Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blair's Norther Ireland Success

Blair’s SOLE success, which wasn’t even his original idea, was this week displayed in Northern Ireland when two former bitter enemies, Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley both pledged to work together for peace in the Province.
It’s a pity for Blair, though, that it was all began by someone else altogether – former British prime minister John Major, culminating with the Good Friday Agreement of 1996, and simply CONTINUED by the soon-to-be war criminal, Blair.
Strangely there was no sign of John Major at this showpiece ceremony. He was presumably not invited and was said to be watching a cricket match in London! Cricket’s not THAT important – even to Mr. Major. Let’s hope Major gets full credit for this achievement, rather than the damnable, slimy war criminal who stood before everyone that day, proclaiming his (non-existent) achievements in various other areas of policy – thereby attempting to leave a slightly less bloody stain in the minds of people of Britain and Ireland than would otherwise be the case.