Saturday, May 12, 2007

BBC Backs Bloomberg for Presisent!

The BBC World TV channel plugs its fellow Jewish buddy and New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s financially-orientated media business, extolling how all these hot-shot stock traders can’t possibly manage without its “rich market information resources.”
No doubt the share price will rise as a result of this remarkably favourable report, which is oddly convenient, since Bloomberg is also reported (in the same item, curiously enough) to be needing to sell some of his stock to finance his widely-anticipated forthcoming US presidential campaign!
The BBC’s Charter expressly prohibits commercial endorsements, but since this organisation is TOTALLY INFESTED WITH JEWS - as is the British government AND Washington DC - the ambition of a fellow JEW in need can be readily publicized, it seems.
The BBC backs Jew Bloomberg for President! World peace moves another step closer! – if anyone is stoopid enough to believe the Jewish Media, anyway.