Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jewish-Controlled Media Destroys Young Minds

No one in their right mind would consider going to the trouble of routing a SEWER PIPE into their living room and disgorging raw sewage into their homes 24/7.
Yet this is exactly what millions around the world have done by signing up with media concerns such as Sky TV in the UK, Fox TV in America and Star TV in Asia. All three of these companies are owned by News Corporation, which is in turn owned by Australian-born JEW Rupert Murdoch. And that is the tip of SOME iceberg.
If a guy with a clip-board approaches you in the street and asks, “How would you like raw sewage piped into your home 24/7 for just $50 a month?” You’re going to think they’re either joking or mentally ill. But if the same person were to say, “Hey, I can sign you up with a GREAT satellite TV service that will provide you with quality programming 24/7 for just fifty bucks a month!” you MIGHT be tempted to take it further. And millions around the world have regrettably done so. It amounts to the same thing, however. Raw sewage, though, would just stink and mess up your carpets and furniture. Cable/Satellite TV, on the other hand, does the same thing with the minds of our children and young people. According to Jew Watch ( over 95% of western media is owned and/or controlled by Jewish corporations. Visit the site yourself and see. It’s truly shocking to see the extent of Jewish influence in popular culture world-wide today.
If on the other hand you simply believe there’s no reason why Jews shouldn’t own so much of the media, then please, please, please do a moment’s extra research. Just use your favorite search engine and type in something like Bhutan+Television+Crimewave and read how this tiny Himalayan paradise (the original utopian Shangri-La) was reduced to a lawless, drunken shambles by the impact of Murdoch's satellite TV service within a very short time of its introduction. The surest proof thus far of how television can poison the minds of young and old alike in equal measure - and in next to no time at all.