Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Belgium's Holocaust Shame

I note today that there has been some ceremony taking place in Belgium during which some government flunky apologized for the role of that country in assisting with the rounding up of Jews for shipment east to the Nazi concentration camps over 60 long years ago. Shame on Belgium for bowing to Jewish pressure and perpetuating the Holocaust[T.M., all rights reserved] myth. Sure a lot of Jews died in the second world war; so did a lot of other people, including 20 million Russians that are hardly ever mentioned. Why is it uniquely that the Children of Israel are treated as a special case with all this never-ending remembrance nonsense? The answer, my friends, is MONEY. Once a corporation or a government has apologized for any wrong-doing to anyone, the next step is to make appropriate reparation - financial compen$ation in other words. And the Jews are experts in screwing every cent they can possibly milk out of their ultra-exaggerated losses of that period. The big question is, how much longer can these parasites string the Holocaust income-stream out for? There's absolutely no sign of it ever being allowed to simply pass into history, it seems.

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