Thursday, August 21, 2008

A World Turned Upside Down

You know, some nights it gets kind of difficult to get to sleep and one's mind naturally strays toward all the purposely-contrived-against-us problems of this world and their possible solutions. Some 37 years ago, the heavyweight British academic historian, Christopher Hill, wrote The World Turned Upside Down, the subject of which being the very peculiar way in which most of the world was ordered during the English Revolutionary period, and how it was in fact the very reverse of what it ought to be for good governance and orderly societies to flourish. There is still no better description for our sorry condition today as the title of Hill's original classic; proving that nothing much has changed in more than 300 years.

In almost every sphere of our existence, it is all too easy to look around and see that all is not well. There's a massive and explosive core of chaos and madness just beneath the surface veneer of order the media tries to portray as our reality. This 'surface order' that generally obscures the underlying chaos from most folks' eyes is thinner than a tightly stretched balloon skin. All too frequently this tenuous membrane ruptures and we get to briefly glimpse something truly dreadful beneath it. So it was with the attacks of September 11, 2001. That day was a defining moment for so many of us in various ways, but for Phaedrus, the true Epiphany arising from it was not to follow for another 6 years; so effective had the mainstream media been in their shielding of the guilty.

For many years before 9/11, however, it was clear SOMETHING was desperately wrong. It APPEARED so often that western governments were working AGAINST their citizens' interests rather than on behalf of them. No new measures these governments introduced EVER seemed likely to benefit the host populations of these countries. The beneficiaries were ALWAYS foreigners of one sort or another. Always, always, always. The native populations could go to hell for all these governments seemed to care, that much alone was clear. It was especially apparent in the US, the UK and Germany back then, but the disease seems to have spread to Canada, France and some other places more recently.

The putting of other people's interests first is supposed to be a noble sentiment, and it can be - up to a point. But that point became FAR exceeded in all the above-named countries. Preferential treatment given to newcomers of other races took on a very much less benign appearance once it became apparent the needs and aspirations of the host populations were not simply being casually sidelined, but contemptuously subordinated and increasingly CRUSHED. After many years of seeing this program of globalization / internationalization roll unremittingly onward, it became increasingly difficult to view it as anything other than an aggressively on-going plot to swamp native, superior cultures and influences with foreign, inferior ones, thereby ultimately wiping the former, host cultures out.

Upon coming to this conclusion, of course, the rational man questions his own sanity. The very idea is absurd! It's pure paranoia! "Our governments have just bought a little too deeply into this Internationalist fad that's currently in vogue," we assure ourselves, "in time they'll realize they've gone a bit too far and the mood will swing around again." Well, from where this blogger is sitting, there's no sign of any slowing down or course change likely from those who ru(i)n our lives. Those who object to being swamped by foreign influences are derided as "racists" or "narrow-minded nationalists" or "haters" and their views aren't aired at all by the mainstream media. It's as if they either don't exist, or else their crazy, right-wing views are too marginal to be worthy of airtime.

Our so-called leaders lie to us, too. They lie endlessly and they always have. They rely on us having short memories and being too tied up just trying to survive to actually analyze what they SAY and what they DO and the ENORMOUS gulf that separates the words from the deeds. The truth is that it is those in government who are our REAL enemies, not some imaginary Islamic 'terrorist' throwing a rock somewhere in the Middle East. Aldous Huxley spelled it out for us half a century ago. He warned us that our governments (in combination with what he called the Power Elite) never stop working AGAINST us: we, the people who foolishly put them where they are. This statement probably would have struck many as pretty crazy even as recently as 10 years ago, but increasingly no longer, thankfully.

Prior to 9/11, it was argued by many that western governments had at least attempted, in good faith, to make the world a better place; it was simply that whatever they did they couldn't win. It might have been down to incompetence, laziness, nepotism, poor decision-making - corruption, even. But nonetheless, most folks believed that their imperfect governments were at least TRYING to make the world a better place. The events of 9/11, however, should disabuse us of any such false notions concerning the 'goodwill' of our leaders. 9/11 was the biggest rupture yet in the notional 'normalcy membrane' referred to above. We now know these horrific attacks were not the work of Arab extremists, but rather of domestic US agencies headed by Bush & Cheney and operating with the full blessing of those two traitors. The evidence is overwhelming and unanswerable.

This is a leap of faith that a lot of people understandably find very difficult indeed to make. It's very hard to suspend a life-long unquestioning belief in our president and government. But the evidence means we MUST, and waking up to the reality DOES bear fruit once you get past the initial sickening shock and disgust that these FILTH could do such unspeakable things to their own people. An awful lot of other stuff in other areas starts falling neatly into place whereas it hadn't made sense before. Once a person finally comes to accept Huxley's assertion that it is our own governments that are the REAL enemy, then the fog lifts from their eyes and they can see much more clearly what is ACTUALLY happening, WHY it's happening and in WHOSE selfish interest it is happening.

9/11 gave us such an invaluable insight into the way these entities think that the events of that day must NEVER be allowed to be forgotten. They are a powerful illustration of how despicably low governments can stoop in order to further the ends of themselves and their paymasters. When that fragile balloon skin tore that day, we glimpsed the horrors of what an out-of-control government is capable of. These people have the minds of monsters. There is clearly NOTHING they are not capable of doing in their pursuit of world domination. They have done MORE THAN ENOUGH to warrant being descended upon by massed ranks of the country's armed patriots and the time for action is fast approaching. Meanwhile, let's continue to get the message out and spare no effort in telling folks what these demons incarnate are REALLY all about...


apollonian said...

"Meanwhile, let's continue to get the message out and spare no effort in telling folks what these demons incarnate are REALLY all about..." -Phaedrus

* * * * *

Christian-Inspired Honesty Does Best To Lend Clarity, Simplicity
(Apollonian, 21 Aug 08)

Actually comrade Phaedrus, I suspect we've already done quite a lot towards "getting word out" (see my work at under "commentary" heading)--yes, indeed, things really are messed-up, situation normal, eh?--in this classically TRAGIC world, as Greeks told and taught us about long ago.

So now given analysis and plan, we need to get started on doing something specific--sooooooo, what's that, again?--regarding what we need to do?

Okay, so let's go over that analysis again

(1) Humans are sinners, given to HUBRIS, lies, and lying. But regardless, within CYCLIC history, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, these human animals are capable of being successful, as long as they minimize their lying to one another, and after some blundering about, again within the cyclic course of history, they achieve success of a sort.

(2) But as things are cyclic, humans, after a period of success--as for USA--get OVER-POPULATED, and lying begins to predominate once again, as we see. USA, in all its glory, just produced tooooooo many morons, I'm afraid.

(3) Thus USA, due to over-population of morons, was taken over by Jews, most expert liars and frauds, who run that supreme lying/fraud mechanism, the COUNTEFEITING scam called US Federal Reserve (Fed) Bank--see for expo/ref.

(4) So there we are for neat, general analysis, but problem isn't fully solved as still not enough over-populated weaklings acknowledge the analysis--THEY NEVER WILL.

Rather, these weaklings MUST SIMPLY DIE-OUT, and the strong and able must be WILLING TO BE PATIENT. After all, there are still a LOT OF WEAKLINGS, who believe in lies, still left to enforce the EMPIRE (ZOG-Mammon) OF LIES.

(5) So u see comrade Phaedrus--it isn't easy is it?--even when we see and know very much what problem is within this ZOG-Mammon empire of LIES.

And observe again that we know SO MUCH what problem is, even in specific detail: (a) Jews, and (b) that practical COUNTERFEIT mechanism of theirs.

(6) And observe then those Jews, so clever, AS THEY KNOW JUST HOW TO USE THOSE "WEAKLINGS" against real patriots and "heroes" like us.

(7) It makes one wonder how the scum are "weak" if they can defeat such patriots like us, who can even discern quite accurately what/how things are which work so infernally against us. Life sure sucks (Greek TRAGEDY, again).

So again observe we heroes must be PATIENT, and not merely so brilliantly observant and analytical.

(8) Thus comrade Phaedrus, I submit u need to be a little more analytic and consider the lies Pharisaics use to set up that big practical COUNTERFEIT fraud they then use against us.

(9) Observe "neo-cons" (see for expo/ref.), who are basically just Jews and master-minds thereof, following their guru, Leo Strauss, feature what they call THE "NOBLE LIE"--which in fact, derives all the way fm Plato who famously equated (a) Truth, (b) "good," and (c) beauty. But Christ emphasized TRUTH, definitive above all, as in Gosp. JOHN 8:32 and 14:6.

(10) Phaedrus: do u begin to "get-it"?--neo-cons use MORALISM-PHARISAISM to justify their lies.

(11) I could go further for details, but I'm going to cut it short here, and plead with u once again to start to beginning to get smart, comrade Phaedrus--PLEASE BEGIN TO "GET A CLUE."


(13) For there is, as there only could be, NOTHING "moral" beyond HONESTY, and Christian honesty and truth require and demand u drop this "good-evil" child's bullshit UNLESS u can begin to substantiate a serious criterion which holds for all cases, under all conditions, at all times--WHICH NO ONE HAS EVER DONE in all history of philosphy and ethics.

CONCLUSION: So u see good comrade Phaedrus, once again, proverbial "ball" is in ur "court." "Put-up" or cease and desist with this "good-evil" crap--it's same hang-up with ur comrade, the effeminate Curt Maynard ('ve hit a dead-end, and u need to START THINKING in serious manner. Real issue is Christian-Western truth, honesty, and objectivity vs. Jew/Talmudic/Babylonian lies, hubris, and subjectivity. "Good-evil" is balderdash for children and weaklings; get smart--GET HONEST. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Phaedrus, I have only recently been reading your blog and note that this character Apollonian frequently attacks your views and expects you to conform to his own(whatever they may be - I can't tell as nothing much he writes makes any sense.) You write very well and very clearly and understandably and get the message over in a way most people can easily understand. I don't see any need for a change. Anyway, this character Apollonian could be a Jew stooge just trying to undermine your hard work. Ever think about that possibility? They get everywhere, you know - disinformers.

apollonian said...

Jew Troll Gives Telling Indication For Necessary Dialectic
(Apollonian, 22 Aug 08)

Hey Anon: we know how Jew stooges work and operate--I myself have become quite expert analyzing and categorizing type of Jew pukes and stooges and trolls. And I absolutely guarantee u are one of them (trolls)--if not outright Jew, u're Jew-friendly.

One thing about Jews is THEY ALWAYS, always, always LIE--always--as for urs to effect I (as in my outstanding essay, above) don't make any sense, stupid, brainless punk.

But u're right, I'm rather tough on good comrade Phaedrus, as he'd expect me to be. And Phaedrus is excellent writer indeed, but this "good-evil" problem is one that needs to be thrashed out, a fallacy central and crux to Jew hereticalist complex under-lying ZOG-Mammon beast/empire.

And we can all be sure comrade Phaedrus well understands the issue, and he's getting all his reasoning and arguments together, preparing to present at the proper, appropriate time.

Next time u bother taking up space on blogs with ur posts, be sure to try to say something substantial--we already know Phaedrus is good, competent essayist; that isn't the issue, dipshit. Purpose of blogging is to get informative dialectic upon substantive issues.

Thus ZOG-Mammon and Judeo-conspirators must be defeated definitively by means of solid Christian reason and anti-hereticalism, founded in TRUTH and HONESTY--against especially "good-evil" Pelgian heresy/fallacy/delusion which confuses the people.

CONCLUSION: Pelagian heresy fm Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians is and has been most "active" historical force in latest Modern era and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Patriots and anti-semites need a new "active" force to resurge Christian West against ZOG-Mammon, and this must be that basic Christian HONESTY which over-rules Pharisaic "good-evil." So thanks much for ur brainless "input," stupid Jew troll; ur so-called argument is telling in its negative way, indubitably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Bro. Phaedrus, this, below-copied, was first posted over at Greg Bacon's; it's appropriate here too, I submit, for our continuing dialectic we've been having. A.]

Liberation Movement Must Feature, Be Consistent With, New "Active Historical Force"
(Apollonian, 23 Aug 08)

WTC-7 was obvious, classic controlled demo, building falling at free-fall speed, not hit by plane, etc.--evidence is overwhelming.

Thus working hyposthesis MUST necessarily be (for science) controlled demo, and now contras (who work for Judeo-conspiratorial liars and disinfo agents) must PROVE it wasn't controlled demo, for which proof/argument they fail signally, pathetically alleging, for example, there were no explosion sounds, etc., which is patently against overwhelming evidence, even recorded audially and on video.

So question now is what to do, exactly, specifically.

And note there's (at least) one easy thing basically: remember that original Christianity was inspired by quest for TRUTH against organized, conspiratorial LIES, Christ heroic exemplar. And remember then same people and conspirators behind 9-11 are against this Christianity--so they go together.

Otherwise LIES are going to kill our culture/civilization (the good part(s)) unless we get something substantial going as in way of a "movement," something which can achieve and/or gain momentum without too much trouble or contrivance, in natural manner, much as possible.

For if one looks at still-working hist. cycle of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the ACTIVE FORCE of this epoch is and has been neo-Pelagian hereticalism of Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians featuring "higher truth" of "good-evil"--a "good" which actually makes and becomes its own truth and reality.

So the West, in order to re-surge, to COUNTER present disastrous "active force" (of Spenglerian "Decline..."), must activate a stronger, alternative force of its own--which I submit must be HONESTY which sets a new standard for any "morality," and which then will over-rule present neo-Pelagian hereticalism (of child's "good-evil").

So resurgent Christianity then, vehicle of new "active force," must take a certain distinct form, this being ANTI-SEMITISM, and isn't it interesting this is what Christianity was meant to be fm the beginning (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13)?

It's just people must remember, once again, and/or be reminded, real Christianity features TRUTH against lies--NOT child's "good vs. evil," which latter dichotomy is subjective.

For note Jews, "neo-cons," "dual-loyalists," "zionists," and their gentile lackeys aren't "evil"--as they're really just parasitic disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of over-populated suckers who keep falling for the same stupid thing, hereticalism and "good-evil" of idiot children. Jews, et al., aren't "evil" anymore than Typhus is evil--psychopathology isn't "evil."

CONCLUSION: Thus, u see, our task is to "grow" a movement upon same basis as people who are impressed with sheer evidence of WTC-7; thus we feature that necessary ADULT HONESTY--against childish suckers' "good-evil" hereticalism, this hereticalism which renders them such pathetic victims. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Bro. Phaedrus, observe the sublime cultural battle of thesis vs. anti-thesis. Thus u'll note my second paragraph for most explicit thesis below. A.]

Crux Issue Is Adult Honesty, Truth Vs. Child's "Good-Evil" Hereticalism
(Apollonian, 24 Aug 08)

Ken (see, "Silverstein Praises...," 21 Aug 08), the solution is simple: kill and expel the Jews, all of them, the only good one is a dead one--and then, by extension, all their gentile accomplices. Thus we remove criminal conspirators. And formula is quite simple, featuring Western/Christian/objectivity/truth vs. Babylonian/Judaic/subjectivity/lies.

The wrinkle is Jews' friends are those who uphold Jews' greatest psychologic weapon: "good-evil" hereticalist (Pelagianist) delusion/fallacy--observe:

Note further, regarding present economic difficulty, there is required great debt-forgiveness/-repudiation--and this again is best, most easily, served/achieved by means of Jew-expulsion.

Removal of crux Fed COUNTERFEIT (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank fraud) mechanism/scam also is served most expediently by Jew-expulsion.

Only problem now is how to achieve this Jew-Expulsion, and history gives most excellent hints/clues as to how. We merely need definitive Christian, hence anti-semitic re-awakening, revival.

Observe then history is CYCLIC according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler; thus our obvious task is to resurge present cycle which is driven, for "ACTIVE HISTORICAL FORCE," by means of neo-Pelagianist hereticalism ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy) of Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarianism.

For what is "Obama-nation" fueled upon BUT putrid Pelagianist Pharisaist-moralist hereticalism? Why are white folk such gutless, cowardly scum and so willing victims?--but that paralyzing Pharisaism-moralism they've idiotically swallowed/accepted?

Accompanying this gross Pelagianist hereticalism of Spenglerian "Decline" is horrific transformation of Christianity which was designed to be absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) into gross Jew-friendly and accommodationist vehicle/agency it has become as by means of "Judeo-Christianity" (JC)--see and for expo/ref.

Thus to sum-up, one notes real meaning and theme of Christianity, as fm most sublime New Testament (NT) literature, esp. Gosp. JOHN, is truth vs. lies, Christ the heroic exemplar--NOT brainless, idiotic, childish "good vs. evil." For Jews and accomplices are psychopaths and most akin to parasitic disease-of-opportunity afflicting hubristic, over-populated gentile humanity, Jews no more "evil" than disease like Typhus is evil.

Observe now most people are not merely clueless--THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY PARALYZED WITH SHEER FEAR and terror. And this moralist terror is precisely THE VERY reason to remove gross "good-evil" (Pelagian) heresy--AS IT NECESSARILY FEATURES GUILT which is simply form and source of FEAR AND TERROR which then is cultivated and manipulated by topmost Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy).

Thus HONESTY is new necessary "ACTIVE HISTORICAL FORCE" to counter and resurge present Spenglerian "Decline of the West"--PUTTING AN END TO THIS disastrous "good-evil" Pelagianist hereticalist Pharisaism which has destroyed our culture and people.

So again, note Jews aren't "evil"; rather they're just horrific, monstrous disease (subjectivists and frauds), who believe in and worship lies and psychopathology, and we need to simply apply ourselves most rationally with adult honesty--NOT SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY, in that brainless Pharisaist manner of child's "good-evil." See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

CONCLUSION: Again: Key for us mentally is getting serious with cold-blooded INTELLECT--NOT getting hysterical and sanctimonious which just breeds emotion and mindless terror. For "good-evil" is seed-bed of guilt which produces only terror, fear, and self-doubt--which is what we need to get rid of and defeat in order to stride forth to anti-semitic victory. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Here's yet another presentation of the thesis applied fm Greg Bacon's topic. A.]

Bacon Well Exposes Judeo-Conspirators Manipulating People's Terror Borne Of "Good-Evil" Heresy
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 08)

Greg Bacon (see, "Performing...," 23 Aug 08) is eminently justified for his conclusions--regardless of idiot "credentials" of Shyam Sunder, the shit-colored dink.

For observe purpose of any report is information--which "info" is useless unless it's in terms people can understand which Bacon rightfully demands.

Observe any way one looks at it, one must observe WTC-7 was classic controlled demolition, this done by demolition charges--why?--because collapse WAS SOOOOOO PERFECT--it couldn't have been ANYTHING OTHER than such controlled demolition, which is actually such difficult thing to accomplish, as all experts testify, such absolutely PERFECT building implosion--there's no other proper conclusion.

Indeed, it's hardly "conclusion" (for controlled demo)--rather simple observation--which observation gov. now strives to argue against by means of YET MORE special-pleading.

For INDUCTIVE LOGIC and scientific method ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES working hypothesis and tentative conclusion for controlled demo. Simplest evidence of senses must be given priority over gross "special pleading," typical substance of LIES. Traitor gov. now expresses resentment people refuse yet more classic "special pleading" to contrary of simplest evidence of senses. Thus gov. conspiracy theory is built upon special pleading--upon yet more special pleading--LIES upon lies.

Any thesis to contrary of such controlled demolition must make sense without special pleading, which such special pleading necessarily disqualifies anti-thesis--which already in first place is itself mere special pleading.

Thus we have "special pleading" backing-up special pleading against the obvious, necessary INDUCTIVE CONCLUSION for all science and logic.

And now, as scientists, we look for CONFIRMATION of necessary conclusion of INDUCTIVE LOGIC. And we see, for one thing, persistent efforts of gov. conspiracy theorists (to effect it was "al qaeda" responsible, etc.) to lie, cover-up, and intimidate the people--as for instance when they sneeringly demand people "read the report"--before asking questions--who would say this?--and why?--but for criminal conspirators continuing effort to intimidate the people.

Soon enough, people's patience will be exhausted--it's only matter of time--and people's very SURVIVAL depends upon human reason resisting lies and treachery of criminal Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy).

Thus we see YET MORE LYING, and special-pleading, backed up by YET MORE INTIMIDATION, etc. Observe then original inductive conclusion (controlled demo) is simply confirmed evermore.

For "reading" should only be necessary for confirmation of info, as info must make sense, as by means of simple verbal delivery. And if verbal delivery of such info is not understandable, then "reading" is not likely to help--as we see. It's verbal report which is necessarily at issue--AND IT DOESN'T AND DIDN'T MAKE SENSE.

Hence then we observe sad and tragic spectacle of pathetic and horribly disinformed people, so confused, transfixed, and paralyzed in TERROR at betrayal by their own government which is evermore palpably guilty of mass-murder--OF ITS OWN PEOPLE. The poor people have difficulty believing the horrific truth--stunned as their gov. continues to bully and intimidate them.

Thus we observe further such terror and fear of the people is simple result of "good-evil" heresy drummed into the people's mentality over generations.

For "good-evil" breeds GUILT which is mere seed/foundation of fear and terror which Judeo-conspirators manipulate and exploit.

Culturally and socio-biologically, we thus observe liquidation of last remnants of people's childish confidence in traitors and New World Order (NWO) Judeo-conspirators in control.
The people simply need new leadership upon premise of HONESTY--against fatal false premises of "good-evil" (neo-) Pelagianist hereticalism which has thus far betrayed and murdered the people so horribly.

CONCLUSION: People of the West desperately need JEW-EXPULSION, thus original anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) Christianity featuring honesty and truth against Jew lies--like especially "good-evil" fallacy/delusion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian said...

Something we missed.
For the Atlanta Games in 1996, the French synchronised swimming team prepared a routine based on the Holocaust. They were to goose-step toward the pool, before diving in and re-enacting the arrival of female Jews at the concentration camps, their abuse by Nazi doctors and their last march to the gas chambers. It would be set to music from Schindler's List. Alas, reminding us why politicians should never meddle in sport, they were ordered to abandon the enterprise by the then French sports minister, despite their protestations that it had "great emotional value".

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