Monday, August 27, 2007

Redefining Nationality II

Britain is once again under assault by a Jewish lobby group intent on burying the Islands' noble history and completely re-writing it to fit in with the Jews' modernization agenda which can be summed up by the motto: 'Embracing Trash.'

Source: BBC News:
"Gordon Brown [new British Prime Minister] should create a new public holiday in November to thank community heroes, a think tank has urged.
The Institute for Public Policy Research says the special day may also help Brown's goal of building a British Identity.
Spokeswoman Kate Stanley said: 'We need a day when people give something back to their communities,' adding that the day would help celebrate British diversity."

Well this is going to be SOME day, isn't it? It will honor local heroes, it will give people a chance to put back something into the community, it will help in the building of a British identity and it will celebrate British diversity. Has anyone spotted something odd here? The last two aims are mutually exclusive. British identity is the very antithesis of British diversity (whatever the hell "British diversity" means, but I think we can probably guess, can't we , kids?)

This is yet another shabby attempt by the Jews that infest the corridors of Whitehall to re-define Britishness. We know darn well that this holiday, if introduced, will be celebrating multiculturalism, honoring the contribution made to British life by immigration, foreign culture, gay and lesbian issues, tolerance, understanding, anti-racism and love for those who are different to us. This is the new 'Britishness' that the Jews want to foist onto the people of that once-great country. It has absolutely Jack to do with ethnic Britishness and its true values and is in fact all about DESTROYING it.

The same kind of revisionist crap is going on throughout the entire Western world today. There's very little appetite for it from the people, but given that so many countries in the West are now run by the Jews, we can expect to see a lot more of it. It's funny how the Jews can re-write what the hell they like about OUR history and heritage, but we're not even allowed to so much as look into how many of their people really died in the so-called Holocaust. Yet more double standards in favor of the Jews, it seems.