Friday, August 3, 2007

Congratulations to Russia!

Phaedrus extends warm and hearty congratulations to our good friends and fellow ethnic Europeans in Moscow for their daring coup in seizing the mineral resources beneath the North Pole for themselves. No country on Earth deserves it more. Russia has doubled its enormous oil and gas reserves in one simple yet brilliant stroke – and there’s not a goddamn thing ANY other country can do about it!

At this point Phaedrus can hear his fellow countrymen crying ‘foul!’ but in truth it is as much a triumph for we freedom-seekers here in the US as much as for our brothers in the East. Why? Because every single one of those megatons of oil and cubic miles of gas will never, ever benefit one single grubby Jew - ever. Russia is the new Beacon of Liberty in the 21st Century. Those craven, greedy, grasping Jews can’t get a look in on the action! And as long as Russia remains implacably opposed to the siting of US/Israeli missiles in its backyard, they never will!

For a while during the early to mid 1990s, it appeared Russia was all washed-up. The Jewish robber barons like Boris Berezovsky and his handful of rapacious cronies had plundered it out of billions and billions and left the skinned and gutted carcass to rot. Now 12 years on they realized they made a mistake and want another shot. Well they won’t get it! Putin is safeguarding Russia’s future against the predations of the Jew brilliantly. If only we had a patriotic president like that here: someone who’s NOT in the pocket of Israel.

Russia: Phaedrus salutes you!