Monday, August 20, 2007

Why can’t we have a President like Russia's Putin?

Russia has developed exceptionally strongly under Putin’s leadership, following the shambles of the Yeltsin era. The country is contented, prosperous, predominantly white and, best of all, Jew-free in all important respects. It is an example to everyone around the world of how a country can succeed financially AND morally if it dumps pinko, liberal values and adopts a staunch, nationalist stance that eschews everything espoused by the Jews; policies that have caused so much dysfunctional misery here in the West.

The contrast between Putin and Bush is stark indeed. Putin is everything the Bush is not. He’s a true Patriot, he's not an alcoholic; he’s a fitness fanatic and a judo champion; he’s a clear-headed, determined leader with a positive, Jew-free vision of his country’s future, he’s not a washed-up booze hound on his last legs, he puts the interests of HIS people – ethnic Russians – FIRST and rewards young white Patriots with Commissar status. His focus is on Russia alone and he justifiably enjoys an unprecedented 80% approval rating from the Russian people.

What has Bush achieved here in the US? Let’s give credit where it’s due. Bush is undoubtedly the most successful throwback to ever enter politics. It’s hard to imagine any other chimpanzee ever getting elected to the White House, even though the results have been laughably similar. Does Bush enjoy popular support here? No. Does Bush put American interests first? No. All he ever keeps advancing are the interests of the Jews and Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel.....

In fact, Bush might as well emigrate to Israel to spend the rest of his miserable, washed-up days. Since the place is so obviously close to his heart, it’s the only sensible move to make. Would America be better off without Bush at the helm? It’s hard to imagine how it could possibly be worse, but the answer depends on who is to succeed him. Is it too much to ask that the next president of the USA not be in the pocket of Israel and the Jews? Is it too much to ask that the next president roll back the fetid tide of political-correctness and put white Americans of European decent FIRST for a change?

And while we’re about it, can we have a president that tells Israel that too much American blood has been spilled in its cause over the years and they must fight their OWN battles? Can we also have someone that tells them the endless handouts of billions of our hard-earned tax-dollars will stop forthwith? And someone that breaks up their media monopoly? And maybe someone who will stand up to their dominance of the courts and the legislature? And maybe someone who will jail or execute those Jews who steal and/or prostitute our children’s futures by raping them of their innocence? Is all this too much to ask?