Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lord Browe's Dirty Secret

In a strongly worded statement, the paper claimed Lord Browne had lied "deliberately and repeatedly" under oath in court.

I'm not referring to his gay love-life, but rather his murky background. Consider this article from the British newspaper The Guardian concerning the Mail on Sunday's successful hard-fought exposure of this loathsome criminal:

"The Mail on Sunday said this raised "deeply worrying questions about the system of secret court hearing which is increasingly being used by the rich and powerful to prevent the public knowing the truth about their activities".

"It is also a matter of great concern that such hearings are being used to create a privacy law, made by judges sitting alone and in secret, without reference to parliament," the paper added.

"The Mail on Sunday deplores the fact that, despite lying to the court, Lord Browne was granted an injunction suppressing information of great importance both to the millions of Britons who, through their pensions, are shareholders in BP, and to the tens of thousands who work for the company.

"It was in seeking an injunction to suppress this story that Lord Browne lied about his private life, thereby making it central to the case."

"Lord" Browne is in fact a Concealed Jew (from a Jewish family that has obscured its roots by changing its name and _appearing_ by lifestyle and manners to be of its host country' stock. Something that all the newspapers have somehow been negligent in pointing out for some unaccountable reason. He was due to pocket a ransom of some $35m this summer as a golden handshake from BP., but lying under oath has cost him dearly and he will now have to forgo this handsome sum and face a criminal trial instead.
Whenever one sees the term "rich and powerful" it is advisable to dig deeper, as oftentimes there will be a Jew lurking about somewhere with his hand in the cash-box, as in this case. The newspapers are quite correct to point out that as time goes on, more and more of this type of fraud will simply be hushed-up.
Another Jewish CEO said recently, when faced by a stockholders' revolt over directors' remuneration levels that listed companies are not democracies. The stockholders OWN the company, but the directors RUN it. And of course when these eye-watering sums get paid out to greedy directors, that money comes from the stockholders' pockets. Recent trends have also shown that, whilst stockholders take a hit when a company performs badly, the directors typically do very nicely, irrespective of the company's fortunes.
Phaedrus thinks it's time we made companies a LOT more democratic...

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