Saturday, August 2, 2008

British Authorities Expecting Trouble? Part 2.

Yes, they´re expecting trouble alright. A lot of it. And here´s why...
Over 25 years ago, a policy of fiddling with the official inflation figures began. The result now, that is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people (even the perceptively-challenged) is that massive numbers of people are facing the coming winter in freezing cold houses with little to eat. That ought to be enough to start a riot in just about ANY country.

The fact is that the official UK inflation rate is MASSIVELY understated and has been for very many years. Only lately is the absurdity of the official rate attracting the scrutiny of the ordinary peasant on the street, however. Even the most willfully ignorant have woken up to the fact that their currency vouchers are buying less and less. The official headline rate of inflation in the UK at present is in the region of about 3.5%. In reality, the true figure is something closer to 32% - higher than at any time (eclipsing even the previous peek set 32 years ago under the then Labor government of Harold Wilson (Wilson's finance minister at that time was a guy called Dennis Healey (a long-standing member of the scheming Bilderberg Group).

How can this current situation have arisen? It will not surprise regular readers here to learn that those ultimately responsible are the Jews. Once upon a time, the British government adopted an entirely transparent mechanism for monitoring price rises. It was (and technically still is) based on the cost of a 'basket of goods.' Originally, this notional shopping basket held items such as a loaf of bread, a pound of tea, a gallon of heating oil, a joint of beef, a pint of beer and so on. Basic necessities, in essence. Its price was calculated from the average costs of these items in different places in the UK. The resulting inflation figure was pretty accurate, being rooted in what people HAD to have at a basic level.

The official inflation rate is a critically important measure. It was and still is always desirable (for a government) to UNDERstate it. Why? Because it helps to foster faith in the currency and the economy, but also, and crucially, it is the benchmark figure for wage claims. Claims for wage rises (particularly in the public sector) above the rate of inflation are heavily deprecated as they fuel future inflation and can lead to a wage-price spiral (as was the case in Britain in the 1970s). By publishing a misleadingly low official rate of inflation, governments can save BILLIONS every year in public spending by getting the Ingorati to accept pay rises that are in reality, BELOW inflation. Year on year, this effect accumulates until finally it becomes glaringly obvious to all.

That is the situation Britain faces today. The British government has CONNED millions of people from the middle classes downwards, including all its state pensioners, into living on less and less and less as the years go by. All by manipulating the official inflation rate. How was this achieved? It was fiendishly simple. Successive governments have meddled with the contents of the notional 'basket of goods' by gradually replacing certain items with others on the pretext of 'keeping the system current.' Keeping the system up to date is, if done honestly and transparently, no bad thing. But it has not been done this way. The composition of this basket is now changed EVERY year and the staple items that people NEED to SURVIVE have been steadily replaced by junk items that typically devalue quite rapidly: computers and their accessories, widescreen TVs, mobile phones and other hi-tech items that can be explained as forming a significant part of people's outlay.

Things have now reached such a degree of absurdity that the Bank of England now uses a measure called 'core CPI' which totally strips out the cost of food and fuel! The excuse given was that these components were "too volatile" to continue to be included. Well,how remarkably convenient in a country where the cost of a loaf of bread has doubled in the last 6 months! Not only, food, but gas, electricity and water charges in the UK continue to rise HUGELY by an average (over the last few years) of some 50% year-on-year! Yet the peasants are still urged to curb wage demands to below 'the level of inflation' – meaning below 3.5% as opposed to what it is in truth: almost 10 times that figure.

Well, you can keep up such a pretense for just so long before the strains start to show, and boy are they showing in Britain right now! Whilst it would be desirable and refreshing to see the status quo in Britain overturned as a result of the people's waking up to the fact that their country has been taken over by Jews, it's still almost as invigorating to see how the TeeVee loving sans-culottes of lower Britain are being driven to the point of realization through self-deserved cold and starvation. Maybe the first will come in the trail of the second; we can but hope the people of this once-great country will see behind the smokescreens of the media/government lies and identify the REAL culprits and architects of their demise: the Jews.


apollonian said...

Weaklings Must Continue to Die-Off Before Revolutionary Success
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 08)

Comrade Phaedrus, I do follow ur excellent expo and account of facts and details so far as it goes, but I think some HONEST notation needs be made regarding (a) exactly, precisely what's really taking place, and (b) causation thereto. Jews deserve much blame, to be sure, but they're not only ones.

For indeed a huge, putrid, miserable fraud is taking place, no doubt about it. And Jews are indubitably topmost benefactors. But the fraud is much being done by poor, brainless dipshit victims themselves, after all. No, it's no excuse for filthy, scummy Jews, and they will be deservedly EXPELLED, surely, but the fraud, nonetheless, is much by morons who became over-populated in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," thus creating "a (proverbial) situation," after all is said and done.

For note Jews fulfill a distinct socio-biologic (see function, Jews a necessary parasitic disease-of-opportunity which effectively eliminates over-populated weaklings and inferiors fm gentile race--who just go too far in fooling themselves, and who let the Jews into their fatal, poisonous positions in first place.

Jews aren't "evil"--anymore than Typhus disease is "evil."

For at the root of it, note "central banking" is simply one thing: COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref.), quite literally, pure and simple, no ifs, ands, or buts. And the stupid fools of the people very much brought it on themselves--yes, with the willing and gleeful complicity of Jews. And Jews must and will pay, but it's important not to overlook responsibility of people themselves.

And that's FUNDAMENTAL problem of human existence, archetypal question put for all time in New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN, through the character of Pontius Pilate: "What is truth?"

Thus stupid people too often imagine they can just VOTE truth and/or reality into being by means of their idiot wishful thinking. And yes, Jews are right there, egging them (the people) on, indubitably.

So what then needs to happen?--simple: COUNTERFEIT fraud needs to be REMOVED decisively, debt-relief instituted, Jew profiteers absolutely CONFISCATED, interned, etc. But of course, this Jew-expulsion/confiscation isn't going to happen too easily, but only by means of tortuous warfare, etc., and that's why we're having now to endure and contend w. police state as u indicate.

So we need to understand what the cultural solution is going to take: (a) people need to heed inductive logic for problem ("it's Jews, stupid"--see, "It Wasn't Arabs," Nov 03 archives), and act accordingly--this then will entail mainly top-level leadership, a small fraction of the volk.

(b) The other, parallel avenue will require great CHRISTIAN AWAKENING to effect of proper Christian anti-semitism--for anti-semitism (anti-Talmud as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) is very purpose of Christianity, after all--which most people (and "Christians") need to re-learn.

Meantime note, historically, we observe many, many inferiors and weaklings MUST FIRST die-out before remnant survivors are enabled to face stark facts and anti-semitic necessities, and that it's no longer expedient to be "mighty-white," "generous" and "big-hearted" so as to continue entertaining this Jew disease out of "charity" and especially, moralism-Pharisaism, especially anti-antisemitism.

Rather people must be forthright and honest and proceed to decisive Jew-expulsion.

Get it?--inferiors and weaklings need to face stark facts: THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL." There's just truth and honesty--and nothing against these (truth and honesty)can be tolerated. Only then, after such child's "good-evil" Pelagianism and hereticalism is eliminated fm people's mentality will they be able to successfully resist and counter-act Jew-disease.

So it would seem we're still a good ways off fm serious chance/opportunity for successful anti-semitic REVOLUTION (much like French Rev. of 1789).

CONCLUSION: Thus as we continue to suffer, and weaklings die-off, meantime we must preach and teach the people who remain by that two-fold, parallel method, (a) rationalist induction and (b) honest Christianity, hence anti-semitism. Moralism-Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy must be defeated by means of HONESTY and most ruthless, merciless REASON. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Inflationary depression.. coming your way. I recommend a purchasing black rifle or AK variants rapidly.

Barney said...

We Brits know what's going on, though most aren't aware of who/what really runs this country (into the ground). The perpetrators have passed "hate" laws preventing them being named, and we've been fully disarmed following false-flag attacks such as Dunblane and Hungerford. The criminals (in government as well as on the streets) are the only ones allowed the means to defend themselves against rightfully-enraged decent people - and they will!

Btw, when are you going to see through that barely-literate Jew-troll "Apollonium", Phaedrus? Can't you see his excessively-long posts have no substance, and that all he does is repost the same gibberish every time? Look at what he did to Curt Maynard and others. Do you think you can somehow survive by appeasing this idiot? If so, I hope you're right, though I have my doubts.

He insults other posters, dismissing them as fools, idiots, trolls and Jews, and then hogs almost the entire comment section as his own personal blog.