Saturday, August 9, 2008

A sincere apology to anyone who's ever tried to contact us...

Sorry, folks. This really is very, very overdue, but if you have tried to e-mail World Peace with any form of communication since this blog began some 16 months ago, you will not have received any reply or even acknowledgment. Not only that, but whatever you sent would never even have reached us since all emails have been blocked upstream since day one for security reasons. This has been one of the major reasons why WP's rankings are considerably lower those of other comparable blogs. The reasons behind this 'paranoid stance' will be explained below.

Because of the way things are, the only way you CAN make yourself known is through the comments section, which is of course, readable by everyone and anyone can post to it. There really is no practical alternative, sadly. We have no idea who we are REALLY dealing with; who is genuine and who isn't; emails can be easily forged and intercepted; spyware can be readily downloaded. Such are the times in which we live when telling the Truth has become a crime and one can have one's life destroyed by the evil-doers who currently (but not for very much longer) call all the shots.

At the present time, we're all tapping away on our keyboards relatively undisturbed by our enemies, but that situation is constantly under attack by them. They never cease scheming up ways to deprive us of our liberties and this amazingly powerful tool, the Internet, has given them their biggest headache since the invention of radio. Make no mistake about it: THEY BADLY WANT US ALL SHUT DOWN. If WE had been complicit in 9/11 and all the other horrors that have been visited on the world through our enslavement to Jewish interests, WE TOO would do everything in our power to prevent the truth from coming out. They are no different. Only this remarkable and vital document, the Constitution, and our unremitting defense of it can save us.

For a recent example, notice Bush in his hypocritical lecture to the Chinese about human rights? Note he chided them NOT about their curbs on free speech, but rather on their restrictions on the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. A big and important distinction – take note. It's not hard to imagine, in a country that ratified the Patriot Act, that the stroke of a tyrant's pen could see us all whisked away in the middle of the night to some internment camp, held indefinitely as 'enemies of the state.' For the time being, however, THEY are keeping tabs on who we are and where we are, so when the tyrant finally signs our lives away, we can be swiftly and cleanly taken out. We at WP don't plan on joining y'all at the government's special summer camp, that's all!

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