Friday, May 11, 2007

Gordon Brown: Just Another Traitor

So Blair is dead. Long live Brown! A new beginning; a fresh start for Britain!
Sadly, it won´t happen. If Brown gains the premiership, he will simply be the latest in a long line of traitors who´ve sold Britain down the river, all the way back as far as Harold Wilson and Ted Heath and including Margaret Thatcher. They have all done their little bit to destroy this once-great country´s cultural heritage. They have - and continue to - sell it down the river at the instigation of their Internationalist cronies and paymasters.
Take the House of Lords, for example. It was a reasonably competent revising chamber up until Blair took power. He then set about ´reforming´it - selling off its seats to all-comers via the Jewish broker, Lord Levy. Now 10 years on, this once-venerable old institution resembles a multicultural version of the Muppet Show, riddled with blacks, lesbians and Jews. Anything that the British were once proud of has been destroyed on purpose by the instigators: the Internationalist-Jewish cabal. And I dare say it will be much worse still in 10 or 20 years from now.
This same surge of cultural genocide is not confined to Britain, either. It is a pan-european problem in all countries controlled by the Jews (all of the EU countries for a start). And in the US, too, the same dark forces are at work trying to create chaos and break people´s sense of national identity. Only free-thinkers who turn off their Jew-controlled televisions and discard their Jewish newspapers and research these issues via the Internet can prevent a cultural meltdown and the ultimate nightmare of a One World Government presiding over a borderless planet.

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