Monday, August 11, 2008

An Horrific Sickness Cloaked in Utmost Secrecy

Following on from a highly disturbing earlier item entitled "The most shocking thing you'll ever read about the Jews" - which for some unaccountable reason Google blanked out of its blog search results (at LEAST temporarily) Phaedrus 'enjoyed' a couple of very uncomfortable nights' sleep in going over and over similar atrocities perpetrated against children and attempting to arrive at some common, unifying basis linking these, the gravest of seemingly unconnected crimes.

This blogger was given extra impetus by the latest news from Jersey (one of the UK's Channel Islands situated between Britain and France). Some months ago, following serious allegations from a number of islanders, Jersey authorities began to search the grounds of an old children's home for evidence that some of the children once-resident there had been ill-treated. Some informants went further to say that a number of children had actually been murdered whilst supposedly "in care." The abuse alleged had been chronic and spanned the '60s, '70s and '80s. Funny how these things only ever come out YEARS later, isn't it?

It wasn't easy to follow the progress of the investigation, notwithstanding it had attracted international media attention. The Jersey authorities were pretty tight-lipped about the discoveries they slowly made. Maybe they were concerned about damage to the Island's reputation or maybe they were motivated by something more sinister. We couldn't tell at the time and so the investigation, such as it was, ground slowly on. Meanwhile, reports began to circulate that a man - possibly an ex-staffer at the home - had been going round threatening some of the witnesses not to give evidence in the matter.

This person was obviously keen to ensure that the investigation should proceed no further. He was pulled in by police for questioning and later released. Who he is and what the nature of the alleged threats were was not made public, to the best of this blogger's knowledge. Curious, since witness intimidation is rightly regarded as a serious matter in any civilized society, and Jersey is well-known tax-haven with a very high percentage of super-rich residents. It's not the utopia it once was, though with some drunkenness and theft committed by seasonal visitors; but the rule of law prevails there - one would hope at any rate - as anywhere else.

Eventually, all the digging and searching with specially-trained dogs and ground-penetrating radar bore fruit. Child remains WERE found. Over further weeks of excavation, the authorities were able to confirm that they had uncovered the skeletons of FIVE children hidden in two underground adjoining cellars. So, we have the skeletal remains of 5 children, bearing out what the original informants had asserted. So we have the complainants themselves, who were children at the home during the relevant period, and who named the names of those in charge at that time who were culpable for these terrible acts. A pretty water-tight case, you might imagine? Better yet, those allegedly responsible are still alive today - and living in comfortable retirement!

It turns out, however, that the Island's prosecuting authorities are NOT planning on even CHARGING ANYONE! Despite a mountain of excellent evidence, they are not minded to proceed any further with the case! The reason given? The recovered bones of the dead children could not be dated accurately enough and they could have been killed earlier than the period in question. Sounds odd? Phaedrus believes the term, "stinks to high heaven" is more appropriate. This pathetic EXCUSE - which is clearly what it is - is a downright lie. In today's world of ultra-sophisticated forensic science, IT IS UTTER BULLSHIT!!

But why would those with the ultimate say-so want to protect those guilty of the foulest, most criminal and bestial of deeds? And the case in Jersey is lamentably far from unique. There was a similar case alleging (Satanic) abuse of children on a remote Scottish island some years before. Nothing ever came of that, either. In fact every few years, it seems, certain authorities in a number of supposedly civilized countries make headlines world-wide by announcing that they've smashed extensive, international internet pedophile rings, where many of the perpetrators turned out to be (shockingly) outwardly respectable professional types: lawyers, police-officers, accountants, judges and even doctors!

But in every case, for some inexplicable reason, these spectacular cases involving all these 'upstanding pillars of society' never ever even reach the trial stage. Someone higher up takes over the case papers and sees to it that the investigation grinds quietly to a standstill. We hear all about the initial busts, which are understandably trumpeted triumphantly by the diligent work of the departments who track down these filth; yet years later, not a single trial or conviction emerges. I think we can safely surmise that those who target children for torture and slaughter have friends in very high places who presumably share the same sickness for the blood of innocent children. That's one hell of a deeply disturbing conclusion to have to reach, but what other reasonable inference can anyone make?

What becomes of these waifs and strays? Ultimately, we know, they are slaughtered in some way. God only knows what unspeakable evil befalls them before their traumatized souls leave this world. The healthy mind, to protect its own sanity, prefers to believe none of these horrors are true. It would be nice if we could just look away and pretend such things don't happen in this day. But they DO and this blogger for one cannot simply sit back and ignore it. Whether the children die in the making of 'snuff movies' or meet their end in ritual Jewish/Satanic slayings to bring the perpetrators the riches and material success they crave at any price from their God is hard to say when all the investigations to date have ended in blatant cover-ups.

Some further things we can infer from what little we DO know is that this practice of ritual child-murder is widespread and very highly organized, from sourcing suitable children right down to their eventual disposal. We can state with some confidence that "higher authorities" are complicit in this scandal and some may even take an active part in the rites themselves. In addition to Jews and Satanists, there is also a sinister cloud hanging over senior Freemasons - "the Brotherhood" as they like to think of themselves. The UK judiciary and law enforcement agencies are absolutely RIDDLED with senior members of this most infamous secret society. They have a solemn pact of mutual assistance to get each other 'off the hook' should any one of them become a "brother in distress" as they call it.

We have agencies around the world who do a wonderful job in trying to track down missing children and return them safely to their parents, hopefully gathering enough evidence along the way to ensure their abductors spend the rest of their miserable, wretched lives rotting in jail. Sadly, however, the sterling efforts of these good people are being subverted by the evils inherent in certain secret societies like the Freemasons, who have links in so many places along the chain that any attempt to bring the worst perpetrators to justice is invariably thwarted.
This is a mind-blowing scandal of the ghastliest and vilest kind. Those in the chain of command in prosecuting authorities who unaccountably drop sensitive investigations, or otherwise impede them, must be exposed, placed on full public trial, cross-examined ruthlessly until the truth is out, then punished in an appropriately severe manner. We should consider plea bargains for some underlings, so the whole rotten upper-edifice of these evil-doers can be removed from their positions of high public influence - and summarily executed.


Greg Bacon said...

Yep, Google has still banished your article, "The most shocking thing you ll ever read about the Jews," as of this morning August 11. Looks like another search engine, Ixquick, has also succumbed to the dreaded, fatal disease of Zionism.

Google currently has your piece today on the Jersy Isle murders, but how long before some side-curled West Bank land thieves scrub that article down the Memory hole?

No results matched your search. Please modify your search and try again.

Nothing like telling some uncomfortable truths about that plague affecting the planet, threatening to cleanse all with thermonuclear fire, the WMD known as ZIONISM.

When the mushroom clouds are popping up all over the damn place, the Sons of Khazar will finally have a true "Burnt Offering."




apollonian said...

"This is a mind-blowing scandal of the ghastliest and vilest kind." -Phaedrus

* * * * *

Truth Is Before One's Eyes If Ever U Care To Make Effort To See
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 08)

Phaedrus, good comrade, I absolutely agree w. u, of course. The only thing I don't understand is why u CAN'T FIGURE IT ALL OUT--even after it's all explained to u over, and over, and over again.

For at the top--THE VERY, VERY TOP-MOST TOP, who rules but gross, crass criminals?--COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud).

So if u have OUTRIGHT criminals at the very top, ruling, dictating, telling everyone what to do, buying, bribing, and extorting politicians, ALL OF THEM, judges and lawyers ("scribes")--and then paying assassins (say like BlackWater, not to mention all the "inside" men they already have in CIA, MOSSAD, and MI-6) to KILL ANYONE WHO RESISTS--WHY DO U WONDER AT THE RELATIVELY PETTY CRIMINALITY that goes on on the insignificant island of Jersey?

What's ur problem?--did u know that 2 + 2 = 4? What are u looking for?--a miraculous revelatory vision from St. Michael the Archangel?

Is there any good to come fm an empire of COUNTERFEITERS, hence most gross, crass criminals, murderers, etc., built upon a lie, a fraud--again, that fraud known as counterfeiting? Do u understand what counterfeiting is?--is it really that difficult to grasp?--what's the great complexity for u?

Look comrade: u have to GROW UP--or perhaps wake up--something. I like how u write the following,

"Someone higher up takes over the case papers and sees to it that the investigation grinds quietly to a standstill."

So what do u expect?--how do or could u or anyone expect anything else? We have government of criminals, by criminals, and for criminals--what else is there? The entire purpose of criminal conspiracy is to "cover-up" when and as necessary, isn't it?--am I being naive?--or what?

Here's another of ur profound sentences:

"It's not the utopia it once was, though with some drunkenness and theft committed by seasonal visitors; but the rule of law prevails there - one would hope at any rate - as anywhere else."

Phaedrus, good comrade, how do u have "rule-of-law" as u imagine, IF EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, IS BUILT UPON A LIE, A FRAUD, A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE KNOWN AS COUNTERFEITING, but merely now coverered and glorified a little by calling it "banking"?

Phaedrus, good comrade, IT'S U, and so many millions like u, evidently, upon whom the big joke is being played--played by who?--by people who've been running this COUNTERFEIT scam for literally millenia. These professional criminals, who worship criminality (Talmudists), consider hey, as long as we dumb goyim are stupid enough to put up with it all, we deserve what we get. J.P. Morgan reputedly said, "God never made sheep that weren't meant to be shorn."

And I notice, as always with u, brother Phaedrus, bless ur heart, u had to throw in ur obligatory denunciation of "evil-doers" as in ur very last sentence.

But bro. Phaedrus, good comrade, once again, I assure u, these scum aren't "evil"--NO ONE IS. "Evil" doesn't exist--except for children or deluded people. The topmost counterfeiters and criminals are simply PSYCHOPATHS who have been brought-up worshipping fm the Talmud. As a matter of fact, THEY (Talmudists) ARE CONVINCED they're the very paragons of "good"--after all, God himself worships these "chosen" people.

And indeed, as u well indicate, they (these psychopathic Talmudists) have accomplices in the gentile population who are called "free-masons," indubitably--but there are other organizations too, no doubt, like CFR-Bilderberg (see for expo/ref.), Trilateralists, and Skull and Bones, criminal scum, psychopaths, and conspirators, that's all.

Why waste time and effort w. this stupid "evil" balderdash?--it's just meaningless drivel for simpletons.

We, the people and patriot element thereof, rather must be serious scientists and socio-biologists and face straight-forwardly the simple problem we have--a parasitic disease-of-opportunity, a criminal conspiracy, which profiteers and capitalizes upon gentile sheep and goons who became over-populated, that's all. It's (such criminality) CYCLIC phenomenon as we learn fm "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--what's the mystery?

And we patriots only get an opportunity to successfully revolt at those times when Judeo-conspirators begin, in their own hubris, to fall-out against one another--as presently in form of CFR-Bilderberg agents, Walt and Mearsheimer who expose their "Zionistic" rivals in "The Israel Lobby." For note "there is no honor among thieves."

Bill White, of ANSWP and, analyzes it pretty well when he says present electoral charade has Obama on the "left," representing CFR-Bilderberg and communist United Nations (UN) versus "Manchurian candidate" McCain on the "right" backed by Israeli Zionists and "rapture-bunnies" pretending they're "Christians" (really "Judeo-Christians" [JCs]--see and for expo/ref.--who imagine "Jesus was Jew," etc.).

And this putrid Talmudistic disease-of-opportunity only thrives as we the people are dumb enough to tolerate it--which only happens, again, in circumstances of hubristic over-population of degenerates within Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

What is the hallmark of this hubristic degeneracy and "decline"?--precisely such moralism-Pharisaism as Pelagian heresy and pretense to "good-evil" delusion, imagining it's more real than truth itself.

For there is no perfectly "free" human will, and everything happens perfectly according to scientific cause-effect.

And Jew thrives and waxes when degenerate gentiles enthrone them within empire of ZOG-Mammon, built upon "good-evil" and associated HERETICALIST-complex--"good-evil" built upon guilt, guilt mere form of terrorism.

Thus Jew disease-of-opportunity then "culls the herd" of over-populated gentiles--precisely by means of COUNTERFEIT fraud--and then all the other associated frauds and criminal enterprises which are effected and enforced by means of that incredible weapon of COUNTERFEITING.

It's well known Jews dominate the porn industry and "snuff" and child-sacrifice films--see

Sacrificing children to ceremonial fire of God, Moloch, is simply fact of history, well-known; after all, it's what happens when we have over-population and mass delusions like hubristic conceit of "good-evil." People love to think they're "good" and virtuous--and their enemies are "evil."

So bro. Phaedrus, I suggest u begin to getting serious and dropping this "good-evil" crap. We simply need straight-forward JEW-EXPULSION and debt-relief, -reform, and -repudiation, this by means of reason, HONESTY and good old Truth-loving Christianity, absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) which affirms the OBJECTIVE REALITY of Aristotle: "and ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set u free" (Gosp. JOHN 8:32).

CONCLUSION: The real issue is not "good vs. evil," but rather TRUTH VS. LIES, esp. organized, conspiratorial lies of Jew Talmudists, and esp. then practical frauds like counterfeit scam. Most people have difficulty grasping strict reason and logic--that's why we have to use Christian aesthetic which puts the problem into rather dramatic form, as Christian New Testament (NT). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

imsamhi said...

So right you are:

Former Satanist's Testimony Part 1

Former Satanist's Testimony part 2

I believe, no...I know, those evil wrapped and made khazars are 'leading the way' for the rest of the human skinned evil worshipers beasts on the planet.

apollonian said...

Honesty, Truth Must Overcome Pharisaism, Pelagian Hereticalism
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 08)

Kenny (see, "Marching...," 13 Aug 08), again I, as well as, I'm sure, millions, AGREE w. u (in ur note)--but question is what, SPECIFICALLY, to do, in pt. of fact? For the problem is quite formidable. Patriots must defend truth and defeat a certain lie--a HERESY--which is tremendously attractive to a, so far, controlling "faction."

For u see, they (Judeo-conspirators--see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) have that COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) pretty securely in their pocket--they just print up however much funds they ever need to do whatever it takes.

And the rest of us--what can we do? For these COUNTERFEITERS are clever--clever enough to keep all possible enemies (against them) fighting one another, especially again, by means of their invincible weapon of COUNTERFEITING.

Thus we truly are up against the foremost fraudsters, criminals, conspirators, and in a word, LIARS. And so we need TRUTH--but an incisive kind of truth--which is PERSUASIVE enough for enough people.

I guess I could stop here for sufficient expo, agreeable to all, but that isn't good enough as it would only be platitudinous and doesn't provide a plan. Hence we need further analysis in order to achieve that necessary PRACTICAL, effective plan which promises serious success.

Okay, so here it is for that necessary further analysis: the real issue is truth vs. lies--BUT this real issue is obscured and clouded by a phony issue for so many, which is "good vs. evil."

Thus one observes COUNTERFEIT conspirators always work for "good vs. evil" BECAUSE THEN THEY CAN USE THEIR FUNDS TO ARGUE, so far successfully, they're "good."
So what are we patriots left with?--I submit we MUST assert that HONESTY is GREATEST virtue, distinct fm "good." Because that's what COUNTERFEIT conspirators argue--that moralism-Pharisaism and "good" are greatest truth, co-equal with truth (as for Plato, Kant, et al.)

We patriots, on the other hand, must be able to argue--persuasively--that there's no greater "good" or virtue than truth and honesty. There can be no such thing as "noble lie" as pushed by "neo-cons" (see for expo/ref. on "neo-cons").

So Ken, I think I'll stop and leave it there: we patriots MUST keep to truth and honesty and insist no possible "good" can ever trump such truth and honesty. This great issue of TRUTH vs. phony moralism--Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy--is what Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies is really all about.

CONCLUSION: So far, during presently culminating "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, absolutely dominated and ruled by Jews, "good" has always been the dominant theme, as fm neo-Pelagians, Rousseau, Kant, and English Utilitarians. If West and Christianity hope seriously to resurge, we patriots must push for a countervailing value/virtue--that of HONESTY and truth, once again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Death To "Noble Lie"; Hail Honesty And Truth, Rightful, Foremost Western Virtues
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 08)

Absolutely Greg (see, "The ChickenHawks...," 14 Aug), as u say, a "necktie" is precisely what this smug, smiley-faced, glib little punk-bastard deserves, indubitably. Further, I think it ought to be made a special pt. this scummy Jew puke and "neo-con," Kristol, among a few others, is publicly executed in most prominent manner practically imaginable.

For as foremost "neo-cons," don't forget filth like these, including esp. Kristol, followers of their founding guru, Strauss, believe in the famous, so-called "noble lie" principle--not just any particular lie, made, given, or put at any specific moment--but THE "noble lie" of all time WHICH IS THAT "MORALITY" TRUMPS TRUTH and honesty, that "morality" is utmost truth all its own--that "morality" is the highest truth, with value greater than truth itself.

Note in ancient times the great philosopher Plato, mentor of the greatest philosopher of all time, Aristotle, musingly equated "good" with truth and beauty, the reputed three equivalent greatest values.

Christ, on the other hand, esp. in Gosp. JOHN, specifically separated TRUTH and upheld it above all/any others, esp. the pretentious "good." Obvious reason is "good" is merely subjective, and it is only truth which provides criterion for any possible "good," truth always enduring, TRUTH the SUPREME value/standard. For truth is dependent then only upon that OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality created, according to Christians, by God and none-other.

Hence this "noble lie" of MORALISM-PHARISAISM cannot be too much emphasized as so outstandingly and unfortunately emblematic for these terrible times. For thus any lie, any deception whatever is justified by means of prior, founding, and under-lying lie that moralism and "good" trump truth and the virtue of HONESTY.

Thus the usurpation of truth by means of "good" and moralism-Pharisaism became known to Christians as "Pelagian heresy" fm time of St. Augustine (ca. 400 A.D.); the conceited pretense was that "good works" would allow otherwise sinful human to REQUIRE AND DEMAND fm God, God now mere servant, a place in heaven, which was rightly repudiated by the saint--as by Martin Luther, a thousand yrs later.

But this moralist-Pharisaist pretext for lying made a huge, big comeback by means of Rousseau, Kant, and English Utilitarianism, in eighteenth cent. which quickly led to socialism in the nineteenth cent., and excuse for removal of liberty, freedom, and the economic free-market, and now threatens with impending horrific New World Order and World Dictatorship of United Nations (UN)--see TheNewAmerican for expo/ref.

Thus "neo-con" value of "noble lie" and moralism-Pharisaism is VERY HALLMARK of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. And observe additionally such "noble lie" and moralism accompanies the rise of Jew banking founded upon COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Band [Fed] fraud) by which Jews now rule the world through the USA enforcer, Jew-moralistic "tail" wagging the proverbial "dog."

CONCLUSION: Hence then necessary revolutionary resurgence to Christian and Western fortunes, fallen so low before Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) and COUNTERFEIT fraud, must be HONESTY which upholds truth, honesty the necessarily new historical and anti-semitic (as anti-Talmud, Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) ACTIVE FORCE which must and will reverse Spenglerian "Decline of the West" founded upon Moralism-Pharisaism and just such "noble lie" as of neo-cons and Jews, like Kristol and Strauss. Death to Israel, simply modern-day "MURDER INCORPORATED." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

What Is "Active" Historical Force To Resurge Western "Decline"?--Honesty, Against Present, Prevailing Moralism-Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 08)

I appreciated most the very interesting interview of Paul C. Roberts (see, "And now back...," 14 Aug 08), former Asst. Sec. of Treasury who much seems like guy, so weary and pessimistic, who's so much within proverbial "trees" he's not able to step back and look at the large-scale forest.

So now USA is quite involved attempting to manage two active wars in Iraq and Afgan, not to mention latest affair in Caucasian Georgia. Surely American people are quite concerned. And meantime the consumer price index, just today, registered abrupt rise in inflation.

So my observation is things continue getting worse within large "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. And there's yet another lovely story about white folk in USA becoming minority by 2042.

I submit then the "ACTIVE" force driving things so disastrously historical for the West and on-going "decline" has been MORALISM-PHARISAISM, accompanied by the rising and now ruling power of the Jews--who control both major political Presidential candidates, for example.

And observe Jews seem to have people bogged down in such putrid Pharisaist-moralist hereticalism, "Manchurian candidate" McCain on the "right" trying to secure the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and heretics and "rapture bunnies," while Obama on the "left" appeals to the more straight-forward Pelagian heretics (of conventional "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/presumption).

And the great question then is how will we white people manage to turn things around?--to resurge Western culture and fortunes of white volk? What counter-vailing "active force" can we use against present prevailing PHARISAISM-moralism, or Pelagian heresy built upon child's "good-evil"?

And I submit then it must be HONESTY by which Christian TRUTH is rescued fm Jew lies and fraud, specifically then present COUNTERFEIT (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) conspiracy and empire of ZOG-Mammon as it prosecutes Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

Okay then, but now how will we revolutionaries be effective AND dramatic at the same time so as to capture people's imagination? And the answer is Christianity, BUT ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and now, given this anti-semitism, we need merely be able to sustain and substantiate it, aiming for something revolutionary: Jew-Expulsion, which will change things for the better.

Thus we'll restore Western objectivity and rule-of-law, removing/eliminating "hate-crime." We'll abolish the IRS and forgive debts at same time as legalizing drugs--much in way Presidential candidate Ron Paul ( talks about so much.

Again, surely the most revolutionary and dramatic thing will the overt, explicit ANTI-SEMITISM, and all this socio-political activity, once again, will follow fm and be in accord with that BOLD, new "Active force" of history, counter-vailing the present Pharisaism-moralism, HONESTY, this honesty accompanying resurgent, newly self-confident Christian re-awakening and anti-semitism, once again.

CONCLUSION: And note this new anti-semitic Christian honesty, rejecting Pharisaism-moralism and hereticalism, will only be ENHANCED as things continue to degenerate in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," which "decline" only discredits present ZOG-Mammon empire, not the real, true Christianity, anti-semitic Christianity. Paul C. Roberts might be more optimistic if he could only look at things in broader Historical scope. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

"Truth Is Before One's Eyes If Ever U Care To Make Effort To See
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 08)"

Apollonian, your criticisms appear to fall broadly into two categories:

1. my use of the term 'evil' to which you object from your implacably intrenched, Nietzsche-inspired (presumably) standpoint....

I have already explained that this is a matter for philosophy which is not suitable for debate here. You have your views, I have mine. If 'good and evil' don't exist, then neither do 'right and wrong' and consequently no valid basis for your criticism! The people for whom this blog is primarily intended - those who need to 'wake up!' - understand simple concepts like good and evil with which they can readily identify. They do NOT want to get bogged down in soporific discussions on Free Will, Consciousness and Ethics. How can we expect folks to 'wake up!' if we send them to sleep with superfluous academic conjecture? Whether or not you chose to admit it, people who ritually torture and murder young children for ANY reason, are EVIL BEYOND BELIEF, and no one outside of a philosophy discussion group should have any difficulty accepting such a straitforward assertion!

2. My 'failure' to SPELL OUT unoquivocally who or what the culprits are is your second point. Well, Curt takes an uncompromising "in your face" approach and then goes on to complain about mostly preaching to the choir. The thing is, if one comes across too strongly as a raving evangalist for a cause, it loses a lot of people who might otherwise read on and learn something new. For sure, seasoned initiates like ourselves aren't intimidated by harsh language and strident views, but those who are only as yet dipping their toes into Alternative Media typically find it a complete turn-off. Hence the approach here is to try to draw readers into self-realization of the ugly truth through drawing their OWN conclusions on the subjects covered. Subtlety and restraint, IMV, is more effective than hectoring and browbeating for WP's target readership.

Oh, and your proposed solution won't work, either. Expell the Jews? Don't make me laugh. Explusions have been tried the world over 109 times since AD250 and only ever provide a temporary respite from Jewish predations. If you emptied the entire United States of all its Jews, they'd simply flee to London (most likely) from where they would continue to draw their plans against us with even greater determination than before. There needs to be a PERMANENT solution to this problem; one that enables us to go to our graves knowing that the horrors of Jewish manipulation and control which have cost countless millions of lives throughout all history can NEVER be re-established on planet earth - with 100% certainty.

One last point, seeing as you have so much to say it seems a shame to consign it all to a few comments sections on a couple of other people's blogs. Why not start your own blog? I'm sure you won't have any trouble writing enough to make it worth your while! Best wishes and thanks for your thoughts.


PS: it has taken about the same time to address your concerns as it would to write an essay, so I regret it will not be possible, given the finite amount of time available, to enter into any further protracted arguments with you! The broader message for ALL our sakes must take precedence and I'm sure as a genuine patriot, you would expect nothing less of me than to get my priorities right!

apollonian said...

Jew Problem And "Good-Evil" Deserve Substantial Analysis
(Apollonian, 17 Aug 08)

Thanks much to good comrade Phaedrus for his passion and arguments; I'm sorry I only ck'd (actually re-checked) this blog today and not yest. for any notes.

For today I'm limited to public library computers and time limitation on session length, unfortunately.

Phaedrus, it's extremely important we distinguish ourselves, true patriots, fm Jew filth who pretend to moralism and that stinking pretentious "righteousness" so characteristic of them, Pharisees. Remember, a great part to what makes Jews (Pharisees, literally) so odious is precisely that putrid self-righteousness, posturing to effect they're "holier-than-thou."

Comrade Phaedrus, the whole pt. to proper and most patriotic anti-semitism then is they're a noxious, life-threatening DISEASE--not that they're "evil," which is pretentious, again, presumptuous, and dependent upon premises. Again, proper pt. is Jews are simply murderous, life-threatening, lying scum who must be exterminated, not because they're "evil," but simply because if we don't kill them, they'll surely kill us.

Finally (for this session), u seem to overlook the real pt., for u're one to harp upon this "evil" stuff, not me--u're the one who comes off, once again, as the "raving evangelist"--whereas I strive to be strictly scientific and socio-biologic for emphasis.

And my pt. regarding Christianity is very simple and straight-forward too: it must be anti-semitic for Christianity to retain its true meaning. Christianity and anti-semitism are synonymous, literally--Christianity then is simply more particular kind, most strategic. Further, it's simple thing to pt. out to the dear volk how they've been bamboozled for putrid Jew-friendly "Christianity," this simply by means of basic ref. to the literature.

Also I'll have to get to ur pt. regarding Jew-explusion later, too. Phaedrus, these are good pt.s, which u've brought up, to be discussing, never doubt, and it's good to do it on blogs like these whence we get most excellent dialectic going--it helps clarify things for folks, never doubt.

CONCLUSION: People need to hear and see us discussing these details. Curt Maynard is sadly mistaken--but I can get to that subject-matter later too. Computer msg is now telling me my session is about to end, so I gotta go. Take good care. See u soon. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

"Common Denominator" For Cultural/Historic Cyclic "Active Force" Most Thematic For Dialectic
(Apollonian, 18 Aug 08)

Hello again comrade Phaedrus. So once again I ring u up to iterate upon great virtue of dialectic for us, our people, and culture--and it's tremendous feature of this new art of blogging. And one great virtue of Phaedrus is he so well and forthrightly presents substantial THESIS with his outstanding essays--theses, over time now, which I've found so often so useful for dialectic development, analysis, etc.

And again, note great virtue of blogging art is if comrade Phaedrus considers it isn't conveninent to stick upon one subject/dialectic for too long, he can well go on for another one of his generally excellent theses, great prerogative of blog-editor.

And thus we see for this blog's dialectic we've had such outstanding discussion/analysis; indeed we come up now with even more potential topics to be analyzed, for example concerning the trinity of dichotomies, (a) "good-evil" (totally subjective), (b) "right-wrong," (potentially substantial, but dependent), and (c) that basic, Christian, TRUTH vs. Lies--which then gives meaning (or not) to the other two dichotomies.

And again, comrade Phaedrus, u do excellent job so far as u go, as u invoke Curt Maynard (I'm pretty sure) and the strategy regarding "waking up" the people/volk and shaking-up the culture. Don't doubt we're on the right general course.

Thus the pt./object is to achieve a certain GREATEST "COMMON DENOMINATOR," so to speak, for manner/technique/format of appeal to our people.

Problem then w. "good-evil" is (a) for practical/realistic purposes, it's totally subjective, hence too LOW A COMMON DENOMINATOR which only appeals to WEAKEST sector/portion of the volk, goons, and goyim. (b) As it ("good-evil") is so insubstantial, intrinsically meaningless, and subjective, it merely places us in an adversely situated competition with Jews, who will beat us as such "good-evil" is merely styled with hype and glitzy hollywood-type production and packaging for which Jews only need gobs of their COUNTERFEITED funding (see below note).

For "good-evil" pretension is natural realm of "PHARISAIC," by definition, who/which always and so effectively style themselves with sanctimony, presumption, and "holier-than-thou" intimidation, so typically shallow.

We whites, Westerners, and Christians rather prefer SUBSTANCE, hence TRUTH and objectivity in preference to Jew lies, fraud, and outward style and pretension, hype and glitz, etc.

Thus we arrive at that middle dichotomy, "right-wrong" which is always best founded upon substance and truth--NEVER mere subjectivity, hence never "good-evil."

Note then the great utility to sticking with good old traditionalist CHRISTIANITY as a COMMON-DENOMINATOR which then automatically covers us patriots, keeping that basic anti-semitism, as well as fundamental substance and honesty, overcoming the childishness/superficiality problem of subjectivist "good-evil."

And always remember Pelagianism ("good-works") is notorious HERESY--there's excellent reason for it, don't doubt or forget.

For note good comrade Phaedrus: WE NEED TO REVERSE "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, in dramatic fashion, as I'm sure u're aware of and striving for urself; "good-evil" is NOT the way to do it; on contrary, it rather plays Jews' game, which trap they want us to fall into.

For note again, what it really is we want to over-come for our volk--that paralyzing, delbilitating FEAR and terror--of what, exactly?

And I submit source of this horrific fear/terror which has nearly totally destroyed our volk and culture is FOUNDED in that GUILT which is necessary feature/aspect of basic "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism, again).

Hence then to overcome that deadly fear/terror, borne of GUILT, which afflicts our dear volk, we must totally REVOLUTIONIZE that "active force" of CYCLIC history/culture which has heretofore been that putrid moralism-Pharisaism of "good-evil" since Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarianism, once again.

Rather, we must re-emphasize that traditional, basic Christian heritage of HONESTY founded upon TRUTH. For there is and can be ABSOLUTELY NO moralism worthy of white, Western, or Christian volk which does not past muster for these basic virtues first, honesty and truth, again--the heck with subjective/hubristic/Pharisaic notions like "good-evil" which has actually DESTROYED our people and culture (as with guilt, fear, and terror, once again).

If u go for "good-evil" U'RE PLAYING THE JEW GAME, doing exactly what the Jew wants and needs. Rather, we must emphasize HONESTY and truth, once again, truest Western values. "Good-evil" and moralism-Pharisaism are phony, inferior, and Babylonian/Jew, grossly anti-Western "values," so-called, inducing only GUILT, fear, and terror, once again.

Hence then again, as we overthrow these Jew/Pharisaic phony "values," we best INFORM and guide the people most virtuously, indubitably. And thus we most effectively REVOLUTIONIZE the culture, resurging present "Decline of the West," once again.

"Jew-expulsion" then, simply follows this prior cultural revolution/over-turning, a mere political manifestation, actually, also economic as we require (a) serious debt-relief/forgiveness for the broad people, and (b) removal of that central, crux COUNTERFEIT scam/mechanism (see again for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) which serves as practical engine of ZOG-Mammon empire, presently conducting Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," etc.

Finally, and once again, be assured ur excellent, tried, and tested blog abilities and instincts are quite sufficient for treatment of our subject-matters, surely, as far as I, for one, am concerned. Most important is dialectic, and u've done excellently just with ur beginning theses for ensuing dialectics we've generated. U have clear, indisputable record of success which speaks for itself.

CONCLUSION: So by all means do take ur time and get to details WHEN AND AS IT'S CONVENIENT for u. At least be assured upon ONE thing--I personally am perfectly satisfied and indeed gratified for ur most excellent and substantial blogging, expo, and editorship. U've done tremendous work, don't doubt--keep it up, good comrade, Phaedrus. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

imsamhi said...

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apollonian said...

[Phaedrus, good comrade, here's another of my expositions upon our theme of "good-evil"--it's this underlying fallacy which undermines our people and culture. For "good" just feeds phoniness, pretension, and Pharisaism. And "evil" then simply inspires guilt, fear, and terror. A.]

apollonian said...
Kenny's Opportune Rant Well Strikes Necessary Chord: "What Is Truth?"
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 08)

"What do we know?" (see, "F**king the Flock," 19 Aug 08)--well indeed, we're just supposed to learn the necessary Christian lesson--and then convey it to our dear people, much as that's possible. And thematic question is put most dramatically then by Pontius Pilate in sublime New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN, "what is truth?"

For that's, I submit, entire theme and lesson of glorious Christian NT: lonely human battle for truth against organized, conspiratorial Jew lies. Rest of NT is mere drama upon such theme, Christ our heroic exemplar.

And lies (as in form of institutional fraud) don't get bigger than that incredible, huge COUNTERFEIT (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) scam known as the "Fed" which BUYS EVERYTHING--and I mean everything--including paid liars and barkers like the "Sadduceans" of modern-day, as u, Kenny, well pt. out and describe in ur little rant, so well-taken, I say again (whether u agree or not).

So what exactly do we do, bro. Ken?--we emulate, I submit, those heroic saints in parallel time of history (which is CYCLIC, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, don't forget) when Roman emp. was on brink of dissolution during epochal struggle of Crisis Of Third Cent., according to historian Mike Grant, when finally St. Constantine the Great was able to bring about the first and definitive culture-wide JEW-EXPULSION.

So there u have it in a nutshell--Jew-expulsion, etc., necessity thereto--what now will we do? And I assure u people who aren't willing to treat these Jew monsters as they deserve to be treated AREN'T WORTH SAVING, as I understand things. And yes, there are gentile accomplices therewith who also deserve similar treatment.

And that's how Christian "teachers" failed most of all: in teaching hatred of Jews (anti-semitism, as anti-Talmud of Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) sufficiently. So well I remember those dirty scum in all the Catholic schools I attended, NEVER TOLD US ABOUT ANTI-CHRIST TALMUD--never--nary a word, so sedulous and pious were they for their stinking Pharisaism-"moralism," may their Jew-loving souls burn in Hell.

U don't want to hate Jews, even to save ur life?--U DESERVE DEATH. Jews didn't hesitate to murder Christ, did they? But these brainless pukes nowadays fear to be "immoral" and anti-semitic, or "racist"--death to them, the ignorant, hubristic scum, no wonder they suffer.

So Ken, I'm glad for ur rants and ur most excellent blog, as sometimes u actually publish worthwhile essays, info, and various expositions of different kinds--like ur own expressions, so well-taken, which then inspire such as myself.

Isn't it ironic that "morality," which is supposed to guide us for living of life, is most effective for complete, total extermination of our people?--and wasn't that the very original "forbidden fruit"?--of the "tree of knowledge" of "good and evil"?

For it was a huge, big joke, all along, wasn't it?--there is no "good-evil," suckers. But people want to make themselves God, hubristically presuming to creating reality, which they did, as by Pelagian heresy ("good-works").

So people suffer as they refuse to face that truth: THEY'RE NOT GOD, and never will be, and they will never be "good," ever, no matter how hard they try, poor fools.

Ironic thing is Pharisees are nearly ONLY ONES who understand regarding lie of "good-evil," the scum. Poor gentile children who never learn--and don't want to learn--and who keep yearning for impossible attaining "good."

And all along there's that magnificent NT literature there to tell us: it isn't "good-evil"; rather the problem is simply truth vs. lies, and there ain't no such thing as "good-evil," and never will be. But as long as humans hubristically insist they can create, like God, such thing which doesn't and never will exist ("good-evil"), they're doomed.

And thus as history is CYCLIC, and gentiles have built up such huge generation of fools, suckers, and weaklings, God sends this plague of Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity to feast and feed upon these HUBRISTIC, hereticalist scum who so willingly worship false god of "good," fearing the "evil" (so they're taught) of anti-semitism, for foremost example.

CONCLUSION: For there is NO "MORALITY" which can ever possibly trump HONESTY and truth, and there isn't and never ever will be any "good-evil," so much worshipped by foolish, hubristic children WHO REFUSE TO GROW-UP to honesty and truth. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
August 19, 2008 9:24 PM said...

Thou Shalt Not Kill Who?

Specific laws which follow from the love law can be better understood by keeping the ingroup definition of neighbor in mind. Consider the proto-legal portion of The Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5:17-21; JPS '17 & KJV):

Thou shalt not kill.
Neither shalt thou commit adultery.
Neither shalt thou steal.
Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour
Neither shall you covet your neighbor's wife and you shall not desire your neighbor's
house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that
is your neighbor's.

And add the realization that the scrolls from which these words were translated have no periods, no commas, and no first-word capitalization. Decisions about where sentences and paragraphs begin and end are courtesy of the translator. Accordingly, instead of being written as five separate paragraphs of one sentence each, without changing any of the words, Deuteronomy 5:17-21 could be translated:

Thou shalt not kill, neither shalt thou commit adultery, neither shalt thou steal, neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour. Neither shall you covet your neighbor's wife, and you shall not desire your neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor's.

Here the question, "Thou shalt not kill who?" is answered "Thou shalt not kill thy neighbor — the children of thy people, your countrymen" … your fellow in-group member.

How unconventional is this interpretation? Not very. The rabbis of the Talmud determined that an Israelite was not liable for murder unless he intentionally killed a fellow Israelite.

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