Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap Labor for Big Business

Today I note a report from the BBC website about immigrant workers from the 'new' european countries being trafficked into Britain and exploited as "slave labor." The fact is that (exploitation aside) they are not being "trafficked" at all. They are all (now) LEGAL immigrants who have simply taken advantage of Britain's 'open door' policy for migrant workers from eastern europe and flocked to Britain in their thousands of their own free will in the hope of making a better life. Even before this new migration route became lawful about 16 months ago, there were hoards of these people from the same countries entering ILLEGALLY with the blessing of the British government. Staff at the British embassy in Bucharest, for example, were cheerfully waving through would-be migrants with falsified paperwork - which the staff KNEW to be false, as was later established beyond question. The result of all this immigration is that the pool of job-seekers has swollen by approximately one million since January of last year in a relatively small country where unemployment has been rising for years. A similar situation pertains in the United States, where Bush intends to grant amnesty and work permits to vast numbers of illegal immigrants who have entered America over the last few years. These immigrants are virtually all low-skilled younger people who will wind up doing repetitive work mainly in the service sector, BUT there will be a knock-on effect into the blue collar and semi-professional sectors as well, driving down wages and creating job insecurity. Who is the sole beneficiary of this demographic earthquake? Certainly not the indigenous workers of Britain and the US! No folks, a large pool of unemployed from which to draw has always been seen as a valuable resource for Big Business and it is of course at the behest of Big Business that these foreigners are being so warmly welcomed into their new adopted homelands. "Hold on a minute!" says Big Business, "These people are doing the jobs that our own people don't want to do and by working for less money are helping to keep down inflation for everyone." But this is a specious argument. Take the UK grocery retailer Tesco as an example. They benefit hugely from cheap, foreign labor out there in the fields and orchards, harvesting fruit and vegatables. But do they pass the cost savings on to the general public? Not a bit of it! Price comparisons between the UK and continental europe reveal that despite the UK's wonderful cheap foreign labor pool, the UK consumer still pays about 30% more on average for food than the Germans, the French, the Italians - or anyone else in fact. The farmers whose land is worked don't benefit either as the supermarkets simply have too much leverage over them. All the cost savings obtained through the employment of cheap foreign labor end up simply boosting Tesco's balance sheet.
Tesco has come a long way since the canny Jew 'Sir' Jack Cohen founded it. It's now expanding into north America and Japan on the back of its bumper profits. This situation is just another example of the way in which our governments simply subordinate the interests of the broad mass of our own people in favor of the interests of Jew-controlled Big Business. This is nowhere clearer than in Britain right now with Tony Blair's 'New Labour' Party - which is now about as far away from its venerable founding principles as it's possible to get. Blair and his colleagues, just like Bush and his, are either Jews themselves or in the pockets or the pay of same through their insidious and pervasive lobby organizations. The festering mess we see around us both at home and abroad readily attests to this perversion of the natural order of things.

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