Monday, April 30, 2007

Zimbabwe: from bread basket to basket-case.

Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia as it formerly was) once had it all. Then Ian Smith was ousted by the infamous black personage of Robert Mugabe. Mugabe ran the country successfully for a while, to every thinking person’s surprise, but inevitably his ethnic disabilities crystalized when he turned the country’s white-run farms over to the so-called “war veterans” – a bunch of rag-tail savages with no idea whatsoever of how to productively work the land. The results were predictable. A few years on, the country lies in ruins; inflation is at a world record 2,200%, unemployment is 80% and the majority of people are starving. The only person who can save the day is Morgan Tsvangeri – the much beat-up leader of the respectably-named opposition Movement for Democratic Change. And if you believe in this half-witted Joshua Nkomo clone, I pray you are not a Zimbabwean voter. What this once-shining example of what Africa COULD be really needs is a white, European leader who is neither Jewish nor in the pocket of the Jews. Only then will there be a realistic prospect of recovery for this one-time paradise of freedom and prosperity in Africa. But that would be imperialist, wouldn’t it? The Africans are happy to accept monetary donations from former imperial powers, but no management advice, thank you very much!

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