Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Russia Under Threat

Condoleeza Rice took the message to Moscow from her Zionist masters in Washington. The message was entirely clear and uncompromising. The US will go ahead with siting a missile system in Russia's back yard, regardless of Russia's legitimate concerns.
Phaedrus is pro-nationalist. Though fiercely proud of the US for what it once stood for in the world, Phaedrus recognizes that other countries besides ours have the same right. Not nationalism in a mean-minded, razor-slashing bellicose fashion, but the kind of proud, independent yet benign form, with due respect for the ways of others and for the right of others to choose their own destiny in the same way that we expect them not to try to meddle with our way of life. It is NOT right to try to force democracy on those countries that don't want it. Democracy is a tool of the Jews. It permits Jewish control in countries where it would otherwise never gain a foothold. The US has been heckling Russia lately over its failure to embrace full-blown democracy. What the Bush administration is really saying is: "You're making things difficult for the Jews to gain control of your country." That's what it REALLY amounts to. And Putin knows it. His government knows it. They face a real threat from the Zionist Kasparov cabal. Kasparov and his fellow plotters in Russia and beyond (Washington, London and Tel Aviv) are working feverishly to overthrow the democratically-elected Putin. Now this additional threat of a missile system on the doorstep. Phaedrus believes that Russia was unduly gracious in allowing Poland to join NATO on the break-up of the old Warsaw Pact. It was a gesture of good faith on their part to do so. That gesture has now been thrown back in its face.
This missile plan is a step WAY TOO FAR. It must be resisted at ALL costs. Even if that should mean that Russia must invade Poland and provoke a showdown with NATO. Russia must NOT give in on this issue. It is the rubicon. If crossed, Russia as an independent state will cease to exist. It is THAT important. Putin must now show his mettle.