Saturday, May 19, 2007

Re-defining National Identity

There are moves afoot in the West to redefine nationality; to mould its meaning into something Jew-approved which has no basis whatever in fact.
This movement is nowhere more advanced than in Britain, where the subject of “Britishness” and what it means to be British and “British Values” are and have been for some years the subject of much revision. The chief architects of re-defining “Britishness” are, as one would expect, our old friends the Jews, working in partnership with their colleagues in the BBC. “Englishness” is akin to Nazism. It is only ever referred to in derisory terms and mostly, reference to it is avoided altogether. The annual exception to this being on St. George’s Day, when the BBC takes the opportunity to rubbish this historical figure, the patron saint of England, and to defame and ridicule him. Rallying points and figures around nationalism terrify the Jews in the BBC; they smack too strongly of German National Socialism and must be totally effaced, such is their perceived threat to this much-persecuted minority.
The biggest joke of all was when the BBC took it upon themselves to redefine “Britishness” for the 21st Century. To do this, they approached noted comedian Stephen Fry, who they described as the “Quintessential Englishman” and that is precisely how he APPEARS at face value. So how did Fry define “Britishness”?
“It’s all about civility, respect for others, tolerance, understanding and modesty.” replied Fry, pompously.
Phaedrus was at once struck by the stark dichotomy between this assessment and the reality of 21st Century Britain. This is the country which gave rise to probably the richest vocabulary in the world of derogatory terms for foreigners and homosexuals.
There is no history whatsoever of tolerance in Britain – quite the opposite in fact. So why try assert otherwise? The answer is quite simple. Though appearing to be the ‘quintessential Englishman’ Fry is in fact an occult JEW, simply doing his bit to advance the Jewish-Internationalist agenda. “Immigrants are an asset; we need immigration!” they constantly scream. “Don’t fear the foreigner – make him welcome” said the country’s Chief Rabbi, Johnathan Sachs. Phaedrus would like to ask Rabbi Sachs what welcoming the foreigner ever did for the north American native Indian!
The above example is but one of many. There is a deliberate policy among ALL the Jew-controlled countries of the West to encourage immigration and to dilute and disperse the indigenous population by any means. The reasons behind this will be apparent to those in the know, but for those who aren’t yet, it will be the subject of a forthcoming posting.