Friday, May 18, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz - the Golden Goodbye

Clearly the man values his job to be clinging on so tenaciously. So why quit today of all days?
Phaedrus suspects negotiations have been taking place in secret (no, not THOSE negotiations) to pay Wolfie off in a face-saving exercise whereby the architect of the Iraq war can walk away with this head held high and his honor in tact – yeah, right!
It is an inescapable conclusion that the Jew has been awarded a very generous early-severance package: a golden handshake if you will. And knowing Wolfie, it will indeed be generous. Phaedrus predicts that the World Bank’s aid budget for next year will have to be slashed drastically to fund it. But hey-ho, that’s what the Bank was set up for in the first place: fleecing the American tax-payer.