Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Adios Alberto Gonzales - and good riddance

Someone whose name now escapes Phaedrus once observed a phenomenon in business and wrote a whole book about it. The title of this work, like it's author, is now lost to memory. But the trust of the book certainly isn't. The essential message was that every man is promoted to the level of his own incompetence and should accept demotion gracefully when this becomes clear.

So it was with Gonzales, a grubby little wet-back immigrunt from Dubya's favorite country: Mexico. Gonzales was so keen to show his appreciation to the Chimp (ugh, sorry, Chief) that he basically tore up the Constitution in supplication to America's Worst Ever President and the rest has been most unfortunate history indeed.

Gonzales was so grateful and 'grovelsome' to Bush that he trashed America's reputation around the world in order to repay the favor he had been showed. Torture, ill-treatment, extraordinary rendition, detention for years without trial or even charge; preventing suspects from seeking legal advice, branding them as outside the protections of the Geneva Convention, the Constitution and dispensing with Judicial Independence are just some of third-world initiatives Gonzales predictably brought to his job as Attorney General of the US.

Many years later, our once incandescent reputation as the world's policeman lies in a fetid pile of moldering dog's shit, thanks to Gonzales' efforts. We are now more mistrusted, despised and hated around the world (and justifiably so) than at any time in our history. We now enjoy the same sort of reputation for impartiality, even-handedness and Justice as some shit-hole country in central Africa or the far east. Our people are now far more at risk of attack both at home and abroad as a result of the cauldron of resentment stirred up by the policies of Gonzales and his soul-mate, Cheney.

Bush has appeared on TV, angrily denouncing the "months of unfairness" that his former AG has had to endure as a result of political attacks from the Democrats and whatnot. This made Phaedrus practically choke! What about the poor bastards that have spent 5 years or more being tortured in Gitmo for NO good goddamn reason? AND all the other folks that have been spied on illegally by 'our' so-called government under the guise of 'counter-terrorism.' Forget about the rag-heads and Islamists; these are people like you and me; hard working white folks whose privacy and protections have been trampled over. Is that not a far greater outrage? According to the Chimp, no. The sooner that Simian joins the rest of the cast of this sinking ship in resigning, the better for every decent American.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Redefining Nationality II

Britain is once again under assault by a Jewish lobby group intent on burying the Islands' noble history and completely re-writing it to fit in with the Jews' modernization agenda which can be summed up by the motto: 'Embracing Trash.'

Source: BBC News:
"Gordon Brown [new British Prime Minister] should create a new public holiday in November to thank community heroes, a think tank has urged.
The Institute for Public Policy Research says the special day may also help Brown's goal of building a British Identity.
Spokeswoman Kate Stanley said: 'We need a day when people give something back to their communities,' adding that the day would help celebrate British diversity."

Well this is going to be SOME day, isn't it? It will honor local heroes, it will give people a chance to put back something into the community, it will help in the building of a British identity and it will celebrate British diversity. Has anyone spotted something odd here? The last two aims are mutually exclusive. British identity is the very antithesis of British diversity (whatever the hell "British diversity" means, but I think we can probably guess, can't we , kids?)

This is yet another shabby attempt by the Jews that infest the corridors of Whitehall to re-define Britishness. We know darn well that this holiday, if introduced, will be celebrating multiculturalism, honoring the contribution made to British life by immigration, foreign culture, gay and lesbian issues, tolerance, understanding, anti-racism and love for those who are different to us. This is the new 'Britishness' that the Jews want to foist onto the people of that once-great country. It has absolutely Jack to do with ethnic Britishness and its true values and is in fact all about DESTROYING it.

The same kind of revisionist crap is going on throughout the entire Western world today. There's very little appetite for it from the people, but given that so many countries in the West are now run by the Jews, we can expect to see a lot more of it. It's funny how the Jews can re-write what the hell they like about OUR history and heritage, but we're not even allowed to so much as look into how many of their people really died in the so-called Holocaust. Yet more double standards in favor of the Jews, it seems.

Disarming America II

It cannot have escaped our collective attention that for many decades now, our movie industry has glamorized the illicit use of firearms. Take any new thriller release and you will, almost without exception, find a cover shot of some cool-looking dude toting a slick semi-automatic pistol, an Uzi, or an assault rifle. The list of such films is endless. James Bond was probably the first character in popular fiction to marry the handgun with the sharp tuxedo to set the style off and the rest has been history and much movie theater ticket $ale$ and swelled coffers have resulted.

Never one single month goes by without some cool-lookin' dude totin' a pistol (or oftentimes something very much heavier) on the cover shot of some new Hollywood release. Think about it. Seriously! Try to write down every single film you have ever seen that glamorizes firearms and you will be up all night, writing furiously and you will still never exhaust the long, long, long list of titles going back over half a century. If you don't believe old Phaedrus, or have simply led a very sheltered life, just take a mosey around your local video rental store and verify the above statement for yourself.

Anyone with any sense must surely be able to see a correlation between these crappy movies and today's tally of gun killings. Guns are NOT a fashion accessory, in spite of what Hollywood unceasingly tells us to the contrary. Guns are enjoyable sporting accessories and a vital means of civil and self defense against an attack by the criminal(s) against the law-abiding. So why have these oh-so-important-opinion-formers in Hollywood and elsewhere chosen to show the gun in an altogether more glamorous and dangerous light?

Young people and young BLACK people in particular are incredibly vulnerable to the influences of popular culture and STYLE. If the movie makers in Hollywood project an image that makes it glaringly obvious that stuffing a gun down your waistband is "cool" then that's what you've gotta do! Then of course the same bunch of opinion formers tell you that if someone "disses you" (shows you disrespect, for the grown-ups reading this) in any manner you gotta blow their sorry ass away, then that's what you gotta do, too!

The inescapable conclusion from the above observations (which anyone with any experience of movie-going will well know) is that Hollywood (96% Jewish controlled) is using its immense influence to encourage gun violence among our young people. But why the hell would they want to do that??

Simple minded folk will just look at the overall picture of gun crime in our country and conclude that this madness must end. They won't look deeply into the core issue at all; it is just plain obvious that guns must be outlawed! it simply won't occur to the average American regular-movie-going cretin that the REAL blame lies with the movie-makers who have re-defined the gun's significance in celluloid for their own purposes - to fuel outrageous levels of gun violence in our cities in order to engender a tide of popular pressure to have all private gun ownership banned!

Some day yet to come, the majority of the American people may just be brainwashed enough to be screaming for guns to be outlawed - rather than for FILMS that glamorize and misrepresent the gun to be banned. Only people like you and me can stand between them and the government of the day to ensure that it's the Hollywood FILTH that gets flushed down the tube and NOT our inviolable gold standard: the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jews silence another blogger

Alentus Internet Corporation has just informed one of it's customers, one Arthur Topham, that it can no longer host his site, the Radical Press. This disturbing item below has been plucked from The Radical Press's website. Mr. Topham's spirited response to the news that his site was being pulled makes for inspiring reading...

Article begins:

And so here we have another case of sad but true. Freedom of expression on the net in Canada is only a relative concept and subject to approval by the Jews who actually run this country. I refer to the B’nai B’rith, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defacation League (for they are an anal group of assholes, no?), the Anti-Racist Action goons and all the other Jew orgs and affiliated groups who support limiting freedom of expression and controlling the minds of those dumbed-down goofball Canuck goyim.

Just how long I’ll be online (should Jonathan catch a glimpse of this critique) is anyone’s guess. There are servers in the states yet where I shall likely go and give my hard-earned Canadian dollars so that I can continue to publish. The next step will be the Jew-controlled Canadian Human Rights Commission threatening to send me to Germany for a stay with Ernst and Germar. Perhaps I should say that the Jewish Holocaust is a bunch of Jewish shit that they’ve been stuffing in the face of the world since the Commies (read Jews) took over the camps in 1945. Maybe that will get their ire up, eh? :-)

Whatever. As MacArthur (bless his soul) once said, “I shall return.” Arthur Topham, Editor. The Radical Press.

My reply to Alentus is posted below their ultimatum.]

Jonathan Ritter8/24/07 2:19 PM jritter@alentus.com

Re: Customer - The Radical Press (6061), radicalpress.com

Hello Arthur,

I am writing to let you know that Alentus is no longer able to provide hosting services to you.

Your hosting services will be terminated as of 1700 hours MDT on August 31, 2007.


Jonathan Ritter
President and CEO
Alentus Corporation
750, 10909 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J3L9


Friday evening,
August 25th, 2007

Dear Jonathan.

Thank you for the heads up. I will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that I have all my work and files transferred to a reputable server by 1700 hours MDT on August 31, 2007.

Your actions betray the fact that Alentus Corporation is just another server under the domination and control of the Jews.

These control freaks aren’t content with owning and manipulating the print media, the television, the movie industry, the publishing industry, the porn industry, the booze industry and so on. They damn well know that the Internet is their Achilles Heel in terms of free people honestly expressing their opinions and their ideas, especially if these opinions differ with the Jew’s occult agenda and the exposure their demented efforts to thwart all free expression of ideas which criticize their greed, megalomania and political agenda for total global control of all aspects of our lives.

Congratulations Jonathan. You now join the infamous ranks of all those companies who have succumbed to the bullshit that the B’nai B’rith and the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League have been feeding Canadians for decades upon decades in their incessant effort to manipulate Canadian consciousness and protect their own diabolical actions. You can feel proud of yourself for having sold out your soul and your country to a group of international elitists who don’t give a flying fuck about you, Canada or the fragile democracy that we, as a nation, fought so damned hard and shed so much needless blood to achieve.

The innate freedom of human beings to express their thoughts on whatever topic they wish is one of the fundamental rights of a true and real democracy.

You might consider the fact that even the Jew created organization known as the United Nations explicitly states in Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Your complicity with those who would suppress thought for personal power and monetary gain and your deliberate interference with my rights in refusing to host my website places you and your company in the same camp of enemies of democracy as any other fascist/communist/totalitarian dictatorship where human dignity and independent expression are ground into the dirt by the bloody heel of repression, ignorance and power-crazed greed.

So have a nice life and make lots of money, eh?

Arthur Topham

The Demise of Michael Vick

It is to be hoped that this son of a bitch gets a sentence at the top end of the possible range. Furthermore, it would only be fitting for this nigger to banned for life from any further involvement with the NFL. Breaking news on the wire also suggests that “rap artist” DMX has also just been busted for involvement in dog fighting. If true, it can only be hoped that this similar pile of shit winds up in the slammer for many years to come. Someone once said on the satirical Nigger Mania site, niggermania.com that if dogs could type they'd be there too bashing niggers likewise. Ain't it the truth!

CNN's latest progaganda: God's Warriors

Phaedrus, like countless others, has just wasted 6 hours of his life watching this pile of crap from Cable Jews Network. Have YOU seen it? No? You are fortunate indeed. This concise summary of just one paragraph will take about 2 minutes to read and save you 5hr.58m of your valuable time and won't insult your intellect like the original. Here's the synopsis:

Basically, 99% of Arabs are ruthless terrorists who will happily kill anyone, women, children and the disabled included, in cold blood to get a free ticket to paradise. On the other hand, only about 1.5% of Jews were terrorists but they've since renounced violence. The Jews didn't get Israel through terrorism (let's conveniently forget the atrocities of Stern and Irgun shall we) and in reality only sort-of-half-swindled the Palestinians out of it with a few slick tricks. And anyway God gave them the land (it says so in Genesis) and who would dare question the Bible?
Further, the Jews enjoy tremendous support from evangelical Christians who concur that the foundation of Israel was a major step in the path to the realization of God's Plan. The Arabs are all bastards and the Jews and the Christians are in full agreement on this. When the end of the world comes and the Messiah appears to redeem the True Believers, he might be Jewish or he might be Christian, but he certainly won't be Islamic for CNN has spoken!!!

Incredibly, dear reader, that is the sum total of this embarrassingly pointless three-part series. Phaedrus was somewhat confused after watching it, because the Jews and the Christians are being portrayed as best buddies-in-arms in a just fight against Muslims, who are all evil hate-mongers and suicide bombers.

Reality check please! Phaedrus personally knows NO Christians that have anything but a healthy contempt for the Jews. Even Jesus (Jewish himself) said that the Jews were of their father: the Devil. That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement of Judaism - from one who would clearly know - does it?

Furthermore, Phaedrus would like to point out that though he has met countless Arabs, he has never yet met one who was in any way discourtious or aggressive or whatever. Likewise, Phaedrus has met countless Jews. And uniquely, among all the foreign peoples of Phaedrus acquaintance, he has never, ever, met a nice Jew. Not even once. They have all, without exception, been (at best) slimy manipulators and exploitative back-stabbers who use a person for as long as it suits them and then dumps them.

No one likes to have to leave their kids by a complete stranger for so much as 5 minutes (it's every parent's worst nightmare) but with no foreknowledge of the potential trustees involved, and if there were no other option, Phaedrus would be far, far happier to leave his children with an unknown Arab than an unknown Jew by a very BIG margin.

One doesn't have to look too far for an explanation for God's Warriors, this epic theft of valuable time and Crime Against Truth: CNN is owned by AOL Time-Warner - 100% Jewish-owned - lock, stock and barrel. Now who would have guessed that, huh?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


That's the clarion call from the media nowadays. We are constantly being urged to abandon the old and embrace change. And this call is being echoed by powerful and insistent voices within Western governments too. Retaining conservative values is painted as old fashioned and stuffy. Rather, we should welcome new, "trendy values" that in the past we may have been foolish enough to fear.

The curious thing, however, is that almost all the "new values" we are being urged to adopt are utterly poisonous to society. Concepts such as uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism; inter-racial relationships, "black is beautiful," homosexuality, lesbianism, one-parent families, the effacing of Christianity, the prevalence of pornography, the pursuit of transient fame and the obsession with 'celebrity culture' are all, without exception, utter garbage and totally worthless.

The qualities of diligence, hard work, moral standards and honesty that made this once-great country what it once was and could be again are eschewed and in their place we are being sold a crock of shit. This is no accident. It is all part of the Zionist agenda and more and more people are waking up to this fact, thanks to the Internet. In fact recent studies in Britain have shown that parents within normal, healthy families are quietly telling their kids not to pay any heed to the garbage values espoused by the mass media in that country and the kids are (thank God) taking that message on board.

It is heartening to learn that despite decades of attempted brain-washing by Britain's Jew-controlled media, the broad mass of the people recognize that political-correctness is a poisonous, nonsensical concept that will wreck society over time and that regardless of what anyone tells them, they are not prepared to have their children grow up believing such dangerous bullshit. The reports caused some considerable dismay within the Labour government and there were calls from some MPs to do something to "tackle the problem." Quite what such measures might amount to is beyond Phaedrus' imagination. Thankfully, it remains inconceivable that ANY agency could interpose itself between parents and their children!

From our point of view, then, our proper course of action is clear. We should loudly reject and repudiate everything that is being forced on us by our Jewish masters in Washington and elsewhere. Speak out fearlessly against homosexuality. Proclaim loudly that it is a wicked and disgusting practice and that those who indulge in it are sick and twisted individuals. Speak out against inter-racial relationships, for no good ever comes to the white partner who is foolish enough to engage in a relationship with a Negro. Such relationships ALWAYS end in tears - and very frequently far worse. Speak out against immigration and moves that would increase it, such as the formation of an American Union or free trade area. Shout your views from the rooftops. And above all, tell your children. TELL THEM LOUD AND TELL THEM OFTEN.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It’s either us or them. It’s as simple as that.

The Jews are out to destroy us. They plan to wipe us out not with a bang, but with a whimper (as the saying goes). The stakes are at an all-time high and this current level of tension is unlikely ever to be re-visited in the lifetimes of our children, or our children’s children.

Jews enjoy heretofore unprecedented power in the Western world today. All their long-cherished dreams and ultimate goals were about to be realized when (thank God!) the Internet came along and really screwed things up for them. Don’t count on any such Divine intervention in the future, however; this is the last chance we’re ever likely to get. And if we blow THIS one, then in all honesty perhaps we DO indeed DESERVE to be inter-bred into slaves for the Jews (plain and simple Darwinism in action)...

At the present time, as in many, many prior eras, the Jews control the government, the media, the judiciary, the monetary system, equities, the price of commodities and everything else of any relevance in the world today. Though they continually claim to be acting in our best interests, they are in fact only acting in their OWN, which is all they have EVER done throughout ALL of recorded history.

Since AD. 250, the Jews have been kicked out of 109 different places around the world. They are NOT a misunderstood, persecuted minority as they would have us believe; they are total POISON to decent societies and have been dealt with accordingly and will be again soon here, too (by God’s grace).

Let’s expose what they do with their power today in the mass media they control. Firstly, they encourage young and often underage white girls to engage in sexual relations with older black men and black youths. They encourage this behavior with the foreknowledge that no good ever comes of it to our race. This is not negligence or happenstance; it’s intentional. And if a subnormal fetus arises from this union – as it all too often does - then so much the better for the Jew, for it results in a retarded life-form - a future acquiescent slave and/or progenitor thereof. Better still if the white female becomes sterile from a sexual disease arising out of the encounter, because the Jew is dedicated to wiping out white Europeans and is continually working towards this goal. Our people are the only realistic challenger to Jewish supremacy and anyone that's too smart is a threat to the New World Order and must be eliminated one way or another.

The Jews use their complete control of the media to extol the virtues of homosexual relations and inter-racial relationships; that they are not in the least abnormal and are simply ”modern” and that anyone who doesn’t agree is either ”old-fashioned” or (here step through several shades of insults on a predetermined scale) some evil Nazi sociopath.

They encourage young white girls of as little as 11 years of age to despise themselves via impossible-to-achieve role models of feminine slimness; thereby weakening their self-esteem and making them more likely to accept inferior genetic phenotypes (such as Negroes) as sexual partners. This is an utterly VILE crime against the sanctity of childhood and much else besides.

They use their power in politics to ensure that year-by-year, academic standards in public schools across the USA and Europe fall imperceptibly lower until - over decades - the kids are fed little more than hog-mush by way of learning. In this way their position is less threatened than it otherwise would be from confident, self-assertive, educated adults who might question the legitimacy of this utterly bizarre state-of-affairs. Russia is one of the few remaining countries to have bucked this trend which is why it is under constant attack from Zionists and their cronies both here in the US and in Europe. They plan to create a New World Order and if it is to succeed, it requires ALL developed countries to fall in line. Just ONE renegade, no matter how small, and the whole project is threatened. And Russia ain't small!

Their global media interests enable them to oust any decent, educative forms of entertainment in favor of garbage TV series like Friends, Sex in the City, or American Idol where academically-bright students are continually tempted to throw away a promising career in the hope of achieving transitory, worthless celebrity status; thereby prostituting their future for a worthless pile of ephemeral shit. As washed-up has-beens by the age of 25 and having thrown their futures away, they will never be in a position to threaten the Jew by breaking into the higher professions successfully.

They pollute the TV channels they control with base pornography. Anything to convince the unwitting viewer to mix his/her genes with those of a different race. It is at once both sickening and criminal that we should have to suffer these outrages in our country today. Mixing the bloodline is something that the Jews constantly encourage OUR people to do; yet feel it within their own race to be the most despicable betrayal of all. Many Rabbis maintain that to marry-out from The Jewish Faith is every bit as fatal to the Tribe as was the so-called Holocaust. Curious double standards, it seems.

The next time you see Niggers cavorting with young white women in a sexually-suggestive fashion on MTV or TRL, just remember that there’s an agenda at work here. It’s no accident. It’s not fashionable. It’s not normal. It’s poison. It’s a poison in our children’s minds that must be eradicated. Control of the media must be stripped from the Jews, as must control of much else besides. There is no excuse for failure.

Why can’t we have a President like Russia's Putin?

Russia has developed exceptionally strongly under Putin’s leadership, following the shambles of the Yeltsin era. The country is contented, prosperous, predominantly white and, best of all, Jew-free in all important respects. It is an example to everyone around the world of how a country can succeed financially AND morally if it dumps pinko, liberal values and adopts a staunch, nationalist stance that eschews everything espoused by the Jews; policies that have caused so much dysfunctional misery here in the West.

The contrast between Putin and Bush is stark indeed. Putin is everything the Bush is not. He’s a true Patriot, he's not an alcoholic; he’s a fitness fanatic and a judo champion; he’s a clear-headed, determined leader with a positive, Jew-free vision of his country’s future, he’s not a washed-up booze hound on his last legs, he puts the interests of HIS people – ethnic Russians – FIRST and rewards young white Patriots with Commissar status. His focus is on Russia alone and he justifiably enjoys an unprecedented 80% approval rating from the Russian people.

What has Bush achieved here in the US? Let’s give credit where it’s due. Bush is undoubtedly the most successful throwback to ever enter politics. It’s hard to imagine any other chimpanzee ever getting elected to the White House, even though the results have been laughably similar. Does Bush enjoy popular support here? No. Does Bush put American interests first? No. All he ever keeps advancing are the interests of the Jews and Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel.....

In fact, Bush might as well emigrate to Israel to spend the rest of his miserable, washed-up days. Since the place is so obviously close to his heart, it’s the only sensible move to make. Would America be better off without Bush at the helm? It’s hard to imagine how it could possibly be worse, but the answer depends on who is to succeed him. Is it too much to ask that the next president of the USA not be in the pocket of Israel and the Jews? Is it too much to ask that the next president roll back the fetid tide of political-correctness and put white Americans of European decent FIRST for a change?

And while we’re about it, can we have a president that tells Israel that too much American blood has been spilled in its cause over the years and they must fight their OWN battles? Can we also have someone that tells them the endless handouts of billions of our hard-earned tax-dollars will stop forthwith? And someone that breaks up their media monopoly? And maybe someone who will stand up to their dominance of the courts and the legislature? And maybe someone who will jail or execute those Jews who steal and/or prostitute our children’s futures by raping them of their innocence? Is all this too much to ask?

UK Climate Protestors Futile Battle with Thuggish Police at London Airport

They really needn’t bother. The whole thing isn’t worth another cracked skull. It’s too late to do anything about climate change. The tipping point has already been passed and if we never produced another single cubic foot of CO2 the planet would still continue to heat up overall and we’re all doomed! No, really – we are!

Phaedrus has been at odds with fellow bloggers who claim climate change is just a scam to fiddle us out of yet more money. Phaedrus believes it’s no such thing and is in fact, a genuine force to be reckoned with. However, despite our differences, we all agree on what to do about it, and that is all that really counts!

Those who believe it’s a scam advocate no change in the way we live our lives; carry on driving SUVs, carry on flying 150 miles down the road rather than driving; carry on using central heating and air-con at the same time and so forth and so on; there’s nothing to worry about.

Phaedrus’ view is that there’s nothing to worry about, either, because it’s simply TOO LATE now to take any action to reverse the situation. One should only worry about things that are within one’s control; not things that are outside of it. And climate change is now way outside of our control.

So Phaedrus is happy to endorse the continued extravagant use of SUVs on the school run and short-hop flights and central heating/air-con ad nauseam. It’s fine. Go nuts. Don’t buy into low-emission computer monitors and electric cars and recycling and all that shit. There’s no point. Do nothing and don’t change your lifestyle one iota. On that as on much else, Phaedrus and his fellow bloggers are fully agreed.

This may all sound rather sarcastic, but it’s not intended that way. Climate change isn’t a scam, but the marketing surrounding how we ought to remedy it IS. Please don’t fall for this bullshit. Carry on as normal! The planet’s dying and there’s not a goddamn thing anyone can do about it, least of all the individual consumer. Do you really think walking your kids to school is going to compensate for China’s capitol city alone registering another 1,000 cars every DAY? If you do, you MUST be nuts!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani doesn't favor the creation of a Palestinian state...

At least that is ONE thing that Phaedrus and Jewliani agree on, then, albeit for different reasons.

Jewliani is setting out his stall to impress the Jews whom he hopes will back him in his run at the Presidency, whereas Phaedrus is simply stating the obvious: there is ALREADY a Palestinian state. It's called Palestine!

All that needs to be done to resolve the problem is for the bankrupt, illegal pseudo-state of "Israel" to be disestablished and the land returned to its rightful owners, the Palestinians.

Not one square inch of that land will EVER legitimately belong to a Jew, not even if it were occupied for a thousand years. JEWS OUT OF PALESTINE NOW!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Goodbye Karl Rove - and good riddance

There was a fragment of a news report Phaedrus saw on American Morning (yeah, well what can you do?) that seemed to suggest that Karl Rogue is stepping down at the end of this month. If so, good riddance to bad rubbish. Rogue has spent his tenure just like his good ol' boss, Bush; selling out our national interests to the Jews. That's what he'll be remembered for most by this blogger. No further comment necessary.

"Tiger" Woods???

Why do Negroes like Woods always have this obsession with sexual potency? Why do they invariably have to define themselves according to the size of “muh dick”? Why does Niger Woods have such a dumb, stupid name like “Tiger” implying that he’s something amazing and dynamic between the sheets? Why do the BBC, CNN, ABC and other Jew-controlled broadcasters around the world keep crowing about this nigger’s “WORLD’S NUMBER ONE” status incessantly? It’s like they get an orgasm out of constantly hyping-up this smelly piece of shit. Why do they unendingly gush over this worthless nigger’s standings in the golf championships and his supposed sexual potency if not to tempt other latent coal-burners like his “white bitch ho”to hitch themselves up with similar niggers to suffer the same fate? Surely we as decent folks are owed an explanation here?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Britain: bellwether for the future of America

The same dark forces seeking to destroy our freedoms and way of life here in the US are also at work in Britain and Europe – and have been for rather longer and with considerably greater success.

Unlike the US., Britain (like many other European countries) does not have a Constitution as such (this is an arguable assertion, but skeptics must accept that there are no immutable rights granted under the 1680 Constitution that cannot be, and indeed HAVE been, overturned on a whim by Parliament – and therein lies the problem for our British cousins, for it makes it hellishly difficult to dig in one’s heels against the erosion of rights, no matter how vital it may be.)

In the US, on the other hand, OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights represent a massive, immovable monolith to which we are all, whether we like it or not, chained – praise be to God. Of course the Jews and their cronies in the government, judiciary and media will claim otherwise and IF we’re dumb enough to succumb to their filthy lies, we shall DESERVE to die out as we surely will as a consequence of our ignorance and/or apathy.

The British have had their rights whittled away under successive Jew-controlled governments of all colors over the course of many decades. This is largely because unlike ours, their Constitution – such as it was back then - was built on shifting sands. OUR founding fathers, on the other hand, took Magna Carta as a base model for our fledgling country, but were far-sighted enough to see that its simple and trusting provisions were open to attack from the Enemies of Freedom. The lessons learned from the intervening 561 years of history had been well-learned!

Thus, unlike the Brits, we really have NO EXCUSE if we permit the Jews and the Gentile Cockroaches in their thrawl to erode our founding principles in any way. These principles are already immutably set-out for us in stone and NO debate over their legitimacy is necessary or appropriate. All that is needed is their DEFENSE with our own blood, sweat, toil and tears (to quote Churchill) if need be. And regrettably once again, IT IS NECESSARY. Not tomorrow; not next week; but TODAY and EVERY DAY.

Has Britain REALLY departed so far from the right path? See the next entry (following shortly) and decide for yourself.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yet More Crap from the BBC

From BBC World:

“Call for black role models scheme.

“Black boys need positive role models from within their own communities to tackle underachievement, a Report concludes.

“The REACH panel of experts from fields including education and business, says too often role models for young black men include rappers who glamorize guns.

“The Report says the problem could cost the UK $60bn over the coming years, in terms of lost tax receipts, incarceration and healthcare costs and expense to the Criminal Justice System.”

Well there you have it: this “panel of experts” has concluded its Study by finding that “role models for young black men include rappers who glamorize guns.”

Do we really need a “panel of experts” to tell us what we already know and have known for 30 years? In what way is this story newsworthy??

The BBC itself is one of the world’s biggest broadcasters and has been at the forefront of popularizing and promoting “gangsta-rap music” giving its exponents an unprecedented platform from which to extol the aberrant and abhorrent themes this odious medium of expression rejoices in.

Perhaps it’s not so much a question of more positive black role models (virtually none of whom exist anyway) but rather denying airtime to the negative black role models (to whom the BBC has been so strangely accommodating for so long)

But since this once august institution has been usurped by Jews hell-bent on destroying decent society at every level, Phaedrus believes the disgorging of anti-social gangsta rap sewage into the minds of children (and its ruinous consequences) will continue unabated for very many years to come.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Olmert is prepared to countenance the establishment of a Palestinian state???

Palestine ALREADY exists and continues to exist and has in fact ALWAYS existed, despite the fact that it has, since 1948, been squatted on illegally by foreigners.
It matters not one jot that these foreigners - the Jews (who else?) - occupy part of this land with the approval of the UN. The UN CANNOT create new countries any more than it can create land itself. Those who sanctimoniously call for 'Israel' to withdraw to within the borders that existed prior to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War are missing the point and purporting to legitimize an illegal regime that SHOULD NOT BE THERE AT ALL!

'Israel' does not exist today any more than it existed a hundred or a thousand or even five thousand years ago. There was NEVER an 'Israel' except within the Old Testament concept which in truth only constituted a small, nebulous region of Palestine that happened to be where the Jews originated from before they set out with remarkable success to conquer the world. For Olmert to proclaim that he is willing to explore the possibility of the creation of a Palestinian state is best illustrated by the following analogy:-

Your family for several generations have always owned and farmed their own ranch in (say) New Mexico. However, 60 years ago, a bunch of gypsies moved onto your land and claimed it for themselves as their ancestral homeland! They then set about systematically murdering your kin-folk, extending the fences they illegally set up, throwing rocks at your ranch, throwing rocks at your kids, shooting at your pregnant women folk and generally behaving like the 'Neighbors from Hell.'

Now 60 years later following pressure from the wider community, the gypsies' tribal Chief agrees that on certain conditions, he might be prepared to grant you the right to peacefully live in a small part of your own home! Well that's awfully big of him, isn't it!!

This is precisely the position the Palestinian people now face. They had a perfectly legitimate, long-established country where they lived in peace with their neighbors (many of whom included Jews) when suddenly it was stolen from them by this same, powerful tribe that didn't recognize the people of Palestine's right to their own land! Now 60 years later these thieving land-grabbers have the audacity to consider granting the LEGITIMATE land-owners SOME of their own land back! And the international community is supposed to rejoice at this generous offer and hold it up as a panacea to the Middle East problem!

Phaedrus can only say: don't be surprised if the people of Palestine gag at this offer. Anyone in any civilized country anywhere on earth would do likewise. If governments and the Jew-controlled media weren't working hand-in-hand together to dispossess the weak and voiceless, this kind of effrontery would never have the audacity to show its face.

Lifted from the Politically Correct Apostate (www.pcapostate.blogspot.com) -

"Senator Norm Coleman, You Used to Be a Pot Head -- Now You're Talking Like a Narc
The reason Senator Coleman was once a "pot head," and is now a narc is because he's a Jew and there are some very important kosher matters at hand in the United States today that are far more important than consistency and honesty - Coleman and his Jewish buddies in Congress have got to figure out how to keep Americans from learning that 9-11 was a US Government and Israeli Mossad operation and/or how to suppress the inevitable rebellion that will follow their inability to successfully do so. Coleman wants to encourage American citizens to be informants because he wants them to rat out any political non-conformists that refuse to bow to the Jews and their Zionist agenda. Coleman probably still lights up a fatty [marijuana cigarette] from time to time."

It's interesting to see from the above report that the old Communist, East German Stalsi network of neighborhood informants isn't being revived solely in Britain! It's somewhat less than surprising that moves afoot all over the Western world to stamp out not only freedom of expression but freedom of THOUGHT have acquired a co-ordinated dimension to their implementation. If we hadn't the Internet, we'd never discover this, for the mainstream media would never report it. However, we're no longer dependent on the mainstream, Jewish-controlled media, so the machinations of World Jewry are now, for the first time in history, exposed for everyone to see.

Be your own Apostle

You're just a reader, right? A lurker? You're taking in heaps of new knowledge about the Jewish Problem that you were previously unaware of. But you're too scared to start your own web page or blog and add your own voice to the outcry. Maybe you hold down a job that your family depends on you for. You can't be seen to be 'Jew-aware' as you're in a sensitive profession? That's fine. That's understandable. It takes guts to speak out against a powerful lobby like the Jews. But you can STILL help us conquer the Problem WITHOUT putting your head on the block!

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where the poisonous culture of corruption, crime and pornography that the Jews have created in the West has finally been vanquished. This is the glorious future that bloggers like Phaedrus are working towards. Truth has once again prevailed and everyone in this fresh new world now knows all about Jewish history and exactly why this bothersome race has been so despised and persecuted throughout history. The Patriots are once again at the helm and are struggling to put together a bullet-proof new Constitution guaranteeing the People's rights in perpetuity in a way that cannot be varied by future evil-doers in any way whatsoever.

But there is grumbling in the grass-roots. Surviving Jews are bitterly protesting that the words of the Bloggers who fermented this Revolution have been misinterpreted! The aforementioned Bloggers have since passed away; they gave their lives in fighting to free the World from the claws of the Jews, and now, 100 years later (say) none remain to clarify their stated positions. In order to muddy the waters, step forward the Jewish Scholar! In this post-apocalyptic world, you can rely on helpful Jewish Scholars to re-interpret the Bloggers' words for you!

Take the Blogger who called himself 'Phaedrus' for example. Phaedrus published his thoughts on the Internet during the early part of the 21st Century shortly before the Revolution. "Phaedrus made an important distinction," says the Jewish Scholar, "he didn't generalize about the Jews; any criticism he made of our people was solely against the Kabbalists and no one else." "The WHAT??" demands the lynch mob, angrily. "The Kabbalists" repeats the helpful Scholar confidently, "Those members of our race who practice the Kabbala." "What the hell is the Kabbala?" demands the lynch mob of this cool, calm and collected Jewish intellectual. "It's a mystical belief system," replies the Jew, "I know no more about it than that as I am not an adherent, myself, nor are the majority of my people. Phaedrus only ever complained about Kabbalists. If you read his texts, you will find that he only refers to 'Occult Jews' as being the scourge of mankind and 'Occult Jews' is a clear reference to those of my people who practice the Kabbala. I don't practice it myself and neither do any of my friends. Accordingly, we are not guilty of any offense and are no threat to you."

Well, then! An open and shut case for the lynch mob. This Jew and his pals have been wrongly accused. He and his associates must be released! That is, of course, unless YOU are there to set the record straight. If you have archived the collected works of Phaedrus (and hopefully ALL other Jew-skeptic bloggers in addition) you will be in a position to accurately settle the matter and determine this con-artist's fate.

If you read Phaedrus' contributions in full, you will find that the term "Occult Jew" in reality refers to Jews who conceal their race/ethnicity/religion by the adoption of Western lifestyles, names and values. "Occult" in this context is taken from the Latin word meaning "hidden" and nothing more. It has NOTHING to do with mysticism and the Kabballa whatsoever. It is these concealed Jews that are the most dangerous, for they pretend to be something that they are not: fully-integrated members of our Western society.

Only by archiving the postings of Jew-aware bloggers will you be able to serve your community after the Tribulation has come and passed. The surviving Jews will try everything to worm their way back into positions of public trust and influence. We know the way they work. We know their devious methods. But WE (pre-Revolutionary bloggers) won't be around in fifty to a hundred years from now. If YOU or your children are likely to be, however, then please, please, please archive everything you can that's authored by the growing army of Jew-aware bloggers. At some stage yet to come, the future of the hard-fought Revolution and the re-establishment of decent society may be in the hands of you or your children. Surviving Jews will twist our words to suit their own purposes and if left unchallenged, will succeed in stealing the Revolution. YOU, gentle reader, can be a bulwark of Truth and prevent such a nightmare arising.

Friday, August 3, 2007

The First Amendment: a Right Worth Dying For

Phaedrus has been moved once again to write on the fundamental human right of free speech and freedom of expression. This follows the reading of various other blogs and discussion groups wherein an increasingly common call just recently is for new laws in the U.S. to prevent the spread of so-called “Hate Crime.”
The very term itself is reminiscent of George Orwell’s concept of “Thought Crime” which appears in his classic novel , Nineteen-Eighty-Four. Though written some 60 years ago, the plot of this great book (which in those distant days seemed alarmist and improbable in the extreme) continues to increasingly converge with reality as the decades have rolled by.
The US Constitution, (like Magna Carta upon which it is based) provided certain vital protections for its citizenry. These protections were there for very good reasons and were hard fought for. And yet they are now under attack once again. Tony Blair - though now thankfully gone - did his bit towards the dismemberment of Magna Carta in the United Kingdom. This was something insisted upon by his then Jewish boss, Rupert Murdoch in 1996, when Blair had to go on bended knee to visit the Jew on his private island in order to convince the soft-porn media mogul that his business interests would be protected under a new Labour government, and that in exchange for such protection, the Jew would use his media interests in Britain to promote Blair as the new way forward in British politics; thereby ditching his previous 15 year alliance with the ailing Tory Party.
Now we see similar siren voices calling for change here in the United States. The popular chant from the Liberals and minorities is to outlaw language which is insulting and/or likely to generate hatred against others on the grounds of their race, religion, or sexual orientation Phaedrus has no doubt that many of these calls are from genuine, well-meaning types who’re simply blind as to the ENORMITY of the consequences. They are unwittingly fighting to fulfill a long-cherished Jewish dream.
The First Amendment is the TRUE Gold Standard of freedom from oppression in America. Forget about the right to keep and bear arms for a moment, for that is in effect a SUBSIDIARY right. Those guys and gals in the NRA – who deserve our greatest respect – are simply kidding themselves that having a gun in the back of the closet is their ultimate guarantee of freedom. This outlook is backward and defeatist. Why? Because that proud boast, “You can take my gun when you can prize it from my cold, dead hands” is exactly what will happen if the gun-owners of America allow the First Amendment to fall. Not protecting the First will bring the day of reckoning with a rogue, alien-controlled government (like our current one) to you and your family far, far more surely and swiftly than would otherwise be the case.
The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, the greatest danger facing this country today is the same one Ben Franklin clearly warned us about over 200 years ago: the Jews. If the American people allow a law to pass that constrains free speech on racial or religious grounds, then who’s the major beneficiary going to be? Yeah, those very same slimeballs that far-sighted Franklin warned us all about. All of a sudden, you’ll find an overnight blackout of information about what the Jews are up to. They’ll carry on their stealthy path towards world domination at a faster rate than ever; yet you’ll never hear any more about it! The only media you’ll be able to read, see or listen to will be that 96% of it which is firmly under Jewish control. Commentators like Phaedrus and thousands of others who have woken up to what’s going on and why the world is as screwed-up as it is, will have been gagged. We’ll be in jail and they’ll have seized our computers. Then there’ll be nothing but the soothing babble of Jewish TV telling you everything’s fine. You’ll just wake up one day and they’ll come for you and take your gun. You won’t even know it’s about to happen. Probably four in the morning. And that will be that. The unquestionable end of freedom in America will become apparent on that day.
But you know what? Freedom REALLY died when and because you and your NRA buddies and the militias up and down this great country didn’t stand up to defend the First Amendment when it was under attack. THAT was the REAL day on which freedom died. And the First is under threat in America RIGHT NOW. So before you pick up your guns, just pick up those phones RIGHT NOW and call your representatives.

Tell them you won’t stand for any diminution of your right to speak freely on any matter you please and in any way you please.

Ask them which way they stand on the issue. DEMAND they tell you truthfully. YOU call the shots. They’re there to serve YOU, not the other way around. Let’s all work to keep it that way. THE FIRST IS UNDER ATTACK FROM WITHIN – DEFEND IT!

Congratulations to Russia!

Phaedrus extends warm and hearty congratulations to our good friends and fellow ethnic Europeans in Moscow for their daring coup in seizing the mineral resources beneath the North Pole for themselves. No country on Earth deserves it more. Russia has doubled its enormous oil and gas reserves in one simple yet brilliant stroke – and there’s not a goddamn thing ANY other country can do about it!

At this point Phaedrus can hear his fellow countrymen crying ‘foul!’ but in truth it is as much a triumph for we freedom-seekers here in the US as much as for our brothers in the East. Why? Because every single one of those megatons of oil and cubic miles of gas will never, ever benefit one single grubby Jew - ever. Russia is the new Beacon of Liberty in the 21st Century. Those craven, greedy, grasping Jews can’t get a look in on the action! And as long as Russia remains implacably opposed to the siting of US/Israeli missiles in its backyard, they never will!

For a while during the early to mid 1990s, it appeared Russia was all washed-up. The Jewish robber barons like Boris Berezovsky and his handful of rapacious cronies had plundered it out of billions and billions and left the skinned and gutted carcass to rot. Now 12 years on they realized they made a mistake and want another shot. Well they won’t get it! Putin is safeguarding Russia’s future against the predations of the Jew brilliantly. If only we had a patriotic president like that here: someone who’s NOT in the pocket of Israel.

Russia: Phaedrus salutes you!

Barack Obama assures Israel: “I’m your man”

America’s Great Black Hope for next president of the USA has sent out a clear signal to his backers in Wall Street that he’s the man for them. Obama’s campaign contributions come chiefly from “hedge funds” – an obfuscatory euphamism for the Street’s Jewish-owned merchant banks.

Is there ANYONE out there the Jews can’t buy?? This is the guy that was supposed to be whiter than white (excuse the pun) and totally incorruptible: a true man of the people. Now he’s revealed himself to be just another agent of Israel on the take. How? By stating so clearly and publicly that he was prepared to out-Bush Bush over Pakistan. Obama has stated that he would be prepared to launch an attack on Islamic extremists inside Pakistan sovereign territory whether Pakistan likes it or not (and needless to say, they DON’T!)

Obama never had Phaedrus fooled, however. This blogger is too long in the tooth to believe the empty rhetoric of power-hungry politicians with their eyes on the Top Job. In fact Phaedrus is permitting himself some measure of supercilious gloating, because he remembers how lauded this disingenuous Negroid was within the black blogosphere which believed he would prove to be their savior and a fresh new broom to sweep away all the corruption and prejudice of the past. A ‘black Jesus’ to some poor fools, no less.

Will the Democrats kindly put forward a candidate who is NOT in the pocket of Israel? It could just be a cross-party, unifying vote-winner…

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yet More Billions Squandered on Israel

An ADDITIONAL THIRTY BILLION of our tax-dollars squandered on this crummy, bankrupt, illegal regime? You gotta be NUTS.

When are we going to start putting our OWN people FIRST? Why do we continue to bail out the criminals and murderers of Israel when our own people's needs are so pressing? What the hell gives 'our' government the right to fritter away OUR hard-earned cash in hand-outs to Jews and Jew-friendly regimes in the Middle East?? It can only be because America itself is infested with Jews at every level of government.

Phaedrus' father, Phaedrus Snr., like so many of our countrymen, fought in WW2 and Korea and served with distinction in each. That service came at great cost to him personally, but was willingly rendered nevertheless as a patriotic duty. What was that personal cost? Decades of 'living' with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe clinical depression, plus impaired hearing, sight only in one eye and only one leg to get about on. What help did the government give him? None. And when Phaedrus Snr. was aged and needed a heart op he couldn't afford (because he'd had to spend everything he had on medical bills for the prior problems) there was no money available for state-funded health care. Not even for true, self-sacrificing Patriots like Phaedrus Snr.

Why was there no money available to fix-up this distinguished ex-serviceman? Because 'our' government has for decades been siphoning off our tax-dollars and funneling them to Israeli Jews. The government clearly puts the interests of the Jews way above those of its own people. The Jews' second illegal war in Iraq alone has already cost us $600bn and achieved nothing but the deaths of over three-and-a-half thousand of our young service personnel. Think how much better use that money would have been put to if it had been spent instead on deserving causes at home. How much longer are we going to permit this massive fraud against us to continue??