Monday, April 30, 2007

Alan Johnston: something fishy going on?

The essence of any credible conspiracy theory is when the facts (as provided by the media and/or authorities) simply don’t add up.
Take this BBC reporter, for example. Every other journalist that’s been abducted in that part of Palestine has been released within (typically) less than a week. Johnston has been held for 7 weeks now. And yet we are told the kidnappers have made no demands whatever. Sure, they’re feeding and watering the guy (which in that area is resource-intensive for all sorts of reasons) but they are not exploiting his capture for any gain, either propaganda or financial. Something stinks here. I’m sorry, but a hostage that isn’t exploited for one purpose or another has never existed!
There’s no point in seizing someone and simply keeping them captive. If you can’t gain some political or financial capital out of your control of them, then the person you’ve seized is just a liability and a drain on resources.
So from the above I infer than there’s likely to be SOME communication between the abductors and the BBC. We’re simply not being told about it. (who’d have thought the BBC would withhold information, huh?)
The conclusion that this communication is being suppressed leads me to believe that it must be something about which the BBC is embarrassed. Following on from that, the most likely explanation is that the kidnappers want some sort of undertaking from the BBC that they will desist from reporting events in the occupied territories with an Israeli (Jewish) slant. This is the kind of allegation of bias that the BBC dreads. It welcomes old-fashioned accusations of left-wing/loony Liberal/ homosexual bias as a convenient divergence, but accusations of Jewish influence in editorial policy MUST be buried at all costs. The BBC is RIDDLED with Jews from top to bottom – totally INFESTED and has been for very many years - so they cannot possibly be honest brokers when reporting on the Middle East. This is my suspicion as to why Johnston has been held so much longer than anyone else.
However, the reports this man has compiled as shown on TV are not entirely his fault. He should in all fairness be released forthwith. The real blame for editorial bias lies with the Jews on the cutting-room floor of the BBC’s headquarters: Television Center in West London. These rotten liars should be prosecuted for Crimes Against the Truth. They are not fit to be entrusted with a media organization of international reach. Even more so when the funding for same comes straight from the pockets of those they continually lie to. With Fox you have a choice. You KNOW it’s garbage so you just don’t pay for it and don’t have to watch it. With the BBC, (if you’re British) you HAVE to pay for it whether you like it or not – even if you don’t watch it and KNOW for a fact it’s Jewish-contrived garbage! How can that possibly be fair?

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