Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Olmert is prepared to countenance the establishment of a Palestinian state???

Palestine ALREADY exists and continues to exist and has in fact ALWAYS existed, despite the fact that it has, since 1948, been squatted on illegally by foreigners.
It matters not one jot that these foreigners - the Jews (who else?) - occupy part of this land with the approval of the UN. The UN CANNOT create new countries any more than it can create land itself. Those who sanctimoniously call for 'Israel' to withdraw to within the borders that existed prior to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War are missing the point and purporting to legitimize an illegal regime that SHOULD NOT BE THERE AT ALL!

'Israel' does not exist today any more than it existed a hundred or a thousand or even five thousand years ago. There was NEVER an 'Israel' except within the Old Testament concept which in truth only constituted a small, nebulous region of Palestine that happened to be where the Jews originated from before they set out with remarkable success to conquer the world. For Olmert to proclaim that he is willing to explore the possibility of the creation of a Palestinian state is best illustrated by the following analogy:-

Your family for several generations have always owned and farmed their own ranch in (say) New Mexico. However, 60 years ago, a bunch of gypsies moved onto your land and claimed it for themselves as their ancestral homeland! They then set about systematically murdering your kin-folk, extending the fences they illegally set up, throwing rocks at your ranch, throwing rocks at your kids, shooting at your pregnant women folk and generally behaving like the 'Neighbors from Hell.'

Now 60 years later following pressure from the wider community, the gypsies' tribal Chief agrees that on certain conditions, he might be prepared to grant you the right to peacefully live in a small part of your own home! Well that's awfully big of him, isn't it!!

This is precisely the position the Palestinian people now face. They had a perfectly legitimate, long-established country where they lived in peace with their neighbors (many of whom included Jews) when suddenly it was stolen from them by this same, powerful tribe that didn't recognize the people of Palestine's right to their own land! Now 60 years later these thieving land-grabbers have the audacity to consider granting the LEGITIMATE land-owners SOME of their own land back! And the international community is supposed to rejoice at this generous offer and hold it up as a panacea to the Middle East problem!

Phaedrus can only say: don't be surprised if the people of Palestine gag at this offer. Anyone in any civilized country anywhere on earth would do likewise. If governments and the Jew-controlled media weren't working hand-in-hand together to dispossess the weak and voiceless, this kind of effrontery would never have the audacity to show its face.