Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Jewish Problem: a peaceful soution?

Phaedrus has been saddened by the sudden rash of hate-mail that has been received over the last few days. It appears some of the articles within this log have struck a raw nerve on the part of some (presumably Jewish) persons.
Phaedrus is mystified as to the reasons behind this backlash. Wherein these pages has it ever been suggested that the Jews should be wiped out or expelled? Has another Holocaust been called for? Certainly not. Let the position be clarified beyond doubt: Phaedrus does not condone violence. Violence only leads to violence and this is a fact that the Israelis ought to remember when they’re busily killing innocent children in Palestine.
The observations made herein are not intended to generate hatred towards the Jews. There are no shortage of those elsewhere on the Internet with other people pouring gasoline on the fire. These writings are rather a serious attempt to find a peaceful solution to this age-old problem and an attempt to forestall another Holocaust which is widely believed by all sides to be increasingly likely. The Jews need to be protected from themselves, it is clear, and this is the aim of these writings. A better world, not just for the Jews, but for ALL of us, Jews and Gentiles alike.
Generalizations can be problematic. When the word “Jew” is used in the context of these writings, it is not in reference to the ordinary Jew in the street who maybe runs a tailors shop, a jewelers, pawnbrokers, a bakery or whatever. These ‘ordinary’ Jews are as much a victim of their brethren as the rest of us are. People who throw bricks through the windows of small Jewish businesses or spit at Jews in the street or vandalize their cemeteries are not helping the situation at all; they are not confronting the real culprits and Phaedrus is happy to unreservedly condemn such behavior.
The Jews under consideration here have very much grander ambitions for themselves and their families than simply running a shop. This will become apparent later in this log when specifics are dealt with. Having considered the problem from all angles over very many years, Phaedrus believes that the following pan-global measures must be implemented as a matter of the utmost urgency:

1. Excluded professions and businesses: no Jew should be permitted to (directly or indirectly) hold any post or have any interest in the areas of law and the judiciary, the media in all its forms (including advertising); local, national and international government, the civil service, international finance and banking.

2. No business owned or controlled by any one Jew (or his/her family) should have a market capitalization of more than US$10 million and such equity interest limited to one entity only with no holding corporations, cross-holdings or proxy-ownerships permitted.

3. A total ban on any Jewish business federations and lobby groups such as AIPAC in the US, Labour Friends of Israel in the UK, and the Bilderberg Group (multinational) to name but three of all-too-many.

4. The re-establishment of ‘Israel’ away from Arab lands and the return of the land currently referred to as ‘Israel’ to Palestine whence it came and from which it was annexed in 1948. Jews would still be permitted to visit their holy sites there and this right in perpetuity would be guaranteed by a reformed, Jew-free United Nations.

5. The immediate re-introduction of exchange controls for international capital transfers of over $1m.

6. The abolition of the World Bank, the IMF, the OECD and their spin-offs and a complete reform of the UN.

7. The dissolution of the European Union.

From the above, Phaedrus trusts that even the most vehement detractors will accept that only peaceful solutions are herein put forward for consideration. Violence of any kind is only deprecated, not advocated or even suggested. Peaceful protest against injustice is an inalienable right which WILL be exercised and indeed MUST be exercised. If ever it were to be banned, then violence would become the only alternative. No one with any sense wants to see that eventuality come to pass.
And finally, if YOU are one of the Jews who threatened to kill Phaedrus just for voicing his democratic views, it is to be hoped that you will recognize that Phaedrus has never, ever called for YOUR death – not even in the light of your vile and vicious outpourings of hate.