Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mickey Mouse gives CNN and BBC the shudders!

CNN and BBC; two of the most Jewish-influenced networks in international TV news had the nerve to run a story about a Mickey Mouse-like character on a Palestinian TV program that they accused of being a propaganda tool for instilling anti-Semitic hatred in the minds of young Palestinian TV viewers.
Curious, nevertheless, how the BBC and CNN never tell the OTHER side about how the children of Israel are instructed from a very young age to DETEST not only Muslim children, but additionally EVERY non-Jew the world over. The sole difference here, being that the Jews of Israel are rather more discreet about how they go about infecting the minds of their children.
Indeed, the Jews prefer the time-honoured method: endless one-to-one readings from those closely guarded (unabridged) versions of the Talmud, which are FAR more poisonous to young minds than any cartoon character could possibly be.