently and repeatedly to this blogger's frequent use of terms such as "good" and "evil" and so on and tried to win this writer over to his point of view, which is essentially that there is no such thing. Getting bogged down in a dry, academic discussion on what is essentially a matter of personal belief between myself and any respondent would not exactly excite and animate World Peace's readership, so initially it was decided to simply ignore the matter. However, on second thoughts, I have conceived a way in which these matters CAN be addressed in a way which is meaningful to readers and also explains why my stated position on the existence of Evil as a real and highly dangerous force in our lives will not be changing one iota. Here goes....

Phaedrus has always been a great believer in the power of allegory in getting complex concepts more clearly across. It's not necessary in this essay to resort to a full-blown allegory; a simple parable will more than adequately show where I'm coming from on this issue. Apollonian will no doubt leap on what follows and dissect it in extreme detail in the comments section if he so choses and he is free to do so. But I would like to remind him that in so doing, he is not, in any way whatsoever, going to advance the cause in which we are all united, but rather divert attention from it to the benefit of those who would prefer we totally avoid any direct examination of their odious behavior. I refer here in particular to the Jews, of course. In rebutting Apollonian's arguments by way of a parable in essay form rather than by simply following up his comments, we waste no time and effort in letting the Jews off the hook by arguing the matter out in the small print where few people would take notice.

Imagine if you will, a man clinging to a rocky precipice by his fingernails. He has stumbled off a mountain path and is hanging on for dear life. Certain death follows should he lose his fragile grip. A short time later, a group of three walkers pass by the spot: a Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist. He calls out to them for help. They rush over to him and without any thought for their own safety, pull him back onto the path. Much relieved, he asks them how he can ever thank them. They laugh and tell him no reward is necessary and that any decent person would do the same. The situation is resolved with good feeling all-round. Now rewind this scenario to the beginning and imagine the man clinging once again to the edge of the precipice. This time, a group of Negroes approach. The man calls out to them for assistance, but they just laugh at him, make a few racial slurs and walk by. A moment later, one of them turns back towards the man. Could this be a sudden change of heart? Sadly not, the Negro has spotted the man is wearing a gold watch. Said black person removes the watch and gleefully returns to his friends to show them the spoils.

Rewind this same scenario for the final time. On this occasion, a Jew walks past. The man calls over to him for assistance as with the other passers-by. The Jew walks over, listens to the man's appeals, then thoughtfully strokes his beard. "Aren't you going to help me?" pleads the man in desperation. The Jew looks up and down the path. There's no one else in sight. He reaches down and removes the man's gold watch, just as the Negro did. "OK, OK!" cries the man, "Keep the watch. It's yours. Just help me up!" The Jew quietly slips the watch into his pocket and, taking one more look about him to ensure he remains unobserved, proceeds to stamp on the man's fingertips, forcing him to relinquish his grip and fall to his death.

So in the forgoing example, we have three very different types of behavior exhibited. The first people rescued the man without a second's thought and sought no reward for rendering their assistance. The Negroes, on the other hand, were callously indifferent to the man's plight and robbed him of his watch, leaving him still clinging precariously to the ledge. Finally, the Jew passed by and robbed the man of his watch AND needlessly sent him plunging to his certain death. Apollonian (in accordance with the teachings of Nietzsche and others) conjectures that none of these behaviors evidence either goodness OR evil on the part of the passers-by. This is a standpoint which Phaedrus finds impossible to reconcile with reality. It goes to the core of the problems we face today. Apollonian posits the view that (and I'm sure he'll correct me if I misunderstand him - and probably even if I don't) that there is no such thing as Evil and that what we commonly TAKE to be Evil is simply rather "utter selfishness" on the part of some individuals. They satisfy their needs totally without empathy for others and without the slightest prick of conscience.

To some extent, this may be true. But it is an inchoate picture which seems to have been dreamed up only by those who have been blessed to have had no personal experience of REAL Evil in their lives. They've never seen it up-close-and-personal, so-to-speak. What these people are REALLY describing is PSYCHOPATHIC behavior, which CAN be Evil, but often isn't. There's a key difference that I shall make clear here in this essay, after which I plan to make no further attempt to justify my beliefs to anyone who has no idea of my background, my age, nor how many books I have read, nor of what quality they were. Here's that key difference illustrated by reference to the above parable we examined: The Christian, the Muslim and the Buddhist acted altruistically. They put themselves out to save someone and sought no reward for doing so. Anyone with a lick of common sense is going to say they exhibited "goodness" in so doing. There's very little to argue about here with this first group of people; the REAL essence of the question can only be resolved by examining the behavior of the other two parties: the Negroes and the Jew.

The Negroes exhibited classic psychopathic behavior. They put themselves out not one iota to assist a man in trouble; all they did was steal his watch. Here we have selfish desires satiated with no regard or empathy for the victim. Classic Negro behavior from what we see all the time in the more truthful elements of the news media. But is it actually Evil? In Phaedrus' view, no, it isn't. It's merely self-centered indifference to the suffering of others and a bit of advantage-taking thrown in. Now consider the Jew's response. He failed to assist the man, he stole the man's watch AND he needlessly killed him. He COULD have simply walked away with the watch like the Negroes, but instead, he went just that bit further,when there was NO need, to see the man plunge to his death. This is the whole point of the parable where a form of behavior extends beyond pure indifferent self-enrichment and strays into the realm of Evil. It wasn't NECESSARY to send this man plummeting to his death. The Jew had what he wanted - like the Negro - and could have left it like that. Instead, he felt the inclination to stray into needless, wanton cruelty for no reason but his own sick enjoyment - and THIS is the point where Evil arises and we can see it all around us in the way Jews behave towards others, wherever they may be in the world, there is always this sick element of "gratuitous nastiness" that so typically characterizes their behavior as a race.

Now Phaedrus would be the first to admit that there are plenty of people who consider themselves 'religious' who are anything BUT pious. And there are equally Jews who do NOT exhibit this trait. Furthermore, there ARE honest and civilized black people. But in every case, they are A-typical of their race or creed and do not represent the majority. Patrick Grimm reminded us of the importance of stereotypes; the instilled wisdom of generations which we fail to call upon at our peril when forced to deal with foreigners. Jews and their NWO buddies are at the forefront of rubbishing stereotypes and trying to make stereotyping people a 'thought crime.' Given the primordial nature of the Jews, the impetus behind this piece of social engineering should come as no surprise to us! Who but the Jews and the Negroes would have more to gain from having their essential core natures effaced from the awareness of others?

So there you have it: my justification for using the terms "good" and "evil" and my resolution to CONTINUE to do so for as long as Evil remains such a pervasive force behind Western nations' internal and external policy development!

A Message for Curt Maynard...

I'm not even sure if Curt will get to see this anytime soon, given the problems he reported with his computer, but it needs to be said, anyway.

Bloggers (of whom Curt remains one of THE most prominent) give up a great deal of time and put in enormous effort in trying to inform ordinary people of what is going so wrong in the world today and who precisely is responsible for it all. At times it may seem as though the task is hopeless, but I believe it is far from it, at least all the while people have free access to the internet, then the message can only spread - as indeed it already has and continues to. But even if the entire network were to be shut down tomorrow, bloggers like Curt have ALREADY done their job, for they have set the fuse ablaze...

If Curt never writes another item for the rest of his life, I believe his work is already done. It's out there now in so many forms; re-published, re-distributed, discussed in bars and on buses and trains, at BBQs and house-parties, saved and stored and encrypted on hard drives and memory sticks for future printing and dissemination whenever the appropriate moment arises. So at this point in time, the fuse IS fiercely burning. Whether it continues to thrive and grow - or smolder and die out - depends on the broader mass of the people we are striving to reach. If they continue to sit in front of the Jewbox with the remote control in one hand and a Big Mac in the other; watching such perverse spectacles as American Idol and Larry King, then we as a race ARE doomed - and deserve to be, in all honesty.

But my view of the future is different. I see an ever-increasing awareness on the part of the American couch-potato and once this reaches a certain critical mass, there will be NO stopping it. We have to continue to work towards reaching that critical point by getting this information out by any conceivable means we can. Only then can we be certain that our work has passed that vital tipping point which MUST be reached to ensure what follows will take on an inexorable spirit of its own, sweeping aside the ugliness and dross of this insidious NWO non-culture of depravity; of decadent, self-destructive Liberalism that's been thrust upon us, against the wishes of the majority, for so many decades now. I believe we shall see this happy outcome not just in our lifetimes, but in the VERY near future, as all the lies and deceit of the past 60 years unravel before the eyes of the world and more and more people finally wake up to it - and take some long-overdue action!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who the HELL are Western Governments Really Serving??

As the party convention season opens, Phaedrus surveys the vultures pecking over the wreckage of our terminally broken Western 'democracies.'

Like you, no doubt, this blogger has grown tired of having to put the 'our' of "our government" in inverted commas. To speak of "our government" - whether you're reading this in the US, the UK or the rest of Europe somehow just doesn't sound right. The discussion groups and blogs are full of it - and little wonder. 'Our' so-called governments aren't serving We The People at all, but rather the interests of some unsavory alien entity. And it matters not in which country you reside, wherever you may be reading this, friend. It matters not which colors your party flies; they - whoever they may be in YOUR country - are NOT working for YOU. It's just such a pity that the majority of your compatriots haven't, unlike you (one assumes) woken up to this fact.

One could take any one of dozens of Western countries as an example. The situation is the same. Everywhere you look, 'our' governments are taking a great big collective SHIT on the lot of us. There are some countries where this is more apparent than others. Let's take the United States as a leading example. We all know by now that politicians lie to us morning, noon and night. The (Jewish) prime minister of Hungary even puplicly boasted about the fact not long ago. But let's stick to the US for the sake of argument. What has Washington DC ever done for the average, decent American over the last several decades but take a great big SHIT on him or her? As far as every recent administration has been concerned, we're just simple-minded dupes to be milked for THEIR benefit. Democrats and Republicans alike; there's not a scintilla of difference between them.

Once you strip away all the smarmy, patronizing, empty rhetoric; THEIR interests comprise enriching themselves at our collective expense on the one hand, and defending the parasite pseudo-state of 'Israel' on the other. Period. You want a pointer? In 1948, George Orwell wrote 'Nineteen-Eighty-Four' in which he postulated an endless, contrived state of war between various superpower blocs such as 'Eurasia' and 'Oceania.' Token victories in one region immediately presaged the announcement of war with the next power bloc in an unending cycle. It was a future dystopia in which the world was constantly at war - it mattered not with whom, so long as there was an enemy of some identifiable description to fight. The ideology of said enemy was entirely academic; the only thing that ultimately mattered was there was SOME enemy to persue and SOME blood to be shed SOMEWHERE.

The US has had more than its fair share of wars, and lately we've practically threatened every other country to join in the killing spree (or else!) What exactly was the Korean war of the 1950s supposed to achieve? What DID it achieve? It certainly lined the pockets of those invested in the armaments industry, but that was the only 'beneficial' outcome. Likewise with Vietnam. We were told we were fighting Communism at the time. Well, what the hell business of ours was it if some no-account little country on the far side of the world wanted to adopt a different political system to ours? Was it not THEIR affair and theirs alone? Over fifty thousand young Americans wantonly slaughtered during that conflict and nothing achieved bar our humiliating and ignominious ejection from Saigon in 1975. How did fighting THAT war benefit the working American? And did it not much diminish us in the eyes of the civilized world?

Frank Weltner of Jew Watch has compiled a long list of every conflict the US has been involved with over the last 100 years and claims that we've lost every last one of them. What of World Wars 1 and 2? "We won those, didn't we!" you may angrily insist. Well, did we - REALLY? I think not. A lot of Jewish bankers made VAST fortunes out of them; the rest of us just had to pay for their gains with our blood, dollars and bad-will abroad. It's the same thing with arms races and the Cold War. These enterprises cost us a fortune in blood and dollars with nothing whatever to show for it all at the end of the day. And now the Neocon-artists want to start a new Cold War, "CW2" with Russia and are doing everything in their power to bring it about. Russia's not interested in confrontation. The Russians have found their feet again after a horribly long dalliance with chronic Jew-instilled Marxism and now just want to live in peace and prosperity. Cue America to yet AGAIN get involved and fuck things up.

How do you think it plays abroad when Israel invades Palestinian territory (yet again) and the US sits on its hands and refuses to condemn the Jews? How does it look abroad when the only support for the unsupportable at the UN Security Council comes from the US? How does it help our standing abroad when we refuse to condemn Israel's periodic pogroms against the Arabs, yet we jump on Russia in five seconds flat for defending its own people against Zionazi aggression in its own back-yard? How does having Arab 'terrorists' openly brutalized in front of the world's media in Cuba serve the interests of the average, hard-working American? Does it not stoke up justifiable hatred against us abroad? No? Well how about when pictures emerge of us torturing Arabs within the confines of Abu G'raib? Was it simply a terrible blunder that those jail photos emerged, or was it rather PLANNED IN ADVANCE PURPOSELY TO STIR UP FURTHER HATRED AND RESENTMENT AGAINST US?

"Phaedrus, you must be crazy!" I hear you cry. (Well, actually I don't, as I know if you're here reading this, you're smarter than that). However, we should point out for the uninitiated that there IS ONE beneficiary to be found from all this bad-will that is being generated against us, and that, my friends, is the Jew. All these events are in good measure contrived to draw the United States into the battle against Israel's enemies by stirring up hatred against us on the part of foreigners, who when otherwise left alone, would be quite happy to leave our people in peace. The Jews that have taken over Western governments (the US in particular due to its kind-heartedness towards 'refugees') have taken every available opportunity to drag us into endless, unjustifiable wars against THEIR enemies. They don't like having to fight for themselves, you see, since our blood is so much cheaper than theirs - and their Holy Book tells them so.

We continue to pay to fund this sickening, supremacist belief of theirs with the blood of our own families. It's as simple as that. None of this eternal sacrifice benefits the average American one iota. Hitching up our wagon to Israel's juggernaut is a lose-lose situation for every last one of us: blood, bones, dollars and cents. The Jews must be tearing their hair out by now. All this provocation of theirs against all-comers and STILL no realistic prospect of a GENUINE terrorist attack against the United States. No wonder then, the need for Israeli-contrived false flags. The false flag attack is a stunt so lowdown, mean-minded and dirty that no one with any shred of decency and honor could ever conceive of it. Small wonder then that it is the tool of choice for Israeli's MOSSAD secret service.

Finally, talking of false-flag operations, isn't the situation off the coast of Georgia a convenient 'accident' waiting to happen? Bush said he wouldn't send military ships to bring aid to this former Soviet satellite, but gee, he must have changed his mind! A US destroyer just turned up off the coast yesterday. No doubt the crew mean well and are nothing more than innocent saps; just sitting ducks for an Israeli submarine torpedo strike which can be credibly blamed on the justifiably irate Russians. This is not so far-fetched as you might imagine. The Jews have pulled at least one such operation off before under LBJ and probably many more that we have insufficient evidence for. So any of our sailors serving in the course of this 'relief operation' for Georgia had better not sleep on the job, for there are Jews about and as always, they're up to no good.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A World Turned Upside Down

You know, some nights it gets kind of difficult to get to sleep and one's mind naturally strays toward all the purposely-contrived-against-us problems of this world and their possible solutions. Some 37 years ago, the heavyweight British academic historian, Christopher Hill, wrote The World Turned Upside Down, the subject of which being the very peculiar way in which most of the world was ordered during the English Revolutionary period, and how it was in fact the very reverse of what it ought to be for good governance and orderly societies to flourish. There is still no better description for our sorry condition today as the title of Hill's original classic; proving that nothing much has changed in more than 300 years.

In almost every sphere of our existence, it is all too easy to look around and see that all is not well. There's a massive and explosive core of chaos and madness just beneath the surface veneer of order the media tries to portray as our reality. This 'surface order' that generally obscures the underlying chaos from most folks' eyes is thinner than a tightly stretched balloon skin. All too frequently this tenuous membrane ruptures and we get to briefly glimpse something truly dreadful beneath it. So it was with the attacks of September 11, 2001. That day was a defining moment for so many of us in various ways, but for Phaedrus, the true Epiphany arising from it was not to follow for another 6 years; so effective had the mainstream media been in their shielding of the guilty.

For many years before 9/11, however, it was clear SOMETHING was desperately wrong. It APPEARED so often that western governments were working AGAINST their citizens' interests rather than on behalf of them. No new measures these governments introduced EVER seemed likely to benefit the host populations of these countries. The beneficiaries were ALWAYS foreigners of one sort or another. Always, always, always. The native populations could go to hell for all these governments seemed to care, that much alone was clear. It was especially apparent in the US, the UK and Germany back then, but the disease seems to have spread to Canada, France and some other places more recently.

The putting of other people's interests first is supposed to be a noble sentiment, and it can be - up to a point. But that point became FAR exceeded in all the above-named countries. Preferential treatment given to newcomers of other races took on a very much less benign appearance once it became apparent the needs and aspirations of the host populations were not simply being casually sidelined, but contemptuously subordinated and increasingly CRUSHED. After many years of seeing this program of globalization / internationalization roll unremittingly onward, it became increasingly difficult to view it as anything other than an aggressively on-going plot to swamp native, superior cultures and influences with foreign, inferior ones, thereby ultimately wiping the former, host cultures out.

Upon coming to this conclusion, of course, the rational man questions his own sanity. The very idea is absurd! It's pure paranoia! "Our governments have just bought a little too deeply into this Internationalist fad that's currently in vogue," we assure ourselves, "in time they'll realize they've gone a bit too far and the mood will swing around again." Well, from where this blogger is sitting, there's no sign of any slowing down or course change likely from those who ru(i)n our lives. Those who object to being swamped by foreign influences are derided as "racists" or "narrow-minded nationalists" or "haters" and their views aren't aired at all by the mainstream media. It's as if they either don't exist, or else their crazy, right-wing views are too marginal to be worthy of airtime.

Our so-called leaders lie to us, too. They lie endlessly and they always have. They rely on us having short memories and being too tied up just trying to survive to actually analyze what they SAY and what they DO and the ENORMOUS gulf that separates the words from the deeds. The truth is that it is those in government who are our REAL enemies, not some imaginary Islamic 'terrorist' throwing a rock somewhere in the Middle East. Aldous Huxley spelled it out for us half a century ago. He warned us that our governments (in combination with what he called the Power Elite) never stop working AGAINST us: we, the people who foolishly put them where they are. This statement probably would have struck many as pretty crazy even as recently as 10 years ago, but increasingly no longer, thankfully.

Prior to 9/11, it was argued by many that western governments had at least attempted, in good faith, to make the world a better place; it was simply that whatever they did they couldn't win. It might have been down to incompetence, laziness, nepotism, poor decision-making - corruption, even. But nonetheless, most folks believed that their imperfect governments were at least TRYING to make the world a better place. The events of 9/11, however, should disabuse us of any such false notions concerning the 'goodwill' of our leaders. 9/11 was the biggest rupture yet in the notional 'normalcy membrane' referred to above. We now know these horrific attacks were not the work of Arab extremists, but rather of domestic US agencies headed by Bush & Cheney and operating with the full blessing of those two traitors. The evidence is overwhelming and unanswerable.

This is a leap of faith that a lot of people understandably find very difficult indeed to make. It's very hard to suspend a life-long unquestioning belief in our president and government. But the evidence means we MUST, and waking up to the reality DOES bear fruit once you get past the initial sickening shock and disgust that these FILTH could do such unspeakable things to their own people. An awful lot of other stuff in other areas starts falling neatly into place whereas it hadn't made sense before. Once a person finally comes to accept Huxley's assertion that it is our own governments that are the REAL enemy, then the fog lifts from their eyes and they can see much more clearly what is ACTUALLY happening, WHY it's happening and in WHOSE selfish interest it is happening.

9/11 gave us such an invaluable insight into the way these entities think that the events of that day must NEVER be allowed to be forgotten. They are a powerful illustration of how despicably low governments can stoop in order to further the ends of themselves and their paymasters. When that fragile balloon skin tore that day, we glimpsed the horrors of what an out-of-control government is capable of. These people have the minds of monsters. There is clearly NOTHING they are not capable of doing in their pursuit of world domination. They have done MORE THAN ENOUGH to warrant being descended upon by massed ranks of the country's armed patriots and the time for action is fast approaching. Meanwhile, let's continue to get the message out and spare no effort in telling folks what these demons incarnate are REALLY all about...

Monday, August 18, 2008

USA to Destroy Russia in a Pre-emptive nuclear strike?

Some time last year on this blog, Phaedrus warned that Russia was under grave danger from the US and other Western nations for its continuing refusal to knuckle-under and align itself with the New World Order's agenda to bring about unitary world government and a borderless planet where, with very few exceptions, all the peoples of the world would be permitted to re-locate to other countries and there settle, interbreed and intermarry with the host populations. This rampant promotion of Internationalism is THE key plank of the NWO's plans for a single, unitary government for ALL peoples, who will be FORCED to live together with ALL others, whether they like it or not - and take it from us: they WONT. Why not? We have seen enough of the program rolled out so far for us to be able to confidently say that even its partial implementation has been nothing short of DISASTROUS.

Since making this somewhat speculative prediction (as it may have seemed at that time) WP has seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever that could lead to any revision of the above-stated position in the slightest way. If anything, the situation has developed between then and now in a way which encourages us to believe that the US government is hell-bent on taking on the Russians with every means at their disposal as a matter of priority. This situation should be of the greatest concern for all peace-loving people the world over, but particularly when the bellicose threats in question are originating from not just the world's most heavily-armed nuclear power, but also the power which has recently stated on record that it now reserves the right to preemptively use nuclear weapons in a FIRST STRIKE against any serious perceived threat(!)

Now, this is a massive change in the delicate balance of power between nuclear-armed nations. It is quite staggering that it has received such little press coverage in the mainstream media (I jest, of course, since they and the government constitute in effect a unitary entity). The fact is, such a statement which openly asserts the right to 'first use' of nuclear weapons against other nations constitutes a HUGE change over the prior policy which kept the peace in Europe and America (albeit at terrible risk) for more than half a century. Yet that is what Bush has said on record and we would be foolish to doubt the man, given he is demonstrably capable of every evil under the sun in the way that few of his predecessors could have conceived of. Bush is, after all, the Godfather of 9/11. That makes him and those around him uniquely evil adversaries.

It still sounds strange to say it, but Russia is the shining new Beacon of Liberty in the 21st Century. It now reflects the founding values of the young America of the 18th Century in many ways, whereas the NEW America of our own bitter experience comprised of the last 5 decades, has come more and more to resemble Stalin's Soviet Union of the 1930s. Russia looks after its own people - as well it should. America, on the other hand, has nothing but CONTEMPT for its own people and puts them at the bottom of the pecking order behind every kind of criminal immigrant piece of dusky, raping, robbing rubbish you can imagine. Which is the better model to follow? It's not exactly a tough question, is it? Perversely, this insistence on putting its own people's interests FIRST above those of foreigners is what is at the core of the West's beef with Mother Russia today. Self-interest and Nationalism are on the rise in Russia today and that is a frightening prospect indeed for the grubby, disingenuous Jews that run our Western world.

The great battle of ideas today in the early 21st Century, and the one which may very easily now slip into all-out nuclear conflict, is between those on the political left who support the concept of Internationalism and multiculturalism; and those (not necessarily always on the right) who support peaceful, non-interventionist Nationalism and self-interest. If the truth were known, however, self-interest and Nationalism is the quite proper and healthy belief system shared by the overwhelming majority of people in the world. Anyone who claims differently is probably a Marxist agitator spinning the usual lies. You can see these Arch Liars beavering away 24/7 on all major TeeVee networks here in the States and Europe with much of their programming underlining their nauseating Afro-centric focus.

So Russia, God bless Her, has served notice to the world that she will not fall into lock-step with the rest of the Jew-conned lemmings consisting of the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy etc., yet in doing so has drafted and published her own Death Warrant. Russia is too important a country to be consigned to after-thought mopping up operations once the main conquest is completed. She now sticks out like a sore thumb as a bulwark against the insidious spread of neocon-artist hegemony around the world and that cannot be allowed by our self-appointed Masters in Tel Aviv and their agents in London and Washington. This is an appropriate point, Phaedrus believes, upon which to quote an age-old conundrum from classical physics: what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? The theorists conjecture that the immovable object is destroyed. In this analogy, the irresistible force is the New World Order and the immovable object, standing in its way, is Russia.

So in WP's view (and we are not alone in coming to this scary conclusion) Russia as we know it will have to be destroyed. The demands and exigencies behind the roll-out of the NWO are too strong to be resisted. They have acquired a head of steam that can no longer be quenched by conventional means. Senior members of the NWO front organizations have stated on record that they WANT TO SEE THE RESULTS OF THEIR LABORS IN THEIR LIFETIMES). This drives the Agenda onwards with even greater urgency born from the fact that these 'senior members' - men lIke David Rockefeller, Evelyn de Rothschild and Denis Healey are all staring death through old-age in the face. They have very little time left in this incarnation. They have labored all their lives to fulfill this goal and so understandably, they want to see it come to fruition before they pass on to hell.

The message for Russia is simple. The NWO (which controls the West and had attempted to control YOU too after the collapse of the old USSR) no longer believes it can control you. You have become effectively a renegade province of the NWO. You have seen how it works and you understandably want out. YOU, uniquely, know at first hand the bitter devastation that following the Marxist ideology embraced by the New World Order costs a nation and a people. That makes you dangerous. Your brave, handsome, young, white patriots, "Commissars" as you have dubbed them, terrify the Jews that run the West. Nationalism, healthy as it is for nation states, is the antithesis of what the NWO preaches, because NWO policy formation is built around WEAKENING successful nation states. therefore, your recognition of the plan's true intentions means you - the immovable object - must be destroyed.

So draw your defense plans well, ethnic brothers. Forewarned is forearmed and you are now forewarned. Never trust the Americans. Never trust the British, the French, the Italians, the Germans or any other country that has fallen into the clutches of the NWO. All their foreign policy formulators are ultimately JEWS who would joyfully bring you to your knees in abject, radio-active squalor. The "international community" consists of layered structures of perfidious JEWS (frequently under false names) who claim to represent 'their' adopted countries but in truth represent nothing but themselves and Zionist interests and charge their 'services' to the taxpayers of the countries concerned for their duplicitous gerrymandering. Russia - you have been warned. These filth want you destroyed and will stop at nothing to achieve their evil aims. TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO PROTECT YOURSELVES AND YOUR PEOPLE WHILST YOU STILL CAN. TIME IS INCREASINGLY SHORT!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia gives NWO the finger. Expect further flashpoints!

Well, by the time there were a few moments available at this keyboard to comment on the interesting situation arising in the Caucuses, it was evident that others in the blogosphere had already leaped, perfectly properly, to Russia's defense. It is indeed good to see how so many people are now seeing through the lies of the US government and providing a counterpoint to the Jew-riddled mainstream media's heavily anti-Russia biased coverage.

There are just a couple of additional points it seems many have overlooked, however. Firstly, note the extraordinary degree of swiftness with which the so-called "international Community" acted to condemn Russia's actions against Georgia. There were multiple calls for a ceasefire virtually from the moment the first bullet was fired! Contrast this robust response with a similar situation last year when Israel attacked Hezbollah. The "International Community" were unaccountably silent as the Jews wantonly destroyed Palestinian homes and lives with the full force of its military. A full three weeks went by before anyone in the West ventured to suggest a pause in the carnage whilst peace talks be given a chance. These timid voices only received any degree of support when it became clear a little while later than the Israeli aggressor was getting its own butt soundly kicked by the other side and a ceasefire would give them a valuable breather! How typical when so many Western governments are crawling with Jews and their toadies. Do the NWO-ers seriously expect people not to notice yet another example of preferential treatment being given to the Middle East's eternal agitators, Israeli Jews?

It was also interesting to note that in his plaintiff appeals to the West to come and rescue him from the mess he had gotten himself into, Georgia's president made his desperate pleas from behind a desk where a European Union flag was prominently displayed. Georgia isn't even a member of the EU, nor NATO, to whom he also pleaded for protection! What a silly man. Not just silly, but murderous and duplicitous, too. A megalomaniac with designs on wiping out the presence of peaceable ethnic Russians in his country's northern regions. I think it would be a VERY bad idea to have such a warmongering little bully granted NATO membership.The consequences for world peace could be very grave indeed. Georgia will only need the backup of other nations all the time it has this jerk running the country. He's a loose cannon and a traitor to his people. He has aspirations of delivering Georgia into the grasp of the NWO through NATO and EU membership, both of which he seems to feel is his country's destiny. Well, it ISN'T.

Russia stood up and did the only thing a principled nation could do when its own people were being slaughtered wholesale by an enemy government; it drove the aggressors out with a tough message never to dream of ever doing anything so criminally insane again. One can but hope the lesson has been learned, but judging by this tin-pot little Bolshevik malcontent's subsequent outbursts, this hope seems already dashed. He will have the pay a further price yet if he does not SHUT THE FUCK UP in his belligerent pronouncements on the region and how the country will "never surrender to Russian imperialist aggression." This is not the kind of measured, diplomatic language that leads to the restoration of peace and good relations. Russia under its new prime minister Medvedev has sent out a strong signal not to fuck with Russia's security, particularly when the tinkering is taking place in its own backyard.

This is an unmistakable signal which Poland and the Czech Republic might care to think well on, too, since their plans to accommodate US missile bases on Russia's Western flank represent a major threat to the mother country from yet another direction and their planned construction - yesterday formally agreed in the case of Poland - simply cannot be allowed to go ahead. Russia remains under grave threat from the US over its refusal to sign up to the NWO 'one world' Agenda, and this insidious erosion of the buffer protection afforded by its former satellite countries constitute on-going menacing developments aimed ultimately at the destruction of Russia and the seizure of its mineral wealth. Bush's assurances to the contrary aren't worth Jack. Here is a man who is quite happy to wipe out 3,000 of his OWN ordinary, working people on one black day back in 2001, let alone oil-rich foreigners. The time is NOW for Russia to take an implacably robust stance against the coordinated NWO assault it has been subjected to over the last few years, as the robber barons that fleeced the country back in the early 90s greedily eye up its material riches for the final kill.

Monday, August 11, 2008

An Horrific Sickness Cloaked in Utmost Secrecy

Following on from a highly disturbing earlier item entitled "The most shocking thing you'll ever read about the Jews" - which for some unaccountable reason Google blanked out of its blog search results (at LEAST temporarily) Phaedrus 'enjoyed' a couple of very uncomfortable nights' sleep in going over and over similar atrocities perpetrated against children and attempting to arrive at some common, unifying basis linking these, the gravest of seemingly unconnected crimes.

This blogger was given extra impetus by the latest news from Jersey (one of the UK's Channel Islands situated between Britain and France). Some months ago, following serious allegations from a number of islanders, Jersey authorities began to search the grounds of an old children's home for evidence that some of the children once-resident there had been ill-treated. Some informants went further to say that a number of children had actually been murdered whilst supposedly "in care." The abuse alleged had been chronic and spanned the '60s, '70s and '80s. Funny how these things only ever come out YEARS later, isn't it?

It wasn't easy to follow the progress of the investigation, notwithstanding it had attracted international media attention. The Jersey authorities were pretty tight-lipped about the discoveries they slowly made. Maybe they were concerned about damage to the Island's reputation or maybe they were motivated by something more sinister. We couldn't tell at the time and so the investigation, such as it was, ground slowly on. Meanwhile, reports began to circulate that a man - possibly an ex-staffer at the home - had been going round threatening some of the witnesses not to give evidence in the matter.

This person was obviously keen to ensure that the investigation should proceed no further. He was pulled in by police for questioning and later released. Who he is and what the nature of the alleged threats were was not made public, to the best of this blogger's knowledge. Curious, since witness intimidation is rightly regarded as a serious matter in any civilized society, and Jersey is well-known tax-haven with a very high percentage of super-rich residents. It's not the utopia it once was, though with some drunkenness and theft committed by seasonal visitors; but the rule of law prevails there - one would hope at any rate - as anywhere else.

Eventually, all the digging and searching with specially-trained dogs and ground-penetrating radar bore fruit. Child remains WERE found. Over further weeks of excavation, the authorities were able to confirm that they had uncovered the skeletons of FIVE children hidden in two underground adjoining cellars. So, we have the skeletal remains of 5 children, bearing out what the original informants had asserted. So we have the complainants themselves, who were children at the home during the relevant period, and who named the names of those in charge at that time who were culpable for these terrible acts. A pretty water-tight case, you might imagine? Better yet, those allegedly responsible are still alive today - and living in comfortable retirement!

It turns out, however, that the Island's prosecuting authorities are NOT planning on even CHARGING ANYONE! Despite a mountain of excellent evidence, they are not minded to proceed any further with the case! The reason given? The recovered bones of the dead children could not be dated accurately enough and they could have been killed earlier than the period in question. Sounds odd? Phaedrus believes the term, "stinks to high heaven" is more appropriate. This pathetic EXCUSE - which is clearly what it is - is a downright lie. In today's world of ultra-sophisticated forensic science, IT IS UTTER BULLSHIT!!

But why would those with the ultimate say-so want to protect those guilty of the foulest, most criminal and bestial of deeds? And the case in Jersey is lamentably far from unique. There was a similar case alleging (Satanic) abuse of children on a remote Scottish island some years before. Nothing ever came of that, either. In fact every few years, it seems, certain authorities in a number of supposedly civilized countries make headlines world-wide by announcing that they've smashed extensive, international internet pedophile rings, where many of the perpetrators turned out to be (shockingly) outwardly respectable professional types: lawyers, police-officers, accountants, judges and even doctors!

But in every case, for some inexplicable reason, these spectacular cases involving all these 'upstanding pillars of society' never ever even reach the trial stage. Someone higher up takes over the case papers and sees to it that the investigation grinds quietly to a standstill. We hear all about the initial busts, which are understandably trumpeted triumphantly by the diligent work of the departments who track down these filth; yet years later, not a single trial or conviction emerges. I think we can safely surmise that those who target children for torture and slaughter have friends in very high places who presumably share the same sickness for the blood of innocent children. That's one hell of a deeply disturbing conclusion to have to reach, but what other reasonable inference can anyone make?

What becomes of these waifs and strays? Ultimately, we know, they are slaughtered in some way. God only knows what unspeakable evil befalls them before their traumatized souls leave this world. The healthy mind, to protect its own sanity, prefers to believe none of these horrors are true. It would be nice if we could just look away and pretend such things don't happen in this day. But they DO and this blogger for one cannot simply sit back and ignore it. Whether the children die in the making of 'snuff movies' or meet their end in ritual Jewish/Satanic slayings to bring the perpetrators the riches and material success they crave at any price from their God is hard to say when all the investigations to date have ended in blatant cover-ups.

Some further things we can infer from what little we DO know is that this practice of ritual child-murder is widespread and very highly organized, from sourcing suitable children right down to their eventual disposal. We can state with some confidence that "higher authorities" are complicit in this scandal and some may even take an active part in the rites themselves. In addition to Jews and Satanists, there is also a sinister cloud hanging over senior Freemasons - "the Brotherhood" as they like to think of themselves. The UK judiciary and law enforcement agencies are absolutely RIDDLED with senior members of this most infamous secret society. They have a solemn pact of mutual assistance to get each other 'off the hook' should any one of them become a "brother in distress" as they call it.

We have agencies around the world who do a wonderful job in trying to track down missing children and return them safely to their parents, hopefully gathering enough evidence along the way to ensure their abductors spend the rest of their miserable, wretched lives rotting in jail. Sadly, however, the sterling efforts of these good people are being subverted by the evils inherent in certain secret societies like the Freemasons, who have links in so many places along the chain that any attempt to bring the worst perpetrators to justice is invariably thwarted.
This is a mind-blowing scandal of the ghastliest and vilest kind. Those in the chain of command in prosecuting authorities who unaccountably drop sensitive investigations, or otherwise impede them, must be exposed, placed on full public trial, cross-examined ruthlessly until the truth is out, then punished in an appropriately severe manner. We should consider plea bargains for some underlings, so the whole rotten upper-edifice of these evil-doers can be removed from their positions of high public influence - and summarily executed.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A sincere apology to anyone who's ever tried to contact us...

Sorry, folks. This really is very, very overdue, but if you have tried to e-mail World Peace with any form of communication since this blog began some 16 months ago, you will not have received any reply or even acknowledgment. Not only that, but whatever you sent would never even have reached us since all emails have been blocked upstream since day one for security reasons. This has been one of the major reasons why WP's rankings are considerably lower those of other comparable blogs. The reasons behind this 'paranoid stance' will be explained below.

Because of the way things are, the only way you CAN make yourself known is through the comments section, which is of course, readable by everyone and anyone can post to it. There really is no practical alternative, sadly. We have no idea who we are REALLY dealing with; who is genuine and who isn't; emails can be easily forged and intercepted; spyware can be readily downloaded. Such are the times in which we live when telling the Truth has become a crime and one can have one's life destroyed by the evil-doers who currently (but not for very much longer) call all the shots.

At the present time, we're all tapping away on our keyboards relatively undisturbed by our enemies, but that situation is constantly under attack by them. They never cease scheming up ways to deprive us of our liberties and this amazingly powerful tool, the Internet, has given them their biggest headache since the invention of radio. Make no mistake about it: THEY BADLY WANT US ALL SHUT DOWN. If WE had been complicit in 9/11 and all the other horrors that have been visited on the world through our enslavement to Jewish interests, WE TOO would do everything in our power to prevent the truth from coming out. They are no different. Only this remarkable and vital document, the Constitution, and our unremitting defense of it can save us.

For a recent example, notice Bush in his hypocritical lecture to the Chinese about human rights? Note he chided them NOT about their curbs on free speech, but rather on their restrictions on the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. A big and important distinction – take note. It's not hard to imagine, in a country that ratified the Patriot Act, that the stroke of a tyrant's pen could see us all whisked away in the middle of the night to some internment camp, held indefinitely as 'enemies of the state.' For the time being, however, THEY are keeping tabs on who we are and where we are, so when the tyrant finally signs our lives away, we can be swiftly and cleanly taken out. We at WP don't plan on joining y'all at the government's special summer camp, that's all!

20 steps to a better America - by Curt Maynard

Curt's been doing a little original thinking of the 'refreshing' kind. WP doesn't endorse all of what follows in its entirety, but many of the points it raises should form the basis of urgent further discussion.

By Curt Maynard

The below is all theoretical - it is protected under the First Amendment as free speech. It is not meant to be a threat, nor should it be taken as such by anyone. Once again, it is all theoretical.

1. The first thing the United States military must do is employ U.S. submarines and surface ships in an effort to begin shadowing Israeli submarines and prepare for a preemptive strike upon them if they get within range of American cities.

2. Immediately cease and desist the delivery of any and all weapon systems and ammunition to the Zionist state. Ignore any threats that will inevitably follow – if the Zionists have low yield nuclear weapons in U.S. cities as Seymour Hersh claimed they did [or still do] in Russia, so be it – if they [Israel and Jewry itself] use them, they seal their own fate.

3. Use the military to seize the entire media apparatus, from television stations, to newspapers, to magazines, to publishing houses – the first thing the Zionists will do is scream anti-Semitism, but if the media is out of their hands, nobody will hear them. The irony in this will be absolutely delicious, their carefully accrued media monopoly will be used against them – there will be no way for them to disseminate information, they’ll be in the same position as the alternative media they have done their best to silence over the last sixty years. Once the media apparatus out of the hands of the Zionists, massive deprogramming should begin immediately, 24/7 broadcasting to dispels the lies of the last 100 years, especially the last sixty-one years. Within three weeks the Zionist state won’t have an ally left in the United States.

4. Cleanse the military of the Zionist presence – this won’t be difficult – the Zionists have made many enemies who’ll be more than happy to assist in this venture. What one does with these former officers is of little concern, jail them or release them, without authority they will be completely marginalized. The United States Air Force and Navy should be most particularly targeted – anyone attempting to get military units to kill American citizens should be immediately shot without any hesitation.

5. Arrest any and all traitors in the United States government, have no mercy, show no compassion, anyone that can be linked to the support of the Zionist state should be immediately imprisoned with a future trial to look forward to.

6. All Jews in government, in the media, in academia, and in the medical and scientific professions should be immediately, albeit temporarily relieved of any and all responsibilities. If they are loyal to the United States of America they’ll suffer this burden in relative silence, if they aren’t they’ll become militantly resistant. If they become resistant, additional steps will be necessary to neutralize them.

7. America’s Universities should be immediately purged of anyone with a pro-Zionist and/or a pro-Israel record. Excessively liberal professors should be suspended with pay and temporarily relieved of their duties. All professors should be evaluated in order to judge whether or not they are to be “re-educated” prior to returning to their teaching duties.

8. America’s criminal underground should be ruthlessly purged – a one-time warning should be provided, if anyone is caught engaging in organized criminal enterprise they will be harshly dealt with. What happens to them is of no concern to a healthy society. “Organized criminal Enterprise” would include anyone associated with any “secret society,” that sought to engage in any subversive activities against the established state. The Constitution should only be considered when and where any real questions exist as to the individual’s guilt. Initially Jews should receive no Constitutional protections.

9. Israel should be completely isolated – if other states choose to engage in trade and/or dialogue with the Zionist state, America should disengage with that state and if possible convince other nations to ostracize them and apply sanctions against the errant entity. All financial dealings with the Zionist state should immediately cease – it should be made a crime to send monies and/or any form of aid to Israel. If any authentic and constitutionally protected American citizens choose to aid Israel, they may do so after giving up their citizenship and leaving the United States of America. If they insist their religious views demand such action, so be it, let them serve the Lord outside the boundaries of the United States. Once citizenship has been renounced, they should receive no special attention.

10. The entire judicial branch should be immediately and ruthlessly purged – all Jews should be removed forthwith and never allowed to practice law again within the boundaries of the United States of America. American government entities shall never engage in dialogue and/or business relations with foreign Jews. If a foreign government wants to engage in dialogue with the United State’s they’ll find a non-Jewish ambassador.

11. All Jewish assets shall be immediately seized, and reparations paid to non-Jewish American citizens only. Any private property possessed by Jews will be confiscated – their bank accounts emptied, and the contents of their safety deposit boxes searched and appropriated. They’ll receive a receipt for items confiscated and if said items are later found to have been obtained legally and non-parasitically they’ll be returned. Anyone caught assisting Jews to hide assets and/or transfer them should be dealt with harshly.

12. The Department of Education in its entirely will be immediately disbanded. Individual schools will choose their own curriculum – a Board of Education composed of citizens within their own respective districts will oversee the schools. Massive deprogramming of American students should begin immediately – any educators that balk and/or refuse to participate should be removed from the school system and their teaching credentials stripped.

13. The Department of State will be carefully scrutinized – all Jews removed – and others vigilantly screened.

14. The United States military will ask permission of Arab countries to remain in certain authorized areas within Iraq, their primary concern and objective will be changed to Israel. The vast majority of troops will be removed and repositioned along the Mexican-United States border with Fort Bliss, Texas acting as the central authority. A fence will be immediately built – a massive educational campaign within Mexico will begin, utilizing leaflets if necessary, informing Mexican citizens that they will be shot if the cross the fence. Repatriation of all illegal aliens will begin immediately – the Mexican government will be paid a specific sum of money annually for a period of not more than five years to assist them in resettlement of their citizens. If the Mexican government refuses to accept their citizenry they will be settled in refugee camps along the Rio Grande until the Mexican government can be sufficiently pressured to accept them. The expense will be high, but in the end well worth it. All troops in Afghanistan and in any number of other countries will be sent home and will respect the sovereignty of foreign nations, no matter their political and/or religious orientation. No restitution whatsoever will be paid – the respective countries will be informed that the previous government of the United States was a criminal organization and was not legally acting as the representative of the American people period. If these governments fail – that’s their problem.

15. Circumcision of American non-Jewish males will stop immediately – a massive re-educational campaign will be launched over the newly acquired television media and the truth about circumcision will be told – that there are no hygienic reasons whatsoever to be circumcised – it is and has always been a Jewish lie.

16. Revisionist history will be obligatory in all grades. Germany and Germans will be rehabilitated in the minds of Americans, the entire Israel/Palestine issue will be presented in a truly balanced manner, WWI and WWII will be presented with the current curriculum, which is designed to elicit an emotional, rather than intellectual response/opinion will be removed from the classroom. Political correctness will be scourged from society, affirmative action programs dropped, and America returned to a meritocracy. Minorities will receive their constitutionally protected rights and no more. Well-known Americans, i.e. movie stars, politicians, academics, and the like will be scrutinized by “patriotic organizations,” those that supported the status quo and became wealthy as a result will be exposed. Americans [past and present] that attempted to expose the corruption of government and Jewish influence will be rehabilitated publicly, many will receive stipends, including widows, etc… School children will be required to know many of their names and be able to recite what it is/was that they said/wrote.

17. Border security along the Canadian border will be turned over to the County Sheriff in each respective county along the border – the sheriff will be given supreme authority in this area, he can gather evidence as he likes, prosecute the cases, judge them and carry out the sentence. Each sheriff will be overseen by a central authority; one designed to monitor the sheriff and the sheriff’s department. Corruption in law enforcement will no longer be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. The United States Navy and Coast Guard will guard American coastal waters and deal with smugglers/illegal immigrants in a manner that exemplifies extreme prejudice. The guilt or innocence of [non-American and Jewish] violators will be determined by the vessels captain; no documentation of cases or their outcomes will be necessary. Congress in its entirety will receive a political enema, a general amnesty will be offered, those that choose to turn over evidence that reveals their treason will be pardoned, those that don’t and appear to be guilty will be shot. Some Congressmen should be publicly and summarily shot on the steps of the Capital building and their executions broadcast on television.

18. The vast majority of social welfare programs will end, churches will be encouraged to take over where they left off prior to Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” and all American organizations [religious included] will be discouraged from sending aid to Third World nations, this shouldn’t be a problem, because their aid will be desperately needed by their congregants. Religious organizations that continue to send aid to foreign countries will be exposed publicly, which will almost certainly bring condemnation from their congregants.

19. Unfortunately, as a result of the above measures the entire American economic system, as we know it today will collapse. In the beginning there will be tough times, privations and a modicum of hunger. If the American people work together, this period will not last longer than five years. The good news is that no non-Jews [criminals excluded] property will be confiscated as a result of defaulting on mortgages/loans, etc... Loans will be reviewed and payment deferred for an extended period of time [probably five years]. The confiscated assets of Jews will be used to bolster the newly formed economy, which will be of a mercantile type [managed]. Wealthy Americans like Bill Gates and the Oracle of Omaha will be encouraged to donate large sums of their fortune to this new economy , if they do they’ll be made into national heroes, if they don’t they may suffer from an accident and be scourged in the consciousness of the new America. Their wealth will be appropriated by the state. If feasible the new monetary system will be based upon precious metals.

20. Americans will be encouraged, rather than discouraged to breed. Parents with high IQs will be paid a substantial amount of money for reproducing. In some cases, low IQ individuals will be paid significant amounts of money to submit to sterilization. Women will once again have the opportunity to reassume their former exalted position in society – as mothers and marital partners. The necessity to maintain two income households will be done away with. The new media will no longer indoctrinate women to accept its so called concepts of equality – the new media will expose the lies of the old order and expose how a high divorce rate and abortion were slated to destroy western civilization. If women desire an abortion in the new world, let them go to a nation that insists on embracing degeneracy to get one. No apologies.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The most SHOCKING thing you'll probably ever read about the Jews...


This is without doubt THE most thoroughly unpleasant and sickening essay I have EVER had to write. I've avoided this little-known aspect of Judaism for two main reasons: firstly that it's such a deeply disturbing subject that every decent person will be horrified by reading about it, and secondly that I've always maintained that these ultimate horrors of Judaism should be kept in reserve until AFTER the war has been won, for fear that ordinary people who read this will (in their blissful ignorance) find it utterly impossible to believe and conclude that this sickness is in OUR minds, and not in the minds of the perpetrators. It's a tough call to make this decision, but the truth will out sooner or later. The only caveats we should make for anyone contemplating reading what follows below is that they be mature adults over 21 years and NOT suffering from ANY kind of acute or chronic depressive or psychotic illness. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware that Phaedrus has always railed against the phony concept of the so-called "Judeo-Christian tradition" for a number of perfectly valid reasons. For this stance, there have been (predictably) attacks against World Peace from the hot-headed delusionals within the Southern Baptist movement. These are the people that still hold to the 'literal truth' of the (Jew-scripted) Old Testament and dutifully believe every word of it - and are presumably therefore prepared to accept that they will therefore be the eternal slaves of the Jews. Strange, but true. Yes, these are the God-fearing folks you've seen with gnarled knuckles and knobbly fingers acquired from the practice of 'taking up serpents' and being stupid enough to believe God would protect them doing such a dumb-ass thing. These people claim to be Christians, yet they're strangely preoccupied with the welfare of Jesus' murderers, the Jews, and this tribe of vampires' mystical and biblical homeland, Israel.

Anyway, Phaedrus has been castigated in the recent past for writing essays that were supposedly too verbose (presumably by people who were keen to get back to watching American Idol or Fox News) so we shall attempt to keep this account as succinct as possible. Throughout history, gory depictions have been made by classical artists of Jews, represented as demonic entities, sucking the blood of innocent children before sacrificially slaughtering them in 'religious ceremonies' contrived to bring them (the Jews) great riches in this world by virtue of their primordial pact with the Devil. Jewish scholars and apologists have airily dismissed these representations out-of-hand as "classic Anti-Semitism" and there appeared - at first sight - to be no reason why they were not correct in this dismissal, because the acts represented in these depictions were so far-fetched to the healthy mind that they could scarcely, on the face of it, be conceived out of anything less than simple, resentful hatred towards Jews.

But the Truth is far, far uglier than a healthy mind can conceive and leads us to the inescapable conclusion that there is NO common ground whatsoever between Judaism and Christianity. What it DOES show is that there is EVERY indication that Judaism and Satanism are two names for the same belief system. Who among us has heard of the term, "Blood Libel"? Probably a fair percentage of those in the know, agreed. But do you REALLY understand what it means? The term implies a lie. Libel is a form of malicious falsehood, but what we're examining here in this essay is nothing but the horrifying TRUTH. You can describe it best as "high Judaism" (the expression in effect is directly equivalent to the Satanists' term, "high magick." So what actually happens in one of these ceremonies? We shall come to that in a moment, but please bear in mind (you can check this for yourself simply by reading much of the Old Testament) that a few thousand years ago, the Jews would make atonement for their sins by offering up a blood sacrifice to their God. This would be in the form of a live animal; "an unblemished beast and the finest of the field" as it is written. It would typically be a goat or a sheep and would have its guts slashed out over a blood-spattered alter and then burned, as a gesture of appeasement to the Jewish God (who, we are told, found the smell of burning flesh "pleasing" - it's in the Bible so go read it! It was important that the sacrifice be of the FINEST of the field and without blemish, for anything less than perfection was feared to be an insult to their God. In Judaism, there are various different rites of sacrificial offering, depending on the gravity of the religious law broken (and there are so MANY) or the favor sought.

In 'high Judaism', the principle was extended somewhat further with the periodic sacrificial slaughter of a HUMAN CHILD to enable the Tribe to enjoy great material riches and influence on earth. The noblest form of such sacrifice was determined by the Rabbis of that time to be a young, prepubescent male of around 11 years of age - again, the fairest and purest that could be found. The Talmud states that this child should be of Jewish parentage (since Heathens (non-Jews) were inferior and consequently of less sacrificial value) and prescribes the method of sacrifice, which we will have to examine shortly, unfortunately (the squeamish are advised to click "close" while they still can). Now at this point, Phaedrus feels obliged to point out (in order to preempt any accusations of pro-Jewish bias) that many historians report that Christian children were similarly dispatched by the Jews (if deemed beautiful and saintly enough) but though this may be true, World Peace has been unable to substantiate these reports (there's no reference to the sacrifice of Christian children in the Talmud) so they shall not be considered here. If anyone has any CREDIBLE AND VERIFIABLE sources that can show otherwise, of course, then please add your links to the comments section below.

The sacrifice itself:
The ritual killing of an innocent young child (he MUST be innocent or he's already violated and therefore worthless) shares its methodology equally between Judaism and Satanism alike and is carried out for exactly the same reasons: to gain power and wealth on the part of its observants in THIS world. In case anyone is foolhardy enough to reproduce this posting on an entry-level Jew-awareness site, we'll skate around some of the very "least pleasant" aspects of what follows below. Again, this is your FINAL chance to look away...

The child is stripped naked and fastened to a pillar above a tablet of salt. Those present then proceed to make a number of incisions into the child's arteries all around his body. The child will become extremely distressed at this point and his metabolic rate will go through the roof. Blood consequently flows freely. Then the 'priest' in charge of the ceremony will rub a caustic, burning substance into the child's flesh which triggers an out-rush of adrenaline and the body's natural painkillers, endorphines (powerful stimulants) from the child's endocrine system. These quickly manifest in the spurting blood and the assembled initiates then insert straws deep into the previously opened arteries and drink the 'charged blood' with its heady cocktail of supercharged, natural envigorants. Enervated by this sudden rush of power, the initiates then proceed to the climax of the ceremony, where the child's dying body is cast into the flame pit before the Jewish idol known as Moloch. His screams are drowned out according to historical record by the deafening chanting and beating of drums. The initiates, envigorated by the child's hormones, are then sufficiently enervated to perform the ritual magick that will - in their twisted belief system - make them powerful and wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. It really is nothing other than the continuance of a pact with the Devil and remarkably, for so many Jews over the centuries, it appears to have worked!

As stated above, the most bestial details of this 'ceremony' have been skipped over but the reader will have at least a half-complete picture by now of the procedure. And this vile practice continues to this very day, with babies purposely BRED for the purpose.

All too far-fetched for you? Perhaps you'd like to believe it is (what NORMAL person wouldn't?) but there are web resources that back this account up beyond question. First hand accounts of penitents who have witnessed these horrors and have determined to speak out about them over the only platform that can accommodate the unfettered truth: the Internet.

If you remain a disbeliever in the degree of Evil that our much-persecuted friends, the Jews, are capable of then may we suggest you do a little research of your own through your favorite search facility. Just try to avoid doing so before or after a large meal.

The Thoughts of Comrade Apollonian

Whilst Apollonian's views don't chime in 100% with those of World Peace in general, an intelligent person who devotes so much considered criticism deserves a better platform than simply being stuck in the "comments" section. So here are Apollonian's observations on recent postings to this blog...

"War Crimes" Prop.--Just More Balderdash By Jew Money Power, That's All
(Apollonian, 31 Jul 08)

Indeed good comrade Phaedrus, consider basic logic of idiotic "Int. War Crimes Tribunal"--who then are only people POWERFUL enough to possibly, conceivably make such pretentious operation work?

Say I, supreme commander of forces of Apollonia, exterminate scads of folks in land of enemy Dionysia, and we manage to "win" the war, God-willing. So who's going to "arrest" me?--it could only be some stronger, enemy power, and who would that be?

For why would any of my own people do such dumb, traitorous thing? The other side lost (presumably), so they can't do anything, can they? For when/if u "win," it means no one can mess with u, right?

And after all, I only did the necessarily vicious, ruthless things one has to do in war, slaughtering and killing much as possible, creating most damage, mayhem, and pain against scum who (presumably) attacked.

Who ever hrd of a "fair war"? Thus people are rightly taught not to go to war except as very LAST RESORT, this in absolute defense. I only slaughtered and exterminated as it was only thing to do--as the enemy refused to listen to reason and attacked. Enemy must have known I'd fight my hardest--it's only way to fight war, etc.

And say some power did seek my arrest--who are they then but simply ally of Dionysia? And so all it means then is the war continues, this now by ally of Dionysia.

Thus the entire premise for such "War Crimes Tribunal" is shown to be so brainlessly, completely absurd.

And ur analysis is well borne out: the only possible "prosecutors" of Karadzic is same Jew money power, as u pt. out, that's all. And this idiot "prosecution" is simply continuation of war against, extortion of Serbs, indubitably--what else?

And all this "war crimes" bullshit is purest propaganda and crap, that's all, meant for morons, only people stupid enough to go for it.

Hence then observe what REALLY is going on: Imperialist war against anyone and whoever is weak enough--AND WHAT'S "JUSTIFICATION" we're fed?--the same idiotic MORALISM-Pharisaism as always given by scummy Jew money-power w. their effete lies meant for queers. Hey, so ZOG-Mammon is on the side of "good" and anti-antisemitism, as always.

And hence do u notice something?--"good" and anti-antisemitism ARE ALWAYS LINKED--they're the same thing. Only Jews are good--Only Jews are God--get it?

Hence then we make the biggest mistake when we get diverted/distracted upon idiot "war crimes," etc., and take our eye off the real FRAUD that's taking place: the emplacement of Jews as arbiters, as judges, as the only real power, now evermore so invincible and un-questionable. After all, u don't want to be against "justice" do u? U don't want to be in favor of "war criminals" do u?--ALL ALWAYS IN THE NAME OF MORALISM-Pharisaism, "good-evil," etc.

And when one stops to think and just look--who and what are these scummy Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy)?--they're just a bunch of stinking COUNTERFEITERS, in essence, that's all--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud.

So good comrade Phaedrus, my conclusion is it ("war crimes tribunal") is indeed "sick joke," exactly as u say--FOUNDED THEN UPON THE SAME "GOOD-EVIL" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism/Pharisaism) I've been warning u about.

CONCLUSION; For only liars and frauds seriously push this "good-evil" balderdash which is utterly without criterion or verifiable meaning, something totally subjective and ultimately meaningless--lies and murder all meant to back-up and prop that basic little scam of theirs, COUNTERFEIT conspiracy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Weaklings Must Continue to Die-Off Before Revolutionary Success
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 08)

Comrade Phaedrus, I do follow ur excellent expo and account of facts and details so far as it goes, but I think some HONEST notation needs be made regarding (a) exactly, precisely what's really taking place, and (b) causation thereto. Jews deserve much blame, to be sure, but they're not only ones.

For indeed a huge, putrid, miserable fraud is taking place, no doubt about it. And Jews are indubitably topmost benefactors. But the fraud is much being done by poor, brainless dipshit victims themselves, after all. No, it's no excuse for filthy, scummy Jews, and they will be deservedly EXPELLED, surely, but the fraud, nonetheless, is much by morons who became over-populated in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," thus creating "a (proverbial) situation," after all is said and done.

For note Jews fulfill a distinct socio-biologic (see function, Jews a necessary parasitic disease-of-opportunity which effectively eliminates over-populated weaklings and inferiors fm gentile race--who just go too far in fooling themselves, and who let the Jews into their fatal, poisonous positions in first place.

Jews aren't "evil"--anymore than Typhus disease is "evil."

For at the root of it, note "central banking" is simply one thing: COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref.), quite literally, pure and simple, no ifs, ands, or buts. And the stupid fools of the people very much brought it on themselves--yes, with the willing and gleeful complicity of Jews. And Jews must and will pay, but it's important not to overlook responsibility of people themselves.

And that's FUNDAMENTAL problem of human existence, archetypal question put for all time in New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN, through the character of Pontius Pilate: "What is truth?"

Thus stupid people too often imagine they can just VOTE truth and/or reality into being by means of their idiot wishful thinking. And yes, Jews are right there, egging them (the people) on, indubitably.

So what then needs to happen?--simple: COUNTERFEIT fraud needs to be REMOVED decisively, debt-relief instituted, Jew profiteers absolutely CONFISCATED, interned, etc. But of course, this Jew-expulsion/confiscation isn't going to happen too easily, but only by means of tortuous warfare, etc., and that's why we're having now to endure and contend w. police state as u indicate.

So we need to understand what the cultural solution is going to take: (a) people need to heed inductive logic for problem ("it's Jews, stupid"--see, "It Wasn't Arabs," Nov 03 archives), and act accordingly--this then will entail mainly top-level leadership, a small fraction of the volk.

(b) The other, parallel avenue will require great CHRISTIAN AWAKENING to effect of proper Christian anti-semitism--for anti-semitism (anti-Talmud as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) is very purpose of Christianity, after all--which most people (and "Christians") need to re-learn.

Meantime note, historically, we observe many, many inferiors and weaklings MUST FIRST die-out before remnant survivors are enabled to face stark facts and anti-semitic necessities, and that it's no longer expedient to be "mighty-white," "generous" and "big-hearted" so as to continue entertaining this Jew disease out of "charity" and especially, moralism-Pharisaism, especially anti-antisemitism.

Rather people must be forthright and honest and proceed to decisive Jew-expulsion.

Get it?--inferiors and weaklings need to face stark facts: THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL." There's just truth and honesty--and nothing against these (truth and honesty)can be tolerated. Only then, after such child's "good-evil" Pelagianism and hereticalism is eliminated fm people's mentality will they be able to successfully resist and counter-act Jew-disease.

So it would seem we're still a good ways off fm serious chance/opportunity for successful anti-semitic REVOLUTION (much like French Rev. of 1789).

CONCLUSION: Thus as we continue to suffer, and weaklings die-off, meantime we must preach and teach the people who remain by that two-fold, parallel method, (a) rationalist induction and (b) honest Christianity, hence anti-semitism. Moralism-Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy must be defeated by means of HONESTY and most ruthless, merciless REASON. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Saturday, August 2, 2008

British Authorities Expecting Trouble? Part 2.

Yes, they´re expecting trouble alright. A lot of it. And here´s why...
Over 25 years ago, a policy of fiddling with the official inflation figures began. The result now, that is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people (even the perceptively-challenged) is that massive numbers of people are facing the coming winter in freezing cold houses with little to eat. That ought to be enough to start a riot in just about ANY country.

The fact is that the official UK inflation rate is MASSIVELY understated and has been for very many years. Only lately is the absurdity of the official rate attracting the scrutiny of the ordinary peasant on the street, however. Even the most willfully ignorant have woken up to the fact that their currency vouchers are buying less and less. The official headline rate of inflation in the UK at present is in the region of about 3.5%. In reality, the true figure is something closer to 32% - higher than at any time (eclipsing even the previous peek set 32 years ago under the then Labor government of Harold Wilson (Wilson's finance minister at that time was a guy called Dennis Healey (a long-standing member of the scheming Bilderberg Group).

How can this current situation have arisen? It will not surprise regular readers here to learn that those ultimately responsible are the Jews. Once upon a time, the British government adopted an entirely transparent mechanism for monitoring price rises. It was (and technically still is) based on the cost of a 'basket of goods.' Originally, this notional shopping basket held items such as a loaf of bread, a pound of tea, a gallon of heating oil, a joint of beef, a pint of beer and so on. Basic necessities, in essence. Its price was calculated from the average costs of these items in different places in the UK. The resulting inflation figure was pretty accurate, being rooted in what people HAD to have at a basic level.

The official inflation rate is a critically important measure. It was and still is always desirable (for a government) to UNDERstate it. Why? Because it helps to foster faith in the currency and the economy, but also, and crucially, it is the benchmark figure for wage claims. Claims for wage rises (particularly in the public sector) above the rate of inflation are heavily deprecated as they fuel future inflation and can lead to a wage-price spiral (as was the case in Britain in the 1970s). By publishing a misleadingly low official rate of inflation, governments can save BILLIONS every year in public spending by getting the Ingorati to accept pay rises that are in reality, BELOW inflation. Year on year, this effect accumulates until finally it becomes glaringly obvious to all.

That is the situation Britain faces today. The British government has CONNED millions of people from the middle classes downwards, including all its state pensioners, into living on less and less and less as the years go by. All by manipulating the official inflation rate. How was this achieved? It was fiendishly simple. Successive governments have meddled with the contents of the notional 'basket of goods' by gradually replacing certain items with others on the pretext of 'keeping the system current.' Keeping the system up to date is, if done honestly and transparently, no bad thing. But it has not been done this way. The composition of this basket is now changed EVERY year and the staple items that people NEED to SURVIVE have been steadily replaced by junk items that typically devalue quite rapidly: computers and their accessories, widescreen TVs, mobile phones and other hi-tech items that can be explained as forming a significant part of people's outlay.

Things have now reached such a degree of absurdity that the Bank of England now uses a measure called 'core CPI' which totally strips out the cost of food and fuel! The excuse given was that these components were "too volatile" to continue to be included. Well,how remarkably convenient in a country where the cost of a loaf of bread has doubled in the last 6 months! Not only, food, but gas, electricity and water charges in the UK continue to rise HUGELY by an average (over the last few years) of some 50% year-on-year! Yet the peasants are still urged to curb wage demands to below 'the level of inflation' – meaning below 3.5% as opposed to what it is in truth: almost 10 times that figure.

Well, you can keep up such a pretense for just so long before the strains start to show, and boy are they showing in Britain right now! Whilst it would be desirable and refreshing to see the status quo in Britain overturned as a result of the people's waking up to the fact that their country has been taken over by Jews, it's still almost as invigorating to see how the TeeVee loving sans-culottes of lower Britain are being driven to the point of realization through self-deserved cold and starvation. Maybe the first will come in the trail of the second; we can but hope the people of this once-great country will see behind the smokescreens of the media/government lies and identify the REAL culprits and architects of their demise: the Jews.