Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Be your own Apostle

You're just a reader, right? A lurker? You're taking in heaps of new knowledge about the Jewish Problem that you were previously unaware of. But you're too scared to start your own web page or blog and add your own voice to the outcry. Maybe you hold down a job that your family depends on you for. You can't be seen to be 'Jew-aware' as you're in a sensitive profession? That's fine. That's understandable. It takes guts to speak out against a powerful lobby like the Jews. But you can STILL help us conquer the Problem WITHOUT putting your head on the block!

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where the poisonous culture of corruption, crime and pornography that the Jews have created in the West has finally been vanquished. This is the glorious future that bloggers like Phaedrus are working towards. Truth has once again prevailed and everyone in this fresh new world now knows all about Jewish history and exactly why this bothersome race has been so despised and persecuted throughout history. The Patriots are once again at the helm and are struggling to put together a bullet-proof new Constitution guaranteeing the People's rights in perpetuity in a way that cannot be varied by future evil-doers in any way whatsoever.

But there is grumbling in the grass-roots. Surviving Jews are bitterly protesting that the words of the Bloggers who fermented this Revolution have been misinterpreted! The aforementioned Bloggers have since passed away; they gave their lives in fighting to free the World from the claws of the Jews, and now, 100 years later (say) none remain to clarify their stated positions. In order to muddy the waters, step forward the Jewish Scholar! In this post-apocalyptic world, you can rely on helpful Jewish Scholars to re-interpret the Bloggers' words for you!

Take the Blogger who called himself 'Phaedrus' for example. Phaedrus published his thoughts on the Internet during the early part of the 21st Century shortly before the Revolution. "Phaedrus made an important distinction," says the Jewish Scholar, "he didn't generalize about the Jews; any criticism he made of our people was solely against the Kabbalists and no one else." "The WHAT??" demands the lynch mob, angrily. "The Kabbalists" repeats the helpful Scholar confidently, "Those members of our race who practice the Kabbala." "What the hell is the Kabbala?" demands the lynch mob of this cool, calm and collected Jewish intellectual. "It's a mystical belief system," replies the Jew, "I know no more about it than that as I am not an adherent, myself, nor are the majority of my people. Phaedrus only ever complained about Kabbalists. If you read his texts, you will find that he only refers to 'Occult Jews' as being the scourge of mankind and 'Occult Jews' is a clear reference to those of my people who practice the Kabbala. I don't practice it myself and neither do any of my friends. Accordingly, we are not guilty of any offense and are no threat to you."

Well, then! An open and shut case for the lynch mob. This Jew and his pals have been wrongly accused. He and his associates must be released! That is, of course, unless YOU are there to set the record straight. If you have archived the collected works of Phaedrus (and hopefully ALL other Jew-skeptic bloggers in addition) you will be in a position to accurately settle the matter and determine this con-artist's fate.

If you read Phaedrus' contributions in full, you will find that the term "Occult Jew" in reality refers to Jews who conceal their race/ethnicity/religion by the adoption of Western lifestyles, names and values. "Occult" in this context is taken from the Latin word meaning "hidden" and nothing more. It has NOTHING to do with mysticism and the Kabballa whatsoever. It is these concealed Jews that are the most dangerous, for they pretend to be something that they are not: fully-integrated members of our Western society.

Only by archiving the postings of Jew-aware bloggers will you be able to serve your community after the Tribulation has come and passed. The surviving Jews will try everything to worm their way back into positions of public trust and influence. We know the way they work. We know their devious methods. But WE (pre-Revolutionary bloggers) won't be around in fifty to a hundred years from now. If YOU or your children are likely to be, however, then please, please, please archive everything you can that's authored by the growing army of Jew-aware bloggers. At some stage yet to come, the future of the hard-fought Revolution and the re-establishment of decent society may be in the hands of you or your children. Surviving Jews will twist our words to suit their own purposes and if left unchallenged, will succeed in stealing the Revolution. YOU, gentle reader, can be a bulwark of Truth and prevent such a nightmare arising.