Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stand Up and Defend the First Amendment!

Phaedrus has been moved once again to write on the fundamental human right of free speech and freedom of expression. This follows the reading of various other blogs and discussion groups wherein an increasingly common call just recently is for new laws in the U.S. to prevent the spread of so-called “Hate Crime.”
The very term itself is reminiscent of George Orwell’s concept of “Thought Crime” which appears in his classic novel , Nineteen-Eighty-Four. Though written some 60 years ago, the plot of this great book (which in those distant days seemed alarmist and improbable in the extreme) continues to increasingly converge with reality as the decades have rolled by.
The US Constitution, (like Magna Carta upon which it is based) provided certain vital protections for its citizenry. These protections were there for very good reasons and were hard fought for. And yet they are now under attack once again. Tony Blair has now pretty-much completed the dismemberment of Magna Carta in the United Kingdom. This was something insisted upon by his Jewish boss, Rupert Murdoch in 1996, when Blair had to go on bended knee to visit the Jew on his private island in order to convince the soft-porn media mogul that his business interests would be protected under a new Labour government, and that in exchange for such protection, the Jew would use his media interests in Britain to promote Blair as the new way forward in British politics; thereby ditching his previous 15 year alliance with the ailing Tory Party.
Now we see similar siren voices calling for change here in the United States. The popular chant from the Liberals and minorities is to outlaw language which is insulting and/or likely to generate hatred against others on the grounds of their race, religion, or sexual orientation Phaedrus has no doubt that many of these calls are from genuine, well-meaning types who’re simply blind as to the ENORMITY of the consequences. They are unwittingly fighting to fulfill a long-cherished Jewish dream.
The First Amendment is the TRUE Gold Standard of freedom from oppression in America. Forget about the right to keep and bear arms for a moment, for that is in effect a SUBSIDIARY right. Those guys and gals in the NRA – who deserve our greatest respect – are simply kidding themselves that having a gun in the back of the closet is their ultimate guarantee of freedom. This outlook is backward and defeatist. Why? Because that proud boast, “You can take my gun when you can prize it from my cold, dead hands” is exactly what will happen if the gun-owners of America allow the First Amendment to fall. Not protecting the First will bring the day of reckoning with a rogue, alien-controlled government (like our current one) to you and your family far, far more surely and swiftly than would otherwise be the case.
The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, the greatest danger facing this country today is the same one Ben Franklin clearly warned us about over 200 years ago: the Jews. If the American people allow a law to pass that constrains free speech on racial or religious grounds, then who’s the major benefactor going to be? Yeah, those very same slimeballs that far-sighted Franklin warned us all about. All of a sudden, you’ll find an overnight blackout of information about what the Jews are up to. They’ll carry on their stealthy path towards world domination at a faster rate than ever; yet you’ll never hear any more about it! The only media you’ll be able to read, see or listen to will be that 96% of it which is firmly under Jewish control. Commentators like Phaedrus and thousands of others who have woken up to what’s going on and why the world is as screwed-up as it is, will have been gagged. We’ll be in jail and they’ll have seized our computers. Then there’ll be nothing but the soothing babble of Jewish TV telling us everything’s fine. You’ll just wake up one day and they’ll come for you and take your gun. You won’t even know it’s about to happen. Probably four in the morning. And that will be that. The unquestionable end of freedom in America will become apparent on that day.
But you know what? Freedom REALLY died when and because you and your NRA buddies and the militias up and down this great country didn’t stand up to defend the First. THAT was the REAL day on which freedom died. And the First is under threat in America RIGHT NOW. So before you pick up your guns, just pick up those phones RIGHT NOW and call your representatives.

Tell them you won’t stand for any diminution of your right to speak freely on any matter you please and in any way you please.

Ask them which way they stand on the issue. DEMAND they tell you truthfully. YOU call the shots. They’re there to serve YOU, not the other way around. Let’s all work to keep it that way. THE FIRST IS UNDER ATTACK FROM WITHIN – DEFEND IT!