Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lifted from the Politically Correct Apostate (www.pcapostate.blogspot.com) -

"Senator Norm Coleman, You Used to Be a Pot Head -- Now You're Talking Like a Narc
The reason Senator Coleman was once a "pot head," and is now a narc is because he's a Jew and there are some very important kosher matters at hand in the United States today that are far more important than consistency and honesty - Coleman and his Jewish buddies in Congress have got to figure out how to keep Americans from learning that 9-11 was a US Government and Israeli Mossad operation and/or how to suppress the inevitable rebellion that will follow their inability to successfully do so. Coleman wants to encourage American citizens to be informants because he wants them to rat out any political non-conformists that refuse to bow to the Jews and their Zionist agenda. Coleman probably still lights up a fatty [marijuana cigarette] from time to time."

It's interesting to see from the above report that the old Communist, East German Stalsi network of neighborhood informants isn't being revived solely in Britain! It's somewhat less than surprising that moves afoot all over the Western world to stamp out not only freedom of expression but freedom of THOUGHT have acquired a co-ordinated dimension to their implementation. If we hadn't the Internet, we'd never discover this, for the mainstream media would never report it. However, we're no longer dependent on the mainstream, Jewish-controlled media, so the machinations of World Jewry are now, for the first time in history, exposed for everyone to see.