Monday, August 20, 2007

It’s either us or them. It’s as simple as that.

The Jews are out to destroy us. They plan to wipe us out not with a bang, but with a whimper (as the saying goes). The stakes are at an all-time high and this current level of tension is unlikely ever to be re-visited in the lifetimes of our children, or our children’s children.

Jews enjoy heretofore unprecedented power in the Western world today. All their long-cherished dreams and ultimate goals were about to be realized when (thank God!) the Internet came along and really screwed things up for them. Don’t count on any such Divine intervention in the future, however; this is the last chance we’re ever likely to get. And if we blow THIS one, then in all honesty perhaps we DO indeed DESERVE to be inter-bred into slaves for the Jews (plain and simple Darwinism in action)...

At the present time, as in many, many prior eras, the Jews control the government, the media, the judiciary, the monetary system, equities, the price of commodities and everything else of any relevance in the world today. Though they continually claim to be acting in our best interests, they are in fact only acting in their OWN, which is all they have EVER done throughout ALL of recorded history.

Since AD. 250, the Jews have been kicked out of 109 different places around the world. They are NOT a misunderstood, persecuted minority as they would have us believe; they are total POISON to decent societies and have been dealt with accordingly and will be again soon here, too (by God’s grace).

Let’s expose what they do with their power today in the mass media they control. Firstly, they encourage young and often underage white girls to engage in sexual relations with older black men and black youths. They encourage this behavior with the foreknowledge that no good ever comes of it to our race. This is not negligence or happenstance; it’s intentional. And if a subnormal fetus arises from this union – as it all too often does - then so much the better for the Jew, for it results in a retarded life-form - a future acquiescent slave and/or progenitor thereof. Better still if the white female becomes sterile from a sexual disease arising out of the encounter, because the Jew is dedicated to wiping out white Europeans and is continually working towards this goal. Our people are the only realistic challenger to Jewish supremacy and anyone that's too smart is a threat to the New World Order and must be eliminated one way or another.

The Jews use their complete control of the media to extol the virtues of homosexual relations and inter-racial relationships; that they are not in the least abnormal and are simply ”modern” and that anyone who doesn’t agree is either ”old-fashioned” or (here step through several shades of insults on a predetermined scale) some evil Nazi sociopath.

They encourage young white girls of as little as 11 years of age to despise themselves via impossible-to-achieve role models of feminine slimness; thereby weakening their self-esteem and making them more likely to accept inferior genetic phenotypes (such as Negroes) as sexual partners. This is an utterly VILE crime against the sanctity of childhood and much else besides.

They use their power in politics to ensure that year-by-year, academic standards in public schools across the USA and Europe fall imperceptibly lower until - over decades - the kids are fed little more than hog-mush by way of learning. In this way their position is less threatened than it otherwise would be from confident, self-assertive, educated adults who might question the legitimacy of this utterly bizarre state-of-affairs. Russia is one of the few remaining countries to have bucked this trend which is why it is under constant attack from Zionists and their cronies both here in the US and in Europe. They plan to create a New World Order and if it is to succeed, it requires ALL developed countries to fall in line. Just ONE renegade, no matter how small, and the whole project is threatened. And Russia ain't small!

Their global media interests enable them to oust any decent, educative forms of entertainment in favor of garbage TV series like Friends, Sex in the City, or American Idol where academically-bright students are continually tempted to throw away a promising career in the hope of achieving transitory, worthless celebrity status; thereby prostituting their future for a worthless pile of ephemeral shit. As washed-up has-beens by the age of 25 and having thrown their futures away, they will never be in a position to threaten the Jew by breaking into the higher professions successfully.

They pollute the TV channels they control with base pornography. Anything to convince the unwitting viewer to mix his/her genes with those of a different race. It is at once both sickening and criminal that we should have to suffer these outrages in our country today. Mixing the bloodline is something that the Jews constantly encourage OUR people to do; yet feel it within their own race to be the most despicable betrayal of all. Many Rabbis maintain that to marry-out from The Jewish Faith is every bit as fatal to the Tribe as was the so-called Holocaust. Curious double standards, it seems.

The next time you see Niggers cavorting with young white women in a sexually-suggestive fashion on MTV or TRL, just remember that there’s an agenda at work here. It’s no accident. It’s not fashionable. It’s not normal. It’s poison. It’s a poison in our children’s minds that must be eradicated. Control of the media must be stripped from the Jews, as must control of much else besides. There is no excuse for failure.