Monday, April 30, 2007

Alan Johnston: something fishy going on?

The essence of any credible conspiracy theory is when the facts (as provided by the media and/or authorities) simply don’t add up.
Take this BBC reporter, for example. Every other journalist that’s been abducted in that part of Palestine has been released within (typically) less than a week. Johnston has been held for 7 weeks now. And yet we are told the kidnappers have made no demands whatever. Sure, they’re feeding and watering the guy (which in that area is resource-intensive for all sorts of reasons) but they are not exploiting his capture for any gain, either propaganda or financial. Something stinks here. I’m sorry, but a hostage that isn’t exploited for one purpose or another has never existed!
There’s no point in seizing someone and simply keeping them captive. If you can’t gain some political or financial capital out of your control of them, then the person you’ve seized is just a liability and a drain on resources.
So from the above I infer than there’s likely to be SOME communication between the abductors and the BBC. We’re simply not being told about it. (who’d have thought the BBC would withhold information, huh?)
The conclusion that this communication is being suppressed leads me to believe that it must be something about which the BBC is embarrassed. Following on from that, the most likely explanation is that the kidnappers want some sort of undertaking from the BBC that they will desist from reporting events in the occupied territories with an Israeli (Jewish) slant. This is the kind of allegation of bias that the BBC dreads. It welcomes old-fashioned accusations of left-wing/loony Liberal/ homosexual bias as a convenient divergence, but accusations of Jewish influence in editorial policy MUST be buried at all costs. The BBC is RIDDLED with Jews from top to bottom – totally INFESTED and has been for very many years - so they cannot possibly be honest brokers when reporting on the Middle East. This is my suspicion as to why Johnston has been held so much longer than anyone else.
However, the reports this man has compiled as shown on TV are not entirely his fault. He should in all fairness be released forthwith. The real blame for editorial bias lies with the Jews on the cutting-room floor of the BBC’s headquarters: Television Center in West London. These rotten liars should be prosecuted for Crimes Against the Truth. They are not fit to be entrusted with a media organization of international reach. Even more so when the funding for same comes straight from the pockets of those they continually lie to. With Fox you have a choice. You KNOW it’s garbage so you just don’t pay for it and don’t have to watch it. With the BBC, (if you’re British) you HAVE to pay for it whether you like it or not – even if you don’t watch it and KNOW for a fact it’s Jewish-contrived garbage! How can that possibly be fair?

Global Warming: far more serious than Big Business will admit!

The planet’s finished as far as mankind is concerned. The inhabitable parts of the globe will continue to shrink over the coming decades and it’s too late to do anything about it. The future’s only bright for insects, reptiles and tropical fish.
Even if everyone in every country in the world turned down their heating by 2 degrees, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. Everyone turning off their TV at night won’t make a blind bit of difference. Inflating your tyre pressures correctly won’t make a blind bit of difference. Buying a fuel-cell car won’t make a blind bit of difference. Some scheme in the Sahara to build massive solar energy plants won’t make a blind bit of difference. All these suggested methods of cutting down on energy use WON’T MAKE A BLIND BIT OF DIFFERENCE. Big Business wants you to be dumb enough to think it will, however, so they can continue to manufacture superfluous garbage for your never-ending consumption.
In Phaedrus’ view, the world has ALREADY passed the so-called “tipping point” beyond which there is no recovery. Even if the US, Europe, India and China completely stopped emitting carbon dioxide today (likelihood zero percent) the world would still continue to warm. The Greenland ice shelf would continue to melt; the seas would continue to rise, the permafrost of Siberia would continue to melt, break-up and release methane (which is even more climate-unfriendly than CO2). The fact is, we are ALREADY in a self-reinforcing, closed, positive feedback loop and have been for many years. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is far too high to ever be reined in by any conceivable technology that could even begin to counter the billions of tons of pollutants belched into the atmosphere each and every year by the industrialized and developing countries. So here’s a real-estate tip: sell Mediterranean, buy Scandinavian. Move north and move up in terms of sea-level. That should ensure your kids live out their lives in comfort. Beyond that is anyone’s guess as it’s going to get mighty crowded towards the poles. The Norwegian fjords look like becoming the New Riviera within our children's lifetimes.

Zimbabwe: from bread basket to basket-case.

Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia as it formerly was) once had it all. Then Ian Smith was ousted by the infamous black personage of Robert Mugabe. Mugabe ran the country successfully for a while, to every thinking person’s surprise, but inevitably his ethnic disabilities crystalized when he turned the country’s white-run farms over to the so-called “war veterans” – a bunch of rag-tail savages with no idea whatsoever of how to productively work the land. The results were predictable. A few years on, the country lies in ruins; inflation is at a world record 2,200%, unemployment is 80% and the majority of people are starving. The only person who can save the day is Morgan Tsvangeri – the much beat-up leader of the respectably-named opposition Movement for Democratic Change. And if you believe in this half-witted Joshua Nkomo clone, I pray you are not a Zimbabwean voter. What this once-shining example of what Africa COULD be really needs is a white, European leader who is neither Jewish nor in the pocket of the Jews. Only then will there be a realistic prospect of recovery for this one-time paradise of freedom and prosperity in Africa. But that would be imperialist, wouldn’t it? The Africans are happy to accept monetary donations from former imperial powers, but no management advice, thank you very much!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Russia Unhappy with US Missile Deployment

I hope Putin sticks to his guns on this issue. The Americans have a damn cheek to even so much as consider siting missiles in Russia's back yard. Don't the Americans remember how alarmed THEY were when Russia sited missiles in Cuba? We nearly had a third world war. I hope the Americans will see reason and back down, but if they don't, Putin must meet them head-on. This proposed deployment mustn't be allowed to go ahead.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Snoop Dogg Unwanted in Australia

I see the Australians have seen fit to deny this obnoxious creep entrance, hard on the heels of the British doing the same. It seems rather pointless, though, given the prevalence of this rap star´s music and imagery in the West through the popular media. A small, insignificant and token gesture in my view that won´t make a damn bit of difference in the overall scheme of things. Far more people can still see him on TV than would ever have gone to see him live.

Cheap Labor for Big Business

Today I note a report from the BBC website about immigrant workers from the 'new' european countries being trafficked into Britain and exploited as "slave labor." The fact is that (exploitation aside) they are not being "trafficked" at all. They are all (now) LEGAL immigrants who have simply taken advantage of Britain's 'open door' policy for migrant workers from eastern europe and flocked to Britain in their thousands of their own free will in the hope of making a better life. Even before this new migration route became lawful about 16 months ago, there were hoards of these people from the same countries entering ILLEGALLY with the blessing of the British government. Staff at the British embassy in Bucharest, for example, were cheerfully waving through would-be migrants with falsified paperwork - which the staff KNEW to be false, as was later established beyond question. The result of all this immigration is that the pool of job-seekers has swollen by approximately one million since January of last year in a relatively small country where unemployment has been rising for years. A similar situation pertains in the United States, where Bush intends to grant amnesty and work permits to vast numbers of illegal immigrants who have entered America over the last few years. These immigrants are virtually all low-skilled younger people who will wind up doing repetitive work mainly in the service sector, BUT there will be a knock-on effect into the blue collar and semi-professional sectors as well, driving down wages and creating job insecurity. Who is the sole beneficiary of this demographic earthquake? Certainly not the indigenous workers of Britain and the US! No folks, a large pool of unemployed from which to draw has always been seen as a valuable resource for Big Business and it is of course at the behest of Big Business that these foreigners are being so warmly welcomed into their new adopted homelands. "Hold on a minute!" says Big Business, "These people are doing the jobs that our own people don't want to do and by working for less money are helping to keep down inflation for everyone." But this is a specious argument. Take the UK grocery retailer Tesco as an example. They benefit hugely from cheap, foreign labor out there in the fields and orchards, harvesting fruit and vegatables. But do they pass the cost savings on to the general public? Not a bit of it! Price comparisons between the UK and continental europe reveal that despite the UK's wonderful cheap foreign labor pool, the UK consumer still pays about 30% more on average for food than the Germans, the French, the Italians - or anyone else in fact. The farmers whose land is worked don't benefit either as the supermarkets simply have too much leverage over them. All the cost savings obtained through the employment of cheap foreign labor end up simply boosting Tesco's balance sheet.
Tesco has come a long way since the canny Jew 'Sir' Jack Cohen founded it. It's now expanding into north America and Japan on the back of its bumper profits. This situation is just another example of the way in which our governments simply subordinate the interests of the broad mass of our own people in favor of the interests of Jew-controlled Big Business. This is nowhere clearer than in Britain right now with Tony Blair's 'New Labour' Party - which is now about as far away from its venerable founding principles as it's possible to get. Blair and his colleagues, just like Bush and his, are either Jews themselves or in the pockets or the pay of same through their insidious and pervasive lobby organizations. The festering mess we see around us both at home and abroad readily attests to this perversion of the natural order of things.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cash for Honours moves closer to trial

The file of evidence concerning UK government corruption of the House of Lords has since been passed to the prosecutor’s office for evaluation. It is to be hoped there will be charges forthcoming, because this is, on the face of it, one of the most blatant examples of political gerrymandering since the Westminster Council ‘Homes for Votes’ scandal that was initiated by Mrs. Thatcher’s old friend, Dame Shirley Porter - now long since fled back to Israel in disgrace.
Notorious war criminal Tony Blair appointed the Jewish Lord Levy (popularly known as “Lord Cashpoint”) to sell-off seats in the House of Lords in return for - effectively - donations to Blair’s Labour party. Predictably, the Jew sold off these seats (which confer REAL political power throughout the world, unbelievably) to his cronies from Israel and beyond who predictably set about consolidating their grip on Britain and its foreign policy by brow-beating ministers to let them represent Britain abroad through its exterior ministry - the UK’s “Foreign Office” (Levy also managed to get himself appointed the War Criminal Blair’s “Special Envoy to the Middle East”). So there you have it: the Jews get themselves sent at public expense to the Middle East purporting to act as honest brokers on behalf of Britain to bring peace to the region, whereas in fact they are in reality simply representing the interests of ISRAEL and ISRAEL ALONE. So the next time dozens of Palestinian children are killed by the Jewish security forces and the “international community” remains silent, you’ll know exactly why: the “international community” is represented by Israeli agents whose only interest is to bury the truth and advance the aims of this ephemeral, artificially-created pseudo-state.

Paul Wolfowitz

Unlike many commentators, I don’t blame Wolfowitz for screwing the World Bank out of how ever many hundreds of thousands of dollars it was he screwed it out of. Wolfie is a Jew and that’s just what Jews do. If you’re stupid enough to put a fox in charge of a chicken run, then you can’t be surprised if you come back one day and find half the chickens have been eaten. The blame properly lies with the dumb-ass(es) who gave this guy the job in the first place (now I wonder who they could possibly be?) Therein lies the fault. No one should feel guilty about what nature calls them to do and Wolfie (like any other predator) was only obeying his genes. Please let’s give the guy a break, huh?

Israel´s Next Moves Forward

It was interesting to see the political demonstrations in Russia last week. Chief protagonist and former world chess champion Gary Kasparov being arrested for rabble-rousing against democratically-elected president Putin in particular. Putin has done a creditable job of rescuing Russia from the wreckage of the Yeltsin (no offense, Yeltsin, RIP) era and he justifiably enjoys popular support for so doing. Only this tiny, rag-tail minority of malcontents led by Kasparov sees things differently. They are unhappy because they feel they are being denied a slice of the Russian national cake. The icing on this cake is Russia’s formidable oil and gas reserves. Many of the old oligarchs who profited under Yeltsin and raped the country for all it was worth have taken their ill-got riches and retired abroad to pursue their hobbies like running English football clubs and so forth, but a minority yet cling to the notion that they are still owed something from Mother Russia and Kasparov in Moscow and his co-conspirators in London and Israel are just such would-be claimants on the immense mineral wealth of the former USSR. They maintain they are fighting to defend the Russian Constitution, but in truth they are doing nothing of the sort. Their principal interest lies in SELF-ENRICHMENT. They are but agents of Israel intent on sucking every dime of oil and gas wealth from this once-great country. Control of Russia would also give them overall control of the UN Security Council since they already control the votes of the USA and the UK. Ousting Putin would give them control of 3 of the 5 coveted permanent seats. And if they can contrive to get the Hungarian Jew Nicolas Sarkozy installed as French president (as seems a distinct possibility) then that will be effectively 4 out of the 5 seats, so bringing Israel two BIG steps closer to the One World Government (from Tel Aviv, of course) that the Jews have been working towards for so long.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia gun store owner death threats

I saw in Larry King live last night that the guy that runs the gun store where that Korean student purchased a gun has had to close his web site due to all the death threats he has received. These gun-control advocates (let's be polite) are presumably anti-violence, so what's with all the hostility? The store owner was acting entirely within the law and couldn't have foreseen that his customer was a homicidal lunatic about to embark on a record-breaking shooting spree. I just don't understand the attitude of some people these days. Free speech and concealed carry are virtually the only remaining guarantees of freedom left in the US in 2007. The police and the government (plus the gun-control nuts) only ever seem to restrict the rights of the law-abiding. Crooks don't obey the law, I'm afraid.

EU debates new pan-european Holocaust denial law

A most curious development indeed. The proposed law apparently would prohibit not only Holocaust denial, but also "trivialising" the Holocaust. The BIG ugly sore here is this second provision "trivialising" which can be interpreted in just about any way (and is probably carefully chosen to be just such a catch-all. Consider for example the oft-quoted figure among the Jewish community who claim that 6 million people were killed during this last big purge. If someone comes along and says, "hang on, I believe the true figure was closer to 5 million" then is that "trivialising" for the purposes of the new law? If not, at what figure does "trivialising" cut-in? Ironically, one of the highest profile potential victims of this law is the Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein who in his famous book the Holocaust Industry, asks: "if 6 million of us were killed by the Nazis, how come there are ANY Jews surviving today? There were not 6m Jews in Europe in the 1940s!" Poor Finkelstein. He seems destined the suffer the same fate as Ernest Zundel and David Irving. I can see this new law stirring up a real hornets' nest among the free-speech advocates. If there's one thing it will achieve I suspect that will be an increase in Holocaust-denial and Holocaust-questioning. Ironic, but true and the law-makers will have brought it upon themselves.