Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blair resignation: War Criminal to step down

So after 10 years in charge of Britain, what is Blair’s TRUE legacy? The man himself seems a barely recognizable gargoyle of what he was back in 1997. In 1995/96, Phaedrus was immensely impressed by the young Blair. In those early days, Blair was a genuinely decent person, whose innate decency was virtually incandescent. 10 years on, he has become a grotesque caricature of his former self: a mean-minded war criminal who reeks of evil deeds perpetrated upon the people of Iraq and the people of Britain in largely equal measure. The history of Blair’s metamorphosis from angel to demon is reminiscent of Wilde’s classic ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’ and of the pig ‘Napoleon’ in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm.’
How did it all go SO badly wrong? In addition to starting an illegal and unjustifiable war with Iraq, Blair’s other main achievement in those 10 years has been to preside over the dismemberment of the ancient rights and protections of the British people, leaving them with little more than the worthless ‘rights’ of Chinese peasants. They are now more spied upon than ever before. Their communications are ever more monitored, their private lives ever more probed; their individual genetic identities are progressively violated and digitized on massively expensive and corruptly commissioned state computer systems; they enjoy fewer and fewer protections under the law; they are now at ever-present risk of extradition to the US on the basis of simple prima facie ‘evidence’ even in respect of minor, non-terror related charges and they are still prevented from defending themselves against violation by intruders in their own homes.
Blair’s legacy has been to create the world’s newest, most intrusive and virulent police state in a country that had for eight long centuries been the bedrock and foundation of the freedom of the individual and an inspirational model adopted by other countries around the world.
Meanwhile, the core aims of the bright, young idealistic revolutionaries of 1997 (education, health and social capital) have withered for want of investment, imagination and commitment. The billions that might have made a difference have been frittered away on a Jews’ war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Labour Party ‘hot-button issues’ lie largely abandoned despite enough hot air over the years to re-inflate the R101. Despite all the rhetoric, public services in Britain in 2007 are no better than they were during the dying days of the former, nearly-as-corrupt Conservative Party. Blair’s true legacy both at home and abroad is basically a fetid weed garden of ill-conceived policy decisions that will take decades to rectify; a generation of terror-related angst for its weary people to endure at home, and record homelessness and bankruptcy among its young people, whose hopes for home-ownership before middle-age grow ever more unrealistic.

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