Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yet More Crap from the BBC

From BBC World:

“Call for black role models scheme.

“Black boys need positive role models from within their own communities to tackle underachievement, a Report concludes.

“The REACH panel of experts from fields including education and business, says too often role models for young black men include rappers who glamorize guns.

“The Report says the problem could cost the UK $60bn over the coming years, in terms of lost tax receipts, incarceration and healthcare costs and expense to the Criminal Justice System.”

Well there you have it: this “panel of experts” has concluded its Study by finding that “role models for young black men include rappers who glamorize guns.”

Do we really need a “panel of experts” to tell us what we already know and have known for 30 years? In what way is this story newsworthy??

The BBC itself is one of the world’s biggest broadcasters and has been at the forefront of popularizing and promoting “gangsta-rap music” giving its exponents an unprecedented platform from which to extol the aberrant and abhorrent themes this odious medium of expression rejoices in.

Perhaps it’s not so much a question of more positive black role models (virtually none of whom exist anyway) but rather denying airtime to the negative black role models (to whom the BBC has been so strangely accommodating for so long)

But since this once august institution has been usurped by Jews hell-bent on destroying decent society at every level, Phaedrus believes the disgorging of anti-social gangsta rap sewage into the minds of children (and its ruinous consequences) will continue unabated for very many years to come.

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