Wednesday, August 22, 2007


That's the clarion call from the media nowadays. We are constantly being urged to abandon the old and embrace change. And this call is being echoed by powerful and insistent voices within Western governments too. Retaining conservative values is painted as old fashioned and stuffy. Rather, we should welcome new, "trendy values" that in the past we may have been foolish enough to fear.

The curious thing, however, is that almost all the "new values" we are being urged to adopt are utterly poisonous to society. Concepts such as uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism; inter-racial relationships, "black is beautiful," homosexuality, lesbianism, one-parent families, the effacing of Christianity, the prevalence of pornography, the pursuit of transient fame and the obsession with 'celebrity culture' are all, without exception, utter garbage and totally worthless.

The qualities of diligence, hard work, moral standards and honesty that made this once-great country what it once was and could be again are eschewed and in their place we are being sold a crock of shit. This is no accident. It is all part of the Zionist agenda and more and more people are waking up to this fact, thanks to the Internet. In fact recent studies in Britain have shown that parents within normal, healthy families are quietly telling their kids not to pay any heed to the garbage values espoused by the mass media in that country and the kids are (thank God) taking that message on board.

It is heartening to learn that despite decades of attempted brain-washing by Britain's Jew-controlled media, the broad mass of the people recognize that political-correctness is a poisonous, nonsensical concept that will wreck society over time and that regardless of what anyone tells them, they are not prepared to have their children grow up believing such dangerous bullshit. The reports caused some considerable dismay within the Labour government and there were calls from some MPs to do something to "tackle the problem." Quite what such measures might amount to is beyond Phaedrus' imagination. Thankfully, it remains inconceivable that ANY agency could interpose itself between parents and their children!

From our point of view, then, our proper course of action is clear. We should loudly reject and repudiate everything that is being forced on us by our Jewish masters in Washington and elsewhere. Speak out fearlessly against homosexuality. Proclaim loudly that it is a wicked and disgusting practice and that those who indulge in it are sick and twisted individuals. Speak out against inter-racial relationships, for no good ever comes to the white partner who is foolish enough to engage in a relationship with a Negro. Such relationships ALWAYS end in tears - and very frequently far worse. Speak out against immigration and moves that would increase it, such as the formation of an American Union or free trade area. Shout your views from the rooftops. And above all, tell your children. TELL THEM LOUD AND TELL THEM OFTEN.