Thursday, April 19, 2007

EU debates new pan-european Holocaust denial law

A most curious development indeed. The proposed law apparently would prohibit not only Holocaust denial, but also "trivialising" the Holocaust. The BIG ugly sore here is this second provision "trivialising" which can be interpreted in just about any way (and is probably carefully chosen to be just such a catch-all. Consider for example the oft-quoted figure among the Jewish community who claim that 6 million people were killed during this last big purge. If someone comes along and says, "hang on, I believe the true figure was closer to 5 million" then is that "trivialising" for the purposes of the new law? If not, at what figure does "trivialising" cut-in? Ironically, one of the highest profile potential victims of this law is the Jewish historian Norman Finkelstein who in his famous book the Holocaust Industry, asks: "if 6 million of us were killed by the Nazis, how come there are ANY Jews surviving today? There were not 6m Jews in Europe in the 1940s!" Poor Finkelstein. He seems destined the suffer the same fate as Ernest Zundel and David Irving. I can see this new law stirring up a real hornets' nest among the free-speech advocates. If there's one thing it will achieve I suspect that will be an increase in Holocaust-denial and Holocaust-questioning. Ironic, but true and the law-makers will have brought it upon themselves.

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