Saturday, May 12, 2007

US = UK = Israel: three countries with one government

As part of as-yet-unindicted-war-criminal Tony Blair’s plans to make Britain a safer place following the backlash from his illegal war in Iraq, it was proposed to introduce a National Identity Card scheme, whereby persons freely walking the streets of Britain (as they have throughout all recorded time) would be required by law to produce some state-contrived piece of plastic that would enable them to be instantly identified as either a terrorist or a non-terrorist as the case may be. The cost of this ridiculous project has, it has been revealed, increased by - get this - US$1.4bn in the last year ALONE! Such an increase was, curiously enough, predicted by top university the London School of Economics and subsequently dismissed by the government as “alarmist”(!!!)
Phaedrus concludes that this project will be a total, dismal and highly costly failure. One cannot prevent terrorist atrocities by requiring everyone to carry a piece of plastic, no matter how many biological identifiers it carries.
The only REAL way to prevent further attacks on London (like those of the 7th of July 2005) is to STOP SUCKING AMERICAN DICK. America is controlled by Israel and has been for decades. Now Britain is (thanks largely to Blair, Major and Thatcher) likewise controlled by Israeli Jews. Simply break the connection! When Israel slaughters Palestinian children, don’t just sit in guilty silence. SPEAK OUT! Break off diplomacy with Israel! Break off diplomacy with the US! Make a difference! DO SOMETHING positively pro-active for once. Try to show the rest of the world you’re not in Israel’s pocket – even if you are.